Forslund’s Full Mount – UFC On ESPN+ 16 Cash Game Winning Picks Advice For Draftkings – Sept 14

Welcome again fellow fight fans to another Saturday night of UFC action.  This time we have a 12-fight card taking place in Vancouver, Canada.  There are several very close matches on this card which will make for some interesting choices in your tournament builds.  But, that’s not what this article is about.  My goal is to help navigate you through this interesting card and find some solid fighters to begin your cash game construction with. 

For you 1st time readers, welcome and I hope you enjoy the article.  For all you regular readers, you will notice a change.  Moving forward I am  going to gear this article for cash games.  If you want my full thoughts on the entire card, you can find them in our MMA coaches notes Yes, I know everyone wants to win that big tournament win!  But a major point we make here at DFS Army is proper bankroll management.  A major part of that is, of course, cash games.  It may not be the sexiest way to build your bankroll but, over time it can be the most consistent.  I would love to hear any feedback on this new format, and I look forward to helping everyone learn the art of creating a solid cash game lineup.

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As always have some fun in tournaments this week.  Just remember the Golden Rule!  While chasing after the big payout is enticing always remember bankroll management.  I am a firm believer in the 80-20 rule.  Which is 80% of your allocated bankroll for the night in cash games and 20% in tournaments.  Remember to take advantage of our Research Station and Domination Station.  Plus check out the podcast, and follow me on Twitter (@MMACashAssassin) for the latest MMA and DFS Army news!

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For those of you new to MMA here is a breakdown of the scoring used on Draftkings.

MMA Cash Game Basics for DFS 

In cash games, unlike tournaments, we are trying to build a solid floor with our lineups.  Many times that may mean using a fighter with great odds to win a match or taking someone who is severely mispriced in a solid spot.  Cash games are often times card dependent.  For example, if a fighter is expected to be chalky in cash games and I feel they are in a good spot I have no problem eating the chalk and just rostering him.  After all, he’s chalky for a solid reason.  One major difference between cash and tournament play is getting past your aversion to play the chalk.  Often times, the chalk makes a lot of sense.  (I’m going to use the word “chalk” a lot, if new, chalk is slang for “popular player.”)  If, you ever have any questions pertaining to cash games feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or if you are a VIP shoot me a dm.

DFS MMA UFC On ESPN+ 16 Cash Core Plays

Michel Pereira (-535) 9.5k

Pereira finds himself has the biggest favorite on the card and also happens to be the most expensive fighter on draftkings.  While his stats don’t jump out at me when you look at them (3.36 Significant Strikes Per Minute), I do think he is justified to have these odds.  He is taking on an opponent who is taking this fight on short notice.  I think he makes for a strong play in your cash game builds.

Justin Gaethje (-170) 9k vs Donald Cerrone (+225) 7.2

This fight is the main event and should be a fun one to watch, as well as from a draftkings perspective.  Both fighters land at a solid rate (Gaethje 8.5 SS’s and Cerrone 4.2 SS’s per minute).  I see no reason why this stack doen’t produce a score of a 125+ DK points.  I am personally lock in the stack in my own cash builds and highly suggest that you do the same.

Hunter Azure (+140) 7.3k

When constructing your cash lineups you are going to find that you will need to target an underdog in your lineups.  Now, they don’t need to necessarily win the fight to be considered a solid play.  All we are looking for is a decent floor here in a loss.  Let me point you in the direction of Azure.  His fight has a very high goes to decision prop (-265).  He has shown in previous fights to be a competent grappler and I see no reason for him not to produce a score of 35-40 DK points in a lose.  That’s all I need to hear to consider him a strong cash game punt.

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Fight To Target In Hybrids/Tournaments

Now that we covered some cash plays.  Let’s breakdown 1 fight I really think you should get exposure to in your hybrid and tournament lineups.

Jeff Hughes (-120) 8.3k vs Todd Duffee (+110) 7.9k

This fight carries one of the highest fight ends insides the distance (-285) on the whole card.  I love this fight for GPP’s especially at their salaries.  I think it’s a good idea to get exposure to both because the winner should be on the optimal lineup.  My preferred play is Jeff Hughes.

DFS MMA Standing 8-Count

Ok, that was a boxing reference to make sure you are still paying attention.  I hope you all enjoyed the new format and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Be sure you check out our VIP Podcast!  If you are new to the sport of MMA, let us teach you the fundamentals to go along with this be sure you check out our new tutorial on how to MME for MMA by our CEO Geek.  Become a VIP at DFS Army right now!!  Our mixture of content, tools, and coaching can take the best NBA player and teach him MMA like a boss in a very short time.  We have NFL guys learning Nascar, and we even have people learning how to dominate the silent sport of tennis!  That’s right…..major edge in tennis, and I help out there, too.

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Good Luck Army!