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DFS Army

Here, at DFS Army, we build our concept around teaching each player the competent construction methodologies that bring better game outcomes. The DFS Army strives to provide you with all the fundamentals of lineup construction, delivering the needed solutions for long-term profitability. We stand out from the crowd by explaining to players how to construct their lineups rather than just selling them.

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Domination Station Optimizer

Domination Station Optimizer

Generate up to 150 with one click and control projections, exposure percentages, stacking options, and diversification settings.
VIP Chat Room

VIP Chat Room

Get exclusive advice from our experts, last minute injury news, and lineup advice up until game time
Simulation Based Projections

Simulation Based Projections

We use simulation-based projections and that measure the likelihood of players going 3x 4x 5x 6x or 7x value.
Expert Strategy and Advice

Expert Strategy and Advice

Player picks, game breakdowns, lineup advice, spreadsheets and stats, and a wide range of DFS strategy
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DFS Army Team

Our DFS Experts


Ffootballgeek "Kevin"

Top 100 Overall Ranked NFL Player, Top 100 Ranked Nascar Player, Top 15 Ranked MMA Player, Top 100 Welterweight Division Player, NFL & MMA Contributor

Keith-guru "Keith"

2x FanDuel Live Finalist – NBA – MLB – NFL Tools / Contributor and host of the DFS Army Daily Dispatch Podcast


NFL – MLB – NHL – Bankroll Contributor

Adotwalsh "Al"

NBA – MLB – NFL Contributor and Co-Host of the DFS Army Daily Dispatch Podcast


PGA & NASCAR Tools / Contributor

PVAaron "Aaron"

eSports & NFL Contributor

DA6292 "David"

NBA – MLB – NFL Contributor

BradyMillerdfs "Brady"

NASCAR Contributor

BrodySchnarr "Brody"

PGA Contributor

TreyJ "Mike"

EPL Contributor

DFSnDonuts "Mitch"

Top 100 Flyweight Division – MLB & NFL Contributor

Wags "Adam"

NFL Contributor

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