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Some of you know me as “The Fantasy Football Geek” or by my DFS handle, ChiefST. Outside of this website my work background includes a B.S. in Finance as well as 8 years working as a successful proprietary high-frequency day trader. Being a successful day trader requires a similar skill set to becoming a successful DFS’er. As a trader, I watched plenty of people fail because they lacked a system and more importantly the discipline to stick with a system. When I started this blog back in 2012 DFS was a fairly new thing. I’ve always been an early adapter and I had actually started on Fanduel back in 2011. During the early days of DFS. I quickly developed a bankroll allocation strategy that allowed me to maintain my roll while taking shots at the GPP contests that make DFS so exciting. I cover that in our Fanduel Winning Strategies article. The point being that I’ve been successful at DFS because I use a system that works for me and adheres to strict discipline.

The best way to really know if the DFS writer you are taking advice from is legit is to check their profile on Rotogrinders. Here is the link to my profile on RotoGrinders


I finished the 2014 NFL Season ranked 69th overall for NFL DFS players. By the end of the 2015 Season I had earned the #56th place overall wetlerweight ranking on Rotogrinders. If you browse my profile you can actually check out some of my biggest wins. I’m sharing this because there are plenty of writers out there dispensing advice that have no clue what they are doing. I don’t just talk the talk here. I walk the walk.

Here is a look at my complete Fanduel DFS History via the RotoGrinders Tracker:

Fanduel DFS History
Why Am I Telling You This?

When I scan Twitter and the Web I’ve noticed that the DFS advice world is full of pretenders trying to sucker players into paying them for lineups or advice. They claim to be experts but don’t show their history or rankings. Buying lineups is a suckers game anyway and taking advice from someone that does not have a proven record of success is also not a great idea,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” – Chinese Proverb  

I’ve always been a big fan of that proverb whether it is applied to politics, life or daily fantasy sports it rings true for me. I don’t like to rely on the generosity or competency of others. More so I prefer to educate myself and rely on #1. That’s one of the reasons that on this blog I’ve always tried to focus on teaching the strategies and techniques it takes to become a profitable DFS’er rather than focusing exclusively on weekly player picks or selling lame lineups. I’ve also strived as much as possible to keep this blog and the advice I provide here FREE. My goal here is to teach an army of referrals the fundamentals of lineup construction and provide the tools for long-term profitability. For the past two seasons, I’ve offered an eBook Promotion here on the blog. The idea was to give my readers and more specifically my referrals the best tools for success.

Here is a screen shot of my personal bankroll tracker over a 2 month period back in 2014
personal bankroll tracker

In 2015 we launched the DFS Army. The DFS Army is based around my concept of teaching a team of enthusiastic players the ins and outs of Daily Fantasy Football. The concept is similar to when I was involved in proprietary day trading and would train the new recruits in our systems. In this case, I’m taking the bankroll management and lineup construction techniques I developed over my years of successfully playing Daily Fantasy Football giving newer players all the tools necessary for success. When I was trading I would call out my trades and the group could choose to follow along or do their own thing. We do the same in the DFS Army. I provide a complete list of the players I’m using each week on each of the sites and what contest types I’m using them in. Our members can then decide which ones they want to use or not. Obviously results are not certain. There will be up weeks and down weeks over the course of a season. Hopefully more up weeks then down. The main thing is to have fun playing the game we love with the possibility of a big prize making things that much more exciting.

The DFS Army concept was a great success in our first year. We wound up with four seperate members cashing 6 figure lineups! The chances of that happening by accident are astronomically small. We built our concept around teaching the lineup construction methodologies that lead to winning results. One of the great thing about our team is that we have many different types of players with different DFS philosophies. Some prefer to focus on cash games and chalky plays. Others focus on Multi-Entry GPP strategies. Some of our members will play $10 to $50 a slate while othere play for thousands and make their full time living doing DFS. Each of them is a valuable contributor to our team.

As time progressed we went out and recruited more DFS Pros to head up all of the different DFS sports. We now cover NBA, MLB, PGA, NHL, NASCAR, eSports and MMA. Each sport is lead by a DFS expert in that particular sport. Our VIP members get access to sport specific channels where the team leaders call out top plays, point out the chalk, discuss strategy and update the latest player status and pivot information in real time. The ability to jump on to a chat forum and know all of the outs and pivots ahead of the mob and at a quick glance is an incredibly valuable tool for DFS purposes and just one of the benefits of our VIP program.

If you want to join a team of hard core DFS players, get player info and picks from verified DFS experts, and generally socialize with others that share a passion for daily fantasy sports, then sign up as a DFS Army VIP today. If not we will see you in the lobby!