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DFS Army is proud to announce our new affiliate program. Do you have a sports-related blog or social media account that you’d like to monetize? By now you’ve probably noticed that Adwords or similar monetization techniques don’t work very well. We’ve got a way for you to earn up to 20% of the revenues generated by any new members you send our way.

Here’s how it works:

DFS Army VIP membership is already the best value on the web as far as providing our users with a combination of optimization tools via our DFS Domination Station Optimizer, Projections, Pro Picks, and Personalized coaching. We are a one-stop shop for all things DFS Advice-related. So what does this mean for you? With the DFS Army affiliate program you have two ways to monetize traffic. Your affiliate code can be attached to any link pointing to the dfsarmy.com site. When you share an article on Twitter or Facebook or your blog you simply add the provided affiliate code at the end of the link.

You can choose from our Rev Share or CPA (compensation per acquisition) programs. Here’s how each works:


This one is simple. When a new first time user comes to our site via your link and signs up to become a DFS Army VIP member, you get their 1st months dues as compensation. The average new user’s dues will be between $20 to $25 for the first month. It’s that simple. As a bonus our tracking link stays connected to your referral for up to 3 days so even if they come back and register a few days later you get the credit.


Affiliates that opt for the RevShare option will get 20% of the revenues generated by any referrals of new first time users they send for a minimum of two years*. Assuming an average new user pays between $40 to $70 per month for their membership the referrer will receive approximately $12 per month for every referred member. It may seem like a small amount but it can add up quickly. Assuming you have 100 referrals – that’s $1200 per month or $14,400 per year. Compare that to the $6000 you would have received in the CPA program for the same number of referrals and you can understand the power of the RevShare plan. The beauty of our program is that it doesn’t end after one year. Let’s say you get 100 new referrals in year one. By year two you have 200 referrals. Now you could be taking in up to $2400 per month in perpetuity just for sharing some links on social media or your blog!

* After two years – affiliate will be required to refer at least 6 new users in a 6 month period in order to continue receiving revenue for their previous referrals.

Become an Affiliate

To apply to become a DFS Army affiliate – send an email to [email protected]. with Affiliate as the subject. Let Let us know if you have a blog or social media accounts and how you intend to promote our site.