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Shortcut to NFL DFS Success: ‘Box Checkers’ Week 11

DFS Football Tips

Back by popular demand, NFL DFS Box Checkers shows you to quickly identify key players for this week’s fantasy football slate in minutes.  The DFS Army NFL Research Station is a very powerful suite of statistical analysis with fully customizable, filterable, sortable functionality.  What used to take days or hours now takes mere minutes to discover!  Follow along as @Choppodong rips these core plays to shreds every week in less than 15 minutes…

At the bottom, see a secret video normally only available to our VIPs!  How to setup the optimizer to crush the top 1% and 2% in contests like leagues and microboosters.  As the self-proclaimed “king of the smallaballa,” Chop has uncovered another easy-to-follow system capable of building bankrolls for anyone struggling on Fanduel or Draftkings.

Week 11 NFL Box Checkers for 2023


5 categories lead to making value historically.  Home NFL QBs perform better than road QBs.  Favored teams are implied to score more points, and their QBs do the scoring.  Game totals make sense to follow, the higher the better.  And, efficiency trumps volume!  Volume is nice, but efficient QBs are proven to put up more fantasy points than those banking on volume alone.  To finish, salary.  You can price yourself out of making value unless putting up a true ceiling performance.  In the NFL, we find staying under $8000 in Draftkings salary (9k on Fanduel) helps…in fact, the cheaper the better in many cases.

Remember, blue is very strong.  Green is pretty strong.  Yellow is like an honorable mention.  When it comes to checking boxes, we are tracking those typically leading to a DFS NFL player paying off his salary.

Lots of decent choices, some not listed.  Don’t forget this guide isn’t all-inclusive.  It’s a teaching ground for you to use our NFL Research Station and find other players fitting these categories that make them strong plays.

Week 11 Notes – I can officially say I’ve NEVER seen a week rank like this.  The top 6 QBs contain 4 blues and one green?  That’s just nuts.  Clearly it’s wide open.  None of these guys project as major chalk either (Dak is currently only about 9% owned in gpp projections).  So, again, sky’s sort of the limit here.  I don’t even know how to break ties at this point when they all check all the boxes.  I would definitely look to the WRs and complimentary stack pieces and line things up that way should something stick out.

Running Backs

Once again, home teams matter for RBs, and being favored obviously affects game scripts in a positive way.  High scoring game environments help push those touchdowns around, landing on running backs.  We want volume at all positions not QB.  18 touches (rushes + receptions) is the goal here.  Passing game work gives us safety when the game script flips.  Red Zone work matters…especially inside the 10 and 5.  And, salary works here again.  Staying under $8000 like our NFL QBs helps the running backs, too.

NFL DFS RB is often where Box Checkers shines.  These guys are safe enough for a cash game, but you might not use them there if you find 30% or 40% NFL RBs; just eat chalk in cash formats at running back.  They do, however, make sneaky high-quality pivot plays in tourneys or even multipliers and leagues.  My “Ladder System” absolutely feasts off plays like these.

We are not looking at backups getting starting roles in this guide, but they are easy to find and filter in our research station with an additional 5 minutes of work.  That’s the beauty of these tools.  They are very simple to use once you have just a basic understanding of them.

Week 11 Notes – The chalky guys make a lot of sense this week.  Might as well just eat it and move onto WRs and TEs where you can gamble a bit on the volatility of the position.  But, does anyone trust Tony Pollard at this point?  He’s a very logical fade.  And, it might also pay to dig down the list a little to the Aaron Jones and Austin Ekelers of the world, that didn’t make this look at the top owned RBs.

Wide Receivers

Home field advantage proves negligible for NFL WRs.  But, being favored is still important to hitting fantasy value.  High totals matter, but when favored, we want team totals over 25 points (over 27 is ideal).  When the dog, we want UNDER 21 points indicating garbage time potential (under 18 is ideal).  Volume matters again. We’d like to see more than 7 targets per game on the average, and we want to see more than about 25% usage in the Red Zone…especially on Fanduel.  Salary is key again, so we stay under $7000 here.  Remember, this position is volatile as hell.  But, we have backtested 250+ contests and found the top 3 Milli-Maker lineups contain someone meeting these criteria almost 60% of the time…..good odds for a crapshoot like WR.

WR is typically our crapshoot position at the lower price points, not so much at the top though. When we don’t get a lot of green and/or blue plays, I will just spend down most times.  If the position is going to be volatile, why spend money?

Again, look at the game total category and how much it hurts these guys.  We need high scoring games for WRs to be even remotely predictable.  When we look at the implied team total (25+/21- column), things quickly fall back into line.  The favorites should score points and the dogs should get some garbage time.  I’m still looking to spend down where I can because I don’t pay up for lack of predictability.

Another great tool to consult is our coaching NFL Cheatsheets!  If you wind up torn on a couple players, sometimes the words in the blurbs by another coach can help you tip the scale.  In the case of this week, when Box Checkers isn’t helping a lot, those cheatsheets might become more important to your research.

Week 11 Notes – Still looks to be a pretty straightforward week.  Sure, there are some nuances popping in at WR like the trustworthiness of Calvin Ridley.  But, the rest of this shakes out fairly predictably it appears.

I mean there really isn’t a lot to say this week when it comes to decoding the box checkers.  So many of them, all these big three positions, are checking so many boxes, it’s going to come down to getting it right.  And, it’s all looking to be hair splitting.  This is when you use that link above to the cheatsheets and gather some coaching opinion as well….or infuse your own.  You really can’t go wrong with 75% of the names on these lists this week!

Tight Ends

Here we go with the home and favorite stuff again.  NFL TE depends on it.  We want volume, so focus on 7+ targets again, too.  Red Zone work goes without saying at TE.  And, we’ve discovered they also benefit from closer games, under 7 point spreads.  If favored, you want ITTs over 26 points, and if the dog, under 24 points.  Cheap plays, too!!  On Draftkings, $3000-$5000 seems to be landing in the Milly a ridiculous 68% of the time…..and until week 1 this year, we had no recorded example of an 8k TE appearing in the Milly winner.  That changes with Travis Kelce, and you can speculate all the previous slates he might not have been a part of due to prime time or Monday Night games.  Fact is….the super high-priced TE is rare and likely cost prohibitive most times.  Tend to pay down.

Week 11 Notes – Lots of popular names on this list, and many of them are cheap, too.  LaPorta is solid.  Engram might be a trap (he doesn’t get targeted in the RZ much).  And, our boy Schultz just keeps getting overlooked.  He’s $5000 on DK (cut off from that checked box by $100), otherwise he’s GREEN and technically our best paper matchup on the week at the lowest ownership on the list.  Hmmm.

That’s the beauty of “Box Checkers.”  You can quickly see who is viable and who is not…..the color schemes, the Xs in the right places, and a little knowledge of your own.  And, you have just enough info (for very little time) to do a whole lot of damage in the NFL DFS game!!

Remember, these boxes are set up by Shark Autopsy’s analysis of what players typically land in the Milly Maker lineups, too.  We have our safety plays, but we are also shooting for upside.

Where to Use These DFS Players

Box Checkers players are typically obvious, chalky (see our NFL Chalkboard Tool) and highly owned.  Occasionally, we get some that slip under the radar, and you will hear about those in our Discord rooms very quickly.

However, these players can be used in ANY format from NFL cash games to big tourneys (or “Ladder Lineups” combining both!).  The key to tourney play is using a core of these players and adding in some other lower owned pieces to give your lineup some uniqueness and creativity with the upside to beat a lot of competitors.  As the DFS NFL world becomes more and more advanced, sometimes simplifying our process actually goes a little against the grain.

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Box Checkers Setup NFL Week 14, 2021…but applicable for any week. Yes, I understand this video appears “old,” but it’s still incredibly applicable to 2023! If it ain’t broke…

Don’t waste time duplicating the efforts of nerds!  Focus on what matters….setting up optimizers.  Here are two very fast ways that work.

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NFL Ladder

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