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NFL DFS Week 12 Milly Maker Review

The Milly Maker is a large Field GPP where the top prize pays out $1,000,000. Read the winning trends that we’ve found by reviewing years of winning lineups!

Nov 26, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) scrambles away from Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Jordan Davis (90) during overtime at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 Points
Josh Allen 43.66
Kyren Williams 41.4
Jerome Ford 11.9
Rashee Rice 27.7
Nico Collins 26.4
Calvin Ridley 21.9
Pat Freiermuth 24
Rhiamondre Stevenson 21.7
Carolina Panthers 2
Total 220.66


This lineup was the 2nd time in as many weeks that we saw an unstacked QB takedown the Milly Maker. The key difference with this lineup, however, was that there were several low owned plays, so it wasn’t nearly the cash game kind of lineup that we saw in week 11 that had over 180% total ownership.


This lineup only consisted of 1 stack, and it was a ping pong stack of Calvin Ridey and Nico Collins. The Dell and Ridley stack was a piece of a game environment that we were all on at DFS Army. In fact, the Houston/Jacksonville stacks were dominating the top of the leaderboards until Buffalo and Philly went nuclear. The game environments that we loved – delivered – but were stacked in unconventional ways.

Secondary Stack

Nico Collins 26.4 FPTS + Calvin Ridley 21.9 FPTS

Total Stack Ownership: 30.15%

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$1,000,000 Milly Maker Ownership

Week 12 Ownership
Josh Allen 14.97%
Kyren Williams 18.35%
Jerome Ford 15.78%
Rashee Rice 5.04%
Nico Collins 16.38%
Calvin Ridley 13.77%
Pat Freiermuth 2.89%
Rhiamondre Stevenson 14.50%
Carolina Panthers 1.04%
Total 102.72%


This was the 3rd lowest week of total ownership and really that was the case because Rice was 5% owned, Freiermuth was 2.89%, and only 1% of the field played Carolina. That was one of those plays that dropped the ownership but ended up hurting the lineup because there were far better options at cheaper prices. Defense Variance continues to be the best and worst part of DFS… depending on what side of variance you’re on.

Top Leverage Plays

Rashee Rice at 5%

There were really 2 plays that separated this lineup from the rest of the field and that was Rice at 5% and Freiermuth. Rice was the top scoring tight end on the slate at only $5500 and less than 3% ownership.

Pat Freiermuth at 2%

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I did write up Freiermuth up in my cheatsheet. I wrote him up the week before, too, and got burned. Sometimes you’re just one week too early and this was the week to have him, so you have to have a short memory to win in DFS. Freiermuth was the top scoring tight end on the slate and direct leverage off of all the Mcbride, Njoku, Engram and Kincaid chalk.

Pricing and Value from the Milly Maker Contest

Week 12 Pricing FPTS per Dollar
Josh Allen $8,100 5.39X
Kyren Williams $6,600 6.27X
Jerome Ford $5,600 2.12X
Rashee Rice $5,500 5.03X
Nico Collins $6,400 4.12X
Calvin Ridley $6,000 3.65X
Pat Freiermuth $2,900 8.27X
Rhiamondre Stevenson $5,800 3.74X
Carolina Panthers $3,100 .64X
Total $50,000 4.41X


With the $8100 pay up option of Josh Allen, it was going to be really difficult to fit in another 8k+ player like AJ Brown or Stefon Diggs unless they went off and had a near ceiling performance as well. This lineup had some balance across the board, however, with only one Tight End Punt. The 6 spots at RB and WR had an average salary of $5900. This lineup had 2 players hit over 6X their salary and Freiermuth led the way with top value plays at 8.27X his salary. All $50,000 of salary was used for only the third time this season.


We’ve had back-to-back low scoring weeks that have really brought the total ceiling down from almost 250 points, to only 242 points after 12 games. I think what is the most surprising about these past couple of winning Milly Maker scores, is there were higher scores that won other contests but not the Milly Maker. (Ranging from 225 to 232.)

Will scoring go back up or is this what we can expect for the rest of the season with all the injuries across the league? Time will tell.

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