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DFS NFL Week 10 DraftKings Milly Maker Review

The Milly Maker is a large Field GPP where the top prize pays out $1,000,000. Read the winning trends that we’ve found by reviewing years of winning lineups!

Nov 12, 2023; Inglewood, California, USA; Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) runs the ball for a touchdown after a catch against the Detroit Lions during the second half at SoFi Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

In hindsight, maybe we should’ve seen the team with the highest projected team total being in the winning Milly Maker build. The field clearly didn’t see that coming as Dak was under owned and so were most of his pass catchers. Even Lamb was under 15% owned despite being on a rampage and going up against a lifeless team. I like to look back at slates and see what we could’ve learned from this going forward. If we play this slate out 100 times, was this 1 in 100, 10 in 100 or 50 in 100? Well, I know these QB + 2 stacks are unlikely in games with this high of a spread, but it’s still possible. Dallas had played the Giants in Week 1 and scored 40 points so twice they put 40+ on the Giants. The first time Pollard ate, this time Dak and his pass catchers ate. 

I think it’s important to have a few of these onslaught stacks in your large field GPP builds just in case it’s a complete slaughter as it was here. Also, as it was when the Dolphins put 70 on the Broncos.


After 10 weeks of the NFL Season, we have at least QB + 2 stacks winning the Milly Maker 5 times and QB + 1 stacks winning the Milly Maker 5 times. The great Stacking debate of QB + 1 or QB + 2 rages on.

Primary Stack

Dak Prescott 41.86 FPTS + Ceedee Lamb 42.5 FPTS + Brandin Cooks 35.3 FPTS

Secondary Stack

Trey Mcbride 24.1 FPTS + Cardinals DST 3 FPTS

Total Primary Stack Points: 119.66 FPTS

Total Primary Stack Ownership: 22.13% (7.37 Player Avg.)

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$1,000,000 Milly Maker Ownership

Week 10 Ownership
Dak Prescott 7.59%
Rachaad White 21.35%
Najee Harris 13.69%
Ceedee Lamb 12.89%
Brandin Cooks 1.65%
Keenan Allen 7.99%
T.J Hockenson 6.07%
Trey Mcbride 19.63%
Cardinals DST 11.81%
Total 102.67%


This was one of the lower total team ownership weeks we’ve had on the season; This marked the 4th time this season when the winning Milly Maker lineup had under 110%. The average total on the season is now at 119%.

Top Leverage Plays

Dak Prescott at 7%

The highest scoring QB on the slate and it wasn’t close. 7% owned Dak lineups climbed atop the leaderboards and left a ton of great other QB plays in the dust.

Keenan Allen at 7%

Allen barely edged out Lamb for the top score on the slate and he did at under 8% ownership. This lineup was lethal because it had the top 3 Wide Receivers all in it, which really leveraged the field.

Brandin Cooks at 1%

Whatever you had of Cooks, it wasn’t enough. $4200 and 1% owned for 35.50 points.

T.J Hockenson at 6%

Hokenson was projected as the chalk, but the Ed Werder report came out Sunday Morning that he would only be in the game in key situations and scared the field off of him. With 33 points, he was an exceptional leverage play at 6% ownership.

Pricing and Value from the Milly Maker Contest

Week 10 Pricing FPTS per Dollar
Dak Prescott $6,700 6.24X
Rachaad White $5,800 3.06X
Najee Harris $4,900 3.79X
Ceedee Lamb $8,500 5X
Brandin Cooks $4,200 8.40X
Keenan Allen $8,800 4.94X
T.J Hockenson $5,000 6.68X
Trey Mcbride $3,500 6.88X
Cardinals DST $2,500 1.2X
Total $49,900 5.21X


This lineup had the rare combination of 4 different players who hit over 6X value. It’s rare to see multiple 8K+ players in the same lineup and exceed 4.5X value to keep pace with a tournament winning lineup but this one certainly did with Allen and Lamb averaging 4.97X and bring that ceiling needed to win a large field GPP. Furthermore, Cooks was that one player that you need from the 3-4K range to hit 6-7X their salary and he absolutely smashed value with 8.4X! Also, this lineup had two of those players with $3500 Mcbride hitting almost 7X.


Not surprisingly, we have 5 weeks with scores exceeding 250 points and 5 weeks with scores of less than 250 points… with the average winning score of 247 points. What is surprising is the QB + 2 weeks haven’t correlated with 250 points winning Milly Maker scores. Only 2 out of the 5 times has been there at least QB + 2 pass catchers when the score was 250 or higher. Luckily if you have DFS Army’s Domination Station, you can easily get a health balance of to give yourself the best chance to win.

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