Top 3 Ways to Tackle DFS NFL Preseason – and WIN!

Only degenerates play NFL preseason is what you’ll hear from DFS players that don’t dabble with the gamble.  You can’t predict anything.  It’s a crapshoot.  Everyone is on small samples.  Yadda yadda yadda.

But, a quick dive just beneath the surface quickly reveals three great ways to improve your odds at building winning lineups…

Be Obsessed with Preseason NFL News!

Following the news like a hawk is what our NFL coaches and gurus do for you.  If you want to be as good as them, you have to dive in and attack news from every angle, too.  Injuries, missed practices, coaches deciding between cuts, or even playing or holding back their starters are all on the table.  You have to cut through the noise to find the players getting the run.  If you can’t do the work, evaluate your expectations…or just use our NFL Cheatsheets!

When it comes to following breaking news, think NBA for a comparison.  You have to be willing to follow things that closely to find your advantage in NFL Preseason.

NFL Preseason Football

Rushing QBs and First Team Starters Can Break Slates

Give me a high-octane offense and indications the NFL coach is going to give the starters some run, and you’ll see more than my ears spring to attention.  Even if playing only the first quarter, or maybe first half, that can be more than enough for elite preseason talent to accumulate massive points and be must-owns in your lineups.

Don’t forget that running quarterback, either.  He carries a nice floor during regular season games, but his floor is expanded and exploited in the preseason.  After all, accumulating points on smaller bits of playing time is key to climbing DFS leaderboards.

Snaps Are King!

Perhaps the top statistic in NFL Preseason DFS is not yardage or touches or red zone work.  It’s snaps.

Volume is king, and snaps are our most predictive measure of opportunity.  Players beat writers are pimping should hit your radar.  Projected playing time of 2+ quarters should be something you lick you lips over and pile into your lineups.

The trick here is team depth.  Dive into those depth charts and suss out the positions with a glaring hole.  These players will get run purely due to lack of bodies at the position.  If a team’s WRs are sitting, how many does the team have suiting up?  Finding a team with only three or four running backs suiting up is a potential fantasy goldmine for the week.  The snaps won’t change a ton.  Having fewer players for those snaps increases your opportunity big time.

Where to Find More NFL Preseason Strategy

If you want to dive even deeper into winning strategies for NFL Preseason DFS, our tools and content are all flowing daily as the regular season approaches.  Build winning lineups, grab quick tips and picks, and learn how to select the best contests with the softest competition available.  Give yourself every chance at winning big money this year.  Make 2022 your best year yet!!

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