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Monkey Knife Fight Picks – December 16, 2021

Are you playing on Monkey Knife Fight yet? If not, you totally should be as you can leverage the tools and experts at DFS Army to clean up. And the best part is that you are playing against yourself, no need to compete with the whales and their massive bankrolls. Just make the right Monkey Knife Fight NBA picks, and cash in!

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Now that you’re all squared away on MKF and on DFS Army, let’s get to making some money.

Pick #1

Rapid Fire: 2/2
Washington Wizards at Phoenix Suns
Payout: 3.0u

I rely on a combination of our tools at DFS Army and my own knowledge / feel of DFS when it comes to my picks and plays on any site. However, in this case, I’m straight up rolling with the MFK NBA Tool. Both of these plays have over a 10% edge and frankly I’m very confident in the Ayton part of this play. So I’m getting 3x for the Beal under? Let’s roll.

Pick #2

More or Less: 3/4
Philadelphia 76ers at Brooklyn Nets
Payout: 2.0u

I’ll lay out my individual thought process for each of these picks in a second but I also prefer the 3/4 contests rather than the 4/4 and 5/5 because I like the idea of trying to be consistent versus the big hitters. Anyway, Embiid under on rebounds because I frankly don’t think he’s right from the rib injury and Durant on the over because well I frankly don’t know who’s going to stop him. Mills may have hit the over of this number in his last two but it was seven games under 4 three pointers before that so I’ll take my chances. And Maxey at the point guard position, I’m always willing to go over in what I think will be an up tempo game.

Pick #3

More or Less: 3/4
Newcastle United at Liverpool
Payout: 2.5u

Ummmm, Liverpool is going to absolutely destroy this team. It honestly comes down finding the Liverpool goals and this contest allows me to spread things out. I’ll always take the under on the opposing attacker because I just don’t expect them to have much of the ball. I don’t like the 4/4 version of this contest at all though because of the number of goals it could require, 2.5x is plenty enough for me in this spot.

Pick #4

More or Less: 2/2
Ottawa Senators at Tampa Bay Lightning
Payout: 3.0u

High total game and two of the best DFS defensemen in the league. I’m all about this spot though if I had to tell you a side that is a little dodgy it would be Chabot only because the Senators are big underdogs. Points, shots, blocks, both of these guys do it all and I’m more than happy that MKF paired this two up for a More or Less contest.

That’s it for this edition of picks, make sure to take advantage of one of the offers below if you are eligible. Let’s cash these plays!

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