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How To End A DFS Downswing in 3 Easy Ways – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA

A DFS Downswing stinks! Whether you play our Core4 or individual sports like NFL, NBA, MLB or PGA, bad runs of luck can leave you questioning your skill and your sanity both. But even though these runs of hard times hit us all equally, there are a few things you can do to end the cooler sooner and with less damage.

Avoid NBA Downswings

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Step One:  Increase Research Time

When in a downswing, your logical brain starts to erode as emotions and frustration take over. In some, these emotions take over alarmingly fast. The most important thing you need to realize is tilt can bury your bankroll very quickly…and you need to learn to avoid it if you intend to play DFS seriously.  Research and study is one of the best ways to thwart the emotional side of your brain and re-engage your more logical thinking centers.

By reflecting and studying, you are patching leaks in your DFS game…some of which may be contributing to your downswing. This particular side-effect will repair your confidence and start to improve your NFL, NBA, MLB or PGA game.  I know most of you would rather not dig in and study more. You’d rather just play more and burn your way out of your cooler. But trust me, you are going to benefit much more by studying and researching your way out of downswings rather than playing your way out.

I recommend joining our Discord Rooms, posting your questions, your processes, and letting our coaches help dig you out. You don’t have to suffer these downswings alone! Again, the goal is to bring us back from the emotional turmoil and return us to the more logical part of our brain that will help us identify any fundamental problems. We want to make our choices rationally and not out of fear or anxiety. The emotional decisions are typically why we slipped into this mess to begin with.

Step Two:  Avoid Playing Too Conservatively During A Downswing

Don’t allow fear to tear down your confidence to the point you start playing scared. You’ve heard the adage “scared money don’t make money.”  People in life, and DFS, tend to respond to adversity in their lives in one of three common ways.

  • Fight – in DFS, this might lead to overplay, taking on more volume, are even switching to a new format you know nothing about.
  • Flight – of course, the flight response to a downswing would be quitting the game, or cutting back at a minimum.
  • Freeze – playing scared. Dropping your tourney play and only playing cash games, maybe playing high-floor players with no ceiling, or other methods controlled by fear.

More often than not, DFS players will tighten up big time and avoid risk at all cost, thereby capping their ceilings and eliminating the very thing that can pull them out of a downswing…the heater. This fear-based play is also a form of tilt if you really think about it.  It’s a form of emotional protection.  Remember, we need to get back to the logical decisions and away from the emotional.

NBA Deposit Match

Step Three:  Every Slate is a Blank Slate

Stop going into your next slates thinking they are going to be like the last. You literally don’t know.  They are all different.

Don’t go into your next slate of games thinking “My whole week has been trash. This won’t be any different.”  If you are prone to that thinking, just don’t play tonight. Take the night off.  Cool off and come back when you are thinking more logically.  Your slates have NO memory of what happened yesterday. And, past slates only influence your future slates if you allow them to.

If you are in the midst of a massive downswing and don’t know what to do, I strongly encourage you to plug into our strategy articles at DFS Army.  We have loads of content that will never go out of style from bankroll management to research processes. Revisiting these timeless fundamentals will often remind you of things you “used to know” and get you back on track.  But, if you notice, 99% of this article is reminding you logic beats emotion in the DFS world. If you are becoming overly emotional, you need to work on this area of your game most.  And, our coaches are your key to turning that downswing around.

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Use Coaching to Avoid Downswings in DFS