DFS CFL Strategy – Canadian Fantasy Football Week 14 | 2021

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The charts below show home/away split data from the past 9 games as well as overall data from this season.


Jeremiah Masoli-11200-HAM – Has three straight 300 yard passing games and has 7 passing tds during that time.
McLeod Bethel-Thompson-9200-TOR – Ottawa allowing almost 29 points against this season and allowing 31 points against in their last 9 home games.


William Powell-9900-SSK – Edmonton is allowing the most rushing yards against on the slate. They are also missing their top two wr and starting rb. Saskatchewan should be able to get a big advantage in possession.
Brady Oliveira-7200-WPG –  He has 37 carries combined in his last two starts.
Don Jackson-5000-HAM – Cheaper option – had 17 carries in his last start.  BC allows over 100 yards rushing per game.
Walter Fletcher-4100-EDM – Punt play. Gets first career start with Wilder on injured list

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Bryan Burnham-10800-BC  5-8-8-10-8 targets in his last 5 games. Went 5/91/1 last game.
Lucky Whitehead-8700-BC 6-1-9-6-3 targets in his last 5 games. Third in the league with 76.1 yards per game.
Jalen Tolliver-3300-EDM – Punt option
Armanti Edwards-2500-EDM – Punt option
Jaelon Acklin-8000-HAM 1-6-8-6-3 targets in his last 5 games
Tim White-5900-HAM 8-5-2-5-9 targets in his last 5 games
Steven Dunbar Jr.-5800-HAM 3-6-8-5-8  targets in his last 5 games
Shaq Evans-8400-SSK 7-5-4-9-8  targets in his last 5 games
Ricardo Louis-3600-SSK 4-6-5-1-4  targets in his last 5 games
DaVaris Daniels-7900-TOR 7-6-7-2-4  targets in his last 5 games
Kurleigh Gittens Jr.-6900-TOR 6-9-8-4-5 targets in his last 5 games
Kenny Lawler Jr.-9200-WPG 4-7-14-2-7  targets in his last 5 games. Leads league with 80.4 yards per game.
Nic Demski-7700-WPG  5-2-7-5-4 targets in his last 5 games
Rasheed Bailey-7000-WPG 3-7-6-4-7  targets in his last 5 games

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