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Announcing the NFT Army! | NFT, Top Shot, Zed Run, Draftkings

Announcing the NFT Army!


The DFS Army is ready to invade the Metaverse! Come join us to learn all the basics about NFT’s from proven winners in this exciting new world. If you have ever been interested in getting involved in NFT’s but are struggling on where to start, we are here for YOU. We will teach you everything you need to know starting from square one with how to purchase your first crypto currency, how to navigate web wallets such as Meta Mask, how to mint new NFT’s, and buying and selling on secondary markets such as Open Sea.

Come talk with us anytime, anywhere… Join our FREE DFS Army Discord chats!!

NFT's DFS Army


The release of the Draftkings Market Place in partnership with Tom Brady’s Autograph has created a perfect opportunity for the merging of the DFS and sports betting worlds with NFT’s. We aim to be your resource for NFT artwork, generative projects, the Draftkings Autograph market place, NBA Top Shot, Zed Run, and many more.

NFT Army will be FREE for all DFS Army members for a LIMITED TIME. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this FREE trial period while it lasts!


NFT Army Tools and Resources:

NFT Army Drop Schedule

NFT Army Beginners Guide: Volume 1

NFT Army Beginners Guide: Volume 2