Sniper’s $5K Bankroll Challenge – Thursday Night Football to the Rescue!

What is the purpose of DFS? To have fun and make some money. Period. End of Story.

Now the question we are all trying to answer, how do we do that? Here at DFS Army, we focus not just on providing player picks but slate strategies and bankroll management. Read our bankroll management Ladder System articles to learn more about what my bankroll management challenge will be based on. DFS Army Ladder System | Ladder System 2.0

The $5K Challenge

Starting September 15, 2020, I will be starting with $5,000 in my account with the goal of doubling up and making $5,000 in profit. This is going to be a grind, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, and I hope you come along for the ride with me.

I prefer niche sports, as you can see in my outline below. The important thing here is a plan and discipline. I would encourage anyone looking to take DFS seriously, to come up with your own set of rules to fit your sport interests. One last thing, I primarily play on DraftKings so that’s what I will be using here, but the same system can be used on FanDuel.

My Outline

Here is a list of the sports / slates I will attack and the percentage of bankroll I will dedicate to each. Discipline will be key and these are the only contests I will be playing, I’m not doing anything else on the side.

  • MMA – 10%
  • NASCAR (Cup Series) – 10%
  • Soccer (4+ Game Slates) – 10%
  • NFL (Main Slate) – 7.5%
  • NFL (Early Slate) – 2.5%
  • NFL (Tiers) – 2.5%
  • Golf – 2.5%
  • NASCAR (XFINITY & Truck Series) – 2.5%
  • Soccer (2-3 Game Slates) – 2.5%
  • Tennis (Majors Only) – 2.5%
  • Esports (LOL) – 1.5%
  • NFL Showdown – 1.5%

Now, following along with the Ladder System, here is how I will break up the above per slate:

  • Head-to-Heads – 40%
  • Double Ups – 20%
  • 3 & 5 Mans – 20%
  • 10 Mans & Quints – 10%
  • Small GPPs – 5%
  • Large GPPs & Satellites – 5%

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Now for the fun stuff, playing and tracking. Approximately twice a week I will post my results and discuss some of the lineup construction that went into the slates. Here we go!

Starting Bankroll (10/5) – $5,021.17

Slate: NFL Showdown – Amount Entered $75

Ate a big old shit burger to start the week. I expected a shootout and more throwing from the Falcons but the Packers just dominated. I also avoided Tonyan to jam in both quarterbacks. Frankly, I’m just glad I didn’t lose all my money.

Slate Profit: -$41.88
New Bankroll: $4,979.20
Total ROI: -0.26%
NFL Showdown Profit: -$50.88
NFL Showdown ROI: -7.66%




Starting Bankroll (10/6 & 10/8) – $4,979.20

Slate 1: League of Legends – Amount Entered $75
Slate 2: League of Legends – Amount Entered  $70


Putting these two side-by-side because the second is a 20 cent profit, for real. My strategy for the first one was easy, play both the large favorites and use the support captain to do it. Worked out and we took the moneys. The second day should have been a win if Suning didn’t blow a game that they were largely favored in. It happens, and I’ll take the wash of a slate as entertainment value.

Slate Profit: -$41.50 & $0.20
New Bankroll: $5,020.99
Total ROI: 0.26%
ESports Profit: $124.07
ESports ROI: 16.09%




Starting Bankroll (10/8) – $5,020.99

Slate: Soccer Small Slate – Amount Entered $110

Small decision costs us some moneys here on a really low scoring slate. Dusan Tadic was the other chalk forward. He got an assist in extra time and that bumped me on or just below the cash line everywhere. Not a disaster day and it was a fun sweat where I’m happy with the build even if it didn’t shake out my way.

Slate Profit: -$22.50
New Bankroll: $4,998.49
Total ROI: -0.02%
Soccer Short Slate Profit: $74.80
Soccer Short Slate ROI: 7.88%






Starting Bankroll (10/9) – $4,998.49

Slate: NFL Showdown – Amount Entered $75

Got it! This is the big showdown slate I’ve been looking for. Tyler Johnson for $200 with those injuries seemed like a no brainer but was low owned. From there it was favorite RB in the captain, both quarterbacks, opposing RB, and then Mike Evans fit like a glove. Swept every contest I played in and it was a top 2% lineup overall. I definitely enjoyed Thursday Night Football!

Slate Profit: $106.06
New Bankroll: $5,104.55
Total ROI: 1.26%
NFL Showdown Profit: $55.18
NFL Showdown ROI: 7.47%



Starting Bankroll (10/9) – $5,104.55

Slate: NFL Showdown – Amount Entered $75

This slate got whacky as hell with JDG choking a random game away before beating tournament favorite DWG. Took most of head-to-heads and three mans but missed the double up line. Weird overall but I’ll take the win. When playing double favorite, if you can get double jungle, do it. Flipping the two junglers would have been better but I’m nit picking a successful strategies.

Slate Profit: $9.25
New Bankroll: $5,113.80
Total ROI: 1.36%
ESports Profit: $133.80
ESports ROI: 15.76%





Final Thoughts

My major sports fall on the weekend but this 2.5% of my bankroll slates are just enough to satisfy the itch to play and we ended up making some money thanks to Thursday Night Football. Now, lets head to the weekend!

I would love to hear from you out on social media.  Shoot me a quick tweet about how the article is helping you at Sniper_DFS and share your wins, too!

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