Sniper’s $5K Bankroll Challenge – Back in the Green

What is the purpose of DFS? To have fun and make some money. Period. End of Story.

Now the question we are all trying to answer, how do we do that? Here at DFS Army, we focus not just on providing player picks but slate strategies and bankroll management. Read our bankroll management Ladder System articles to learn more about what my bankroll management challenge will be based on. DFS Army Ladder System | Ladder System 2.0

The $5K Challenge

Starting September 15, 2020, I will be starting with $5,000 in my account with the goal of doubling up and making $5,000 in profit. This is going to be a grind, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, and I hope you come along for the ride with me.

I prefer niche sports, as you can see in my outline below. The important thing here is a plan and discipline. I would encourage anyone looking to take DFS seriously, to come up with your own set of rules to fit your sport interests. One last thing, I primarily play on DraftKings so that’s what I will be using here, but the same system can be used on FanDuel.

My Outline

Here is a list of the sports / slates I will attack and the percentage of bankroll I will dedicate to each. Discipline will be key and these are the only contests I will be playing, I’m not doing anything else on the side.

  • MMA – 10%
  • NASCAR (Cup Series) – 10%
  • Soccer (4+ Game Slates) – 10%
  • NFL (Main Slate) – 7.5%
  • NFL (Early Slate) – 2.5%
  • NFL (Tiers) – 2.5%
  • Golf – 2.5%
  • NASCAR (XFINITY & Truck Series) – 2.5%
  • Soccer (2-3 Game Slates) – 2.5%
  • Tennis (Majors Only) – 2.5%
  • Esports (LOL) – 1.5%
  • NFL Showdown – 1.5%

Now, following along with the Ladder System, here is how I will break up the above per slate:

  • Head-to-Heads – 40%
  • Double Ups – 20%
  • 3 & 5 Mans – 20%
  • 10 Mans & Quints – 10%
  • Small GPPs – 5%
  • Large GPPs & Satellites – 5%

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Now for the fun stuff, playing and tracking. Approximately twice a week I will post my results and discuss some of the lineup construction that went into the slates. Here we go!

Starting Bankroll (9/24) – $4,958.77

Slate: NFL Showdown – Amount Entered $74

HUGE start to the week as we sweep everything on Thursday night. The two touchdowns from Robinson were clutch (thanks DFSUpNorth) and the punt of O’Shaughnessy let me get both quarterbacks and some top tier receivers. This is the perfect example of a ladder smash as I fell just short of the nuts for large GPPs but I was in the top 2% in pretty much every contest. Back in the green feels good.

Slate Profit: $122.50
New Bankroll: $5,081.27
Total ROI: 3.07%
NFL Showdown Profit: $90.10
NFL Showdown ROI: 30.86%




Starting Bankroll (9/25) – $5,081.27

Slate: League of Legends – Amount Entered $76

Whelp, when a massive favorite goes down in flames and you sell out to get them in your lineup…its going to hurt. This was an awful day as LGD managed to loss to a team from a weak region with a bunch of subs. Based on the other options I’ll always have a similar roster construction, it just completely busted today.

Slate Profit: -$76.00
New Bankroll: $5,005.27
Total ROI: 0.19%
ESports Profit: -$27.08
ESports ROI: -9.78%





Starting Bankroll (9/25) – $5,005.27

Slate: NASCAR Trucks – Amount Entered $94

Small win that feels like a massive one. Lessard went 3 laps down early with issues and slowly worked his way back to the middle of the field. That coupled with Kraus wrecking a lot of the field leads to a solid day. On top of that, if Purdy didn’t have late issues I could have done some serious damage. All things considered, I’m really happy.

Slate Profit: $37.03
New Bankroll: $5,042.30
Total ROI: 1.50%
Trucks Profit: -$2.97
Trucks ROI: -1.40%




Starting Bankroll (9/26) – $5,042.30

Slate: League of Legends – Amount Entered $69

All-in on the biggest favorites works well and I got some value from the PSG pieces. The big thing was avoiding most of the MAD Lions blow up. They looked shaky the previous day and just didn’t seem cash safe in terms of a stack. Early morning money is a good feeling and I’ve really enjoyed LoL since the pandemic started.

Slate Profit: $17.70
New Bankroll: $5,060.00
Total ROI: 2.08%
ESports Profit: -$9.38
ESports ROI: -2.70%






Starting Bankroll (9/26) – $5,060.00

Slate: Soccer Short Slate – Amount Entered $123

I mean you really should be in the soccer room. We had some nice leverage on McNeil and Brownhill. Nothing fancy here, just a solid cash game approach and we ground our way to a profit. I’m feeling a soccer pop off day coming soon. This also could have been better if Kovacic wasn’t subbed off at half time, but now I’m nit picking.

Slate Profit: $43.10
New Bankroll: $5,103.10
Total ROI: 3.42%
Soccer (Short) Profit: $207.30
Soccer (Short) ROI: 45.07%






Starting Bankroll (9/26) – $5,103.10

Slate: NASCAR Xfinity – Amount Entered $118

This. Sucked. No doubt about it. Look everything here is pretty cash safe and fine but Chase Briscoe was 78% owned and led the entire race, basically breaking the slate. I thought Cindric would run better and wanted to be more balanced. Don’t think I’ll be fading Chase again anytime soon. Oh well, on to the next.

Slate Profit: -$100

New Bankroll: $5,003.10
Total ROI: 0.10%

NASCAR Xfinity Profit: -$139.00
NASCAR Xfinity ROI: -59.15%



Starting Bankroll (9/26) – $5,003.10

Slate: MMA – Amount Entered $438

Let’s go! I was super bummed about last week but we get it all back tonight. The stack was easy this week and it didn’t hurt that Costa busted. The big plays here are Klein and Royval. Klein I hyped up on the podcast and we had a bet on him over at Sports Bet Army. Royval was a toss up between him and Eubanks for me but our guy SunTszu was crazy high on him during the podcast so that’s where I went and you can see the results!

Slate Profit: $282.37
New Bankroll: $5,285.47
Total ROI: 8.00%
MMA Profit: $35.10
MMA ROI: 1.08%




Starting Bankroll (9/27) – $5,285.47

Slate: PGA – Amount Entered $110

This went poorly…like, really poorly. I got bailed out last week in PGA but that’s not the case as I only had 4/6 make the cut and no one in the top 20 of the tournament. Want to play a few more slates before I think about any adjustments to PGA but back-to-back poor slates is not going to get it done.

Slate Profit: -$92.00
New Bankroll: $5,193.47
Total ROI: 5.26%
PGA Profit: -$56.90
PGA ROI: -25.86%




Starting Bankroll (9/27) – $5,193.47

Slate: Soccer Short Slate – Amount Entered: $129

Injuries and a late goal against Lloris really did us in here. Son had a great score at just halftime before getting hurt and then I lost clean sheet points across the board with a 97th minute goal awarded on a bogus penalty. Soccer has been slaying so I’ll keep with it but this was an unfortunate result and I’m a little frustrated I’m giving back the MMA winnings…but it’s NFL day!

Slate Profit: -$111.00
New Bankroll: $5,082.47
Total ROI: 2.17%
Soccer (Short) Profit: $96.30
Soccer (Short) ROI: 16.35%






Starting Bankroll (9/27) – $5,082.47

Slate: Tennis – Amount Entered: $103

Man I love niche sports. Went with a super punt today and loaded up on bigger favorites. Even though we had a hiccup in there with Chardy, he was high enough owned that it didn’t hurt and we got across the line everywhere. I don’t always super punt, it’s a very slate dependent decision and today it worked out.

Slate Profit: $107.50
New Bankroll: $5,189.97
Total ROI: 4.86%
Tennis Profit: $107.50
Tennis ROI: 104.37%




Starting Bankroll (9/27) – $5,189.97

Slate: NFL Classic – Amount Entered: $374
Slate: NFL Tiers – Amount Entered: $117
Slate: NFL Early – Amount Entered: $125
Slate: NFL Sunday Showdown – Amount Entered: $74
























I’m going to group my NFL Sunday’s into one section moving forward, but still talk about each slate individually.

For Classic, I feel pretty good about the outcome as most of lineups actually had an injury in them but still got there. With the notable exception of that Cam Newton lineup. I tried to put together a hedge lineup and in hindsight, it was way too cute with only Zeke as a piece of the chalk shootout. Still a good day and we keep plugging away.
Slate Profit: $49.85

The early slate, here’s where we made our money! Someone explain Josh Allen’s ownership to me. Never mind, I don’t care, I’m just going to count my money. I’m still not sure how Waller put up a complete dud in that matchup with the Pats supposedly focusing on Jacobs, but still…this was a complete smash job that honestly makes our whole Sunday.
Slate Profit: $205

Tiers…tiers sucked. I really wasn’t that far off, the problem is that Zeke was 23% owned and was doubled up chalky Hopkins and Lockett outscored Carson by 30 points. I tried to go RB safe and the WRs blew me up. Could be something to look at moving forward.
Slate Profit: -$50.10

Sunday night showdown was pretty much a wash. I was right to put Kamara in as captain but missing out on Lazard cost me from making any profit. Nothing I really regret here, just a tiny loss.
Slate Profit: -$7.70

NFL Sunday Profit: $197.05
New Bankroll: $5,387.02
Total ROI: 8.45%

Starting Bankroll (9/28) – $5,387.02

Slate: NASCAR Cup – Amount Entered: $394

Not going to lie, this one had me a little tilted. A really bad late caution and Stenhouse involved in another late incident spelled disaster here. As you can see, I was on the chalk pretty much everywhere except maybe Bell. Bell had a good run going until late and the slide is what cost me. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…NASCAR is a variant bitch. Not how I wanted to end the week, but hey, we’re in the green!

Slate Profit: -$226.65
New Bankroll: $5,160.37
Total ROI: 3.21%
NASCAR Cup Profit: -$193.75
NASCAR Cup ROI: -22.17%




Final Thoughts

Overall, a good week that takes us in the right direction as we profited over $200. I hope you are noticing that not only is The Ladder System (read it FREE) a long term method but it allows us to get SO MUCH action down in terms of number of slates played. It fits my style perfectly and I hope you’re enjoying the article.

I would love to hear from you out on social media.  Shoot me a quick tweet about how the article is helping you at Sniper_DFS and share your wins, too!

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