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Want to make your own league with your buddies on

Jul 12, 2020; Dublin, Ohio, USA; Patrick Cantlay on the 14th hole during the final round of the Workday Charity Open golf tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

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How to play on MajorsChallenge

1. Join a friend’s league or start your own

Become the commissioner of your own league or join a friend’s.

  • Ask a friend to send you an invite to join his or her league
  • The commissioner will choose the events your league will participate in during the PGA season

2. Choose your team of 12 golfers

Golfers are segmented into four groups, by their world rank.

Pick team.

3. Pick one alternate for each group

Your alternate picks will only be used if one of your starters withdraws from the event.

4. Invite your friends

Fantasy contests are week-to-week with no season long obligation. We expect most leagues to participate during the four golf majors (Masters, US Open, British Open, PGA Championship) and Players Championship (unofficial fifth major), but fantasy tournaments will be available all season long.


During the tournament, the Majors Challenge leaderboard updates in real-time with the PGA. Your score is the cumulative to-par score for all 12 golfers on your team through 4 rounds.

Cut, Withdraw and MDF Rules:

  • If one of your golfers withdraws from the tournament before his first tee time then that golfer will be replaced with your alternate. If a golfer makes a single official swing in the tournament then your alternate will not be used.
  • If more than one golfer in a group withdraws before start of play then your team will receive an alternate for the first WD and a CUT for any additional WD.
  • You will receive the worst four round PGA score in place of every golfer on your squad that:
    • is CUT or is MDF
    • Withdraws after start of play
    • is Disqualified


The scoring method in your league depends on how your commissioner sets it up.

Variable Point Pool

The variable point pool is an exciting and unique way to play fantasy golf. Your loss is a variable amount that depends on how well your team performs compared to the best team in your league. Think of it as stroke play for fantasy golf.

  • If your team is 10 shots off the lead then you would owe 10 points into the tournament Point Pool. The further back in the field you fall, the more you’d owe in to the Point Pool.
  • Every team in your league contributes their share to the Point Pool
  • Your commissioner will select a point pool multiplier that either reduces or increases the point pool by that factor. The default factor is set to 1, so if you were 20 strokes behind the leader then you’d owe 20 points into the point pool. If your commissioner set the multiplier to 0.5, then you’d only owe 10 points for the same loss.
  • If you enter multiple teams, you are responsible for the loss on each team. In larger point multiplier leagues this can add up quickly.

The point pool will continue to grow throughout the tournament, particularly over the weekend as teams with many cut golfers see their score balloon.

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