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LOL eSports – CBLOL Notes and Strategy for 6/6 12pm ET

Notes for Tomorrow’s LOL eSports CBLOL Slate

LOL is finally back and now we will have consistent slates for CBLOL as well as the big 4 of LCS, LEC, LCK and LPL. These regular season matches are all Best of 1, so prepare for plenty of upsets. The quality of games in this league is not particularly high either, so there tends to be a lot of action and sloppy matches. Quite a few roster changes have affected the outlook of many of these teams, so they may not be the same as you remember it.

Apr 13, 2019; St. Louis , MO, USA; TSM battles Team Liquid during the League of Legends Championship Series Spring Finals at Chaifetz Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

CBLOL Slate 12pm ET (4 Games)

FLA (+115) vs PNG (-155)

Starting Lineups:
FLA: Bankai, Ranger, Goku, Luskka, Reven
PNG: Robo, Cariok, tinowns, brTT, esA

To start off we have a battle of two very good teams. FLA made the finals of Split 1, but ended up losing 3-0 to red hot Kabum. Their roster is very different now compared to back then however. Their very strong bot lane Absolut and JoJo left, and they are starting Bankai over WooFe. They did sign former LEC adc Bvoy, but due to COVID he cannot join the team yet. This may be why fellow Korean WooFe is not playing, as Bankai is a considerable downgrade. Goku and Ranger are both very good, but their new bottom lane is relatively unproven, and Reven used to be an analyst who is now starting in the support role. They are a strong team when they have all their pieces, but as of now they do not have their full roster.

Pain Gaming narrowly missed playoffs after a rough start to Split 1, and they have made quite a few roster changes because of that. They brought in Robo from VK, Cariok and Wiz as junglers, and esA back as support. I think these players are all very good, and positive additions to the squad. Cariok is starting and he was a very promising player in the BRCC (Brazil’s developmental league). tinowns is still their main star player and he has a good shot at the split MVP on this star studded team. PNG are one of the favourites to win the entire CBLOL Split 2, so look out for them to come out of the gate hot.

This normally would be a battle of probably the top 2 teams in the region, but since FLA do not have their full roster at this moment, I have to favour PNG. Of course since this league is best of 1 and a very volatile league in general, you can play both sides to every game if you really wanted. PNG has a new roster but basically everyone on this roster is a star player and I think this should be easily one of the top teams in CBLOL this season.

Players to watch (FLA): Goku, Ranger
Players to watch (FL): tinowns, brTT, Robo

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ITZ (-115) vs FUR (-120)

Starting Lineups:
INTZ: Tay, Shini, Envy, MicaO, RedBert
FUR: Tyrin, Sting, Anyyyy, Alternative, Damage

Going from a match of two top CBLOL teams, here we have two of the predicted weaker CBLOL teams.

FUR did make the playoffs last split but then got smoked in the first round by FLA. They also lost one of their best players in Minerva and will be using young player Sting to replace him. They are relying a lot on the young guns Sting and Tyrin to hopefully put up some good performances and keep them in the playoff hunt but they definitely got a bit weaker. The rest of the roster remains unchanged so they could try to repeat a playoff performance. It will definitely be harder without Minerva though. Anyyy and Alternative are decent carries, but nothing spectacular.

INTZ are another relatively unimpressive team that barely made it out of the relegation match. They are keeping pretty much the same roster as their disappointing 7th place finish and I don’t see this split going much better, if at all. MicaO and RedBert are a decent bottom lane, and if INTZ are going to do any damage this season then they will need to be the backbone of this team.

I am not impressed by either one of these teams really, FUR lost one of their best players and INTZ kept the same roster from when they finished 7th. I think I slightly prefer the carry combo of Anyyy and Alternative to MicaO and Envy, so I give a slight edge to FUR, but really either of these teams can win a Bo1.

Players to watch (ITZ): MicaO, Redbert, Shini
Players to watch (FUR): Anyyyy, Alternative, Damage

VK (-145) vs SAN (+105)

Starting Lineups:
VK: Hidan, Minerva, Nosferus, Klaus, Professor
SAN: JackPot, Hyoga, Rainbow, Juzo, Hawk

This game should be a good one. VK were the first place finishers in the regular split, but got 3-0’d in the playoffs by eventual champions Kabum. I do feel VK got weaker in this offseason. They lost two strong pieces in Robo and Grell, and replaced them with weaker players Hidan and Minerva. The strongest points of this team was their mid and bot lanes, so they did manage to keep those lanes intact, but they definitely downgraded in the other roles. I expect them to be somewhere in the middle of the pack in the CBLOL this split. They still have some good players and I do not think they are as bad as FUR and INTZ, but they are not near the top anymore.

Santos are an exciting team that has recently promoted from the BRCC. This team is led by their star Korean players JackPot and Rainbow. Rainbow was the best player in the entire BRCC (Challenger Circuit) and with Hyoga playing very good as well, I think this is a team to be looking out for as a top 4 team. They do rely heavily on the individual skill of JackPot and Rainbow, but they also upgraded their weakest position at ADC with Juzo, an experienced player who has been in the CBLOL before. This will be a good test for this new lineup.

Santos are the underdogs, but with the strength of their solo lanes and jungler compared to the downgrades from VK, I will give Santos the edge in this one. VK are still a solid team and can win the game through bot lane, so don’t rule them out completely.

Players to watch (VK): Nosferus, Klaus, Professor
Players to watch (SAN): Rainbow, Hyoga, Jackpot

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KBM (-135) vs PRG (EVEN)

Starting Lineups:
KBM: Yang, Revolta, Tutsz, Dudstheboy, Ceos
PRG: FNB, Yampi, Dynquedo, Garo, Wos

This is another very close match to call, and both teams should be solid in the upcoming season.

KBM were the champions of Split 1, and they had a massive winning streak carrying through the end of the regular season that followed them into the playoffs. They swept both their playoff series and looked dominant in those games. However in the off-season they have taken a massive hit. Parang was one of the best players in the entire league last season and he is no longer on the team, Wiz was also very solid for them and is no longer on the team. They replaced them with Yang and Revolta, who are not terrible, but are definite downgrades in my eyes. Yang especially is a large downgrade from Parang but this team should still be a playoff contender.

PRG have basically kept the same roster that had them finish 5th in the first split, barely missing out on the playoffs. They have added Dynquedo; a promising Challenger Circuit player to their roster in place of Aloned. Aloned was one of their better performing players so he does have some big shoes to fill. Dynquedo has the potential to take them to the next level, but it may take some time. I would expect another solid season from them and figure they will be around the middle of the pack again.

I see both these teams ending up in as middle of the pack teams, and I think that they are very even in skill. KBM the champions did lose some significant firepower, and PRG may have lost a little as well. This game is basically a coin flip, but I am going with PRG. They kept most of their roster and replaced their one changed player with one that is similar in skill. KBM will have more to do as far as team chemistry is concerned, and without Parang and Wiz as the core of that championship team, I think they will fall down a bit in the standings.

Players to watch (KBM): Revolta, Dudstheboy, Ceos
Players to watch (PRG): Dynquedo, Yampi, FNB