NFL Fantasy Football: WR Draft Values

What’s up boys? It’s @LowOwnedWR back again with another re draft article, today we are going over WR draft values. These are players who I believe are worth more than their ADP, guys like Cooper Kupp in 2019. Finding value is important, as if you pay cost for everyone, your team is going to take a hit in upside, and drafting is all about getting as much upside on your team as you can. Let’s dive into it.

Adam Thielen (ADP 40.93): The departure of Stefon Diggs leaves a whopping 41% of the teams air yards and 21% of the teams targets on the table. Thielen finished as the WR#5 in 2018 with Diggs still there and now there is massive volume on the table to be had and he is getting picked mid 3rd early 4th. Getting someone with that much upside in the 3rd or 4th round is the exact upside I am talking about to have on your team, Thielen has league winning potential.

Tyler Lockett (ADP 54.25): Finished as WR#13 last year and out of the top 15 WRs he had the least amount of targets. With an ADP of WR#22 and with Russell Wilson wanting to utilize play action and motion (IE throwing the ball more) he seems like an absolute steal in the late 4th early 5th round.

Terry McLaurin (ADP 60.19): McLaurin is the Redskins passing offense, he totaled over 40% of their total air yards, received 22% of their targets and had an aDOT (Average Depth of Target) of 14, one of only 9 receivers with over 90 targets to hit that number.

Michael Gallup (ADP 73.41): Gallup had over 100 targets and over 1000 receiving yards last year, Cowboys got a new coach who has apparently taken the last 2 years off and studied analytics (meaning he knows they need to throw the ball) and he is somehow going in the 6th round, this man needs some respect put on his name.

Brandin Cooks (ADP 90.87): The departure of DeAndre Hopkins leaves 34% of the teams air yards and 30% of the targets on the table. Cooks is the most established WR on the roster meaning he should have no problem getting some of the meat of the table. DeShaun Watson is predicted to be a top 3-5 fantasy QB and if that comes to fruition, Cooks should have no problem out performing his ADP.

Emmanuel Sanders (ADP 111.42) I could not think of a more perfect landing spot for Sanders than the Saints, after Tre’Quan Smith the most established WR on the roster is arguably Austin Carr; meaning Emmanuel Sanders is in line to be the WR2 on one of the most potent offenses in the league. With him going after the 9th round, I want him in every league I am in.


Stay tuned all offseason for more NFL content and as always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @LowOwnedWR with any questions. Can’t wait for the season boys!