Most Exploitable? Comparing MMA UFC Scoring Systems for Draftkings, Fanduel and SuperDraft

This is Chris coming back to bring you guys key information regarding scoring on Draftkings, Fanduel, and SuperDraft. Scoring is essential to success in any DFS sport. It is important to know how each site gives players their score. In MMA, it is crucial to nail 6 wins in your lineup, but even that might not be enough to take down a tournament. We want the six highest-scoring players in our lineup that fit under the restraints given to us. This article will go over the scoring on each site and the key differences between each site. As well as a spicy lineup construction strategy for SuperDraft at the end.

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Basic Draftkings Scoring

For years Draftkings scoring has been the norm as it was the only site to offer DFS for MMA. Now that MMA has expanded onto both Fanduel and SuperDraft, let’s look at what makes Draftkings unique. Draftkings gives points for advances and reversals/sweeps in their scoring which is unique to this site. These stat lines would favor ground specialists like a fighter with a background in jiu-jitsu. Those additional points can be huge when it comes to players being in the optimal lineup. One advance is equal to six significant strikes and one sweep is equal to ten significant strikes.

Basic Fanduel Scoring

Fanduel offers the most ways for a fighter to score among all of the sites. The addition of takedown defense and submission attempts gives a new floor and ceiling to fighters. Besides this, Fanduel also has the biggest drop in points given for a fighter who wins in the 4th round or later among Draftkings and SuperDraft. On FD we want to give extra attention to fighters who can rack up takedown defenses. As well as fighters that go for submissions. This is how Fanduel’s scoring sets themselves apart from the other sites as they do not account for those stats.

Basic SuperDraft Scoring

SuperDraft keeps it simple with its base scoring. The only stats they are concerned with are signature strikes, takedowns, and knockdowns plus when you win the fight. What is special is that there are no salary restraints and each fighter is given a multiplier. Multipliers will simply multiply a fighters score from by the multiplier they are given. If that did not make it unique enough, there is also the champion spot which adds an additional 50% to the fighters multiplier. Vincent Luque has a base multiplier of 1.1x. but if you were to roster him in the champion spot, his multiplier would be 1.65x.  The champion spot will be crucial to nail in order to score the most points possible and to take down a tournament. This scoring makes SuperDraft unique from both Fanduel and Draftkings and gives a new twist on lineup construction.


MLB Top Stacks DFS Fanduel Draftkings

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MMA Multipliers Can Make A Difference

The First thing to note is that with any fight, a fighter with a higher multiplier will outscore another fighter if all the other stats remain the same. The goal will always be to have a 1st round win. To make things a bit more complicated and to see where strategy takes place, we will look at Uriah Hall’s 3rd round KO against Lewis. Hall landed 39 significant strikes, 1 knockdown, and got the finish in the 3rd round.

On DK, this would net you a total of 74.5 points. and on Fanduel you would receive 85.4 points. Most likely on either site Hall would not be in the optimal lineup given his salary and scoring. However, on SuperDraft, his base points would be 109.25 multiply that by 1.4, gives you 152.95 points.  Now, of course, we are comparing three sites with three different scoring systems but that is not the point we are driving home here. On SuperDraft, If a fighter like Luque of Ngannou gets a 15 signature strike 1st round knockout, they would both net you 136.25  points. The multiplier makes a huge difference and can take someone from being a lineup killer on two sites to being in the optimal on SuperDraft.

Just to point out, Hall is the underdog here at +106, but even if we give the same stat line over to his opponent Souza, his outcome would be 147. 5 in this scenario with his 1.35 multiplier. Which is still more points than both Luque and Ngannou at 136.25. Multipliers matter and the should be a key part of your strategy when building lineups on SuperDraft.


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