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LOL – EUM/BRCC 5/10 12pm ET

Notes for Tomorrow’s EUM/BRCC 2-game 2 day slate.

This slate will start tomorrow with the finals of the EU Masters with LDLC against K1ck, then finish on Monday with Brazil’s Challenger Circuit league. Another 4 team, 2 game slate with relatively close matches. Covering all of your options is always the best bet to hopefully chop at the top and make a decent profit. All 4 teams are in play.


LDLC (-180) vs K1ck (+130)

The EU Masters is finally concluding with this unexpected match up. These two teams were both the second seeds in their regions and have defeated many #1 seeds on the way to the finals.

LDLC had a rough start to their series against RGO today, but that game was basically solo lost by Bando. He made so many solo mistakes and plays that did not involve his teammates and he got caught out repeatedly. RGO capitalized in the first game but were soundly and cleanly beaten in the next 2 for an LDLC victory. TynX is in my opinion the best player in this entire tournament, and he showed why against RGO. He absolutely took over games two and three and made the enemy jungler irrelevant. I would be surprised if he was not signed to an LEC team soon. Hades and YellowStar also performed well in this series and I think these 3 will have to do the heavy lifting for LDLC.

K1ck continue to surprise me. Against Movistar in game one they came out and blasted them out of the water, and in game 2 got out to an early lead and controlled the game the rest of the way. Shlatan is the 2nd best jungler in this tournament and Matislaw stepped up big in their last series. I really like how K1ck play the game and I think I am finally convinced by their play style and its effectiveness. There are still questions about their game when they do not get ahead, but so far they have done well. Puki Style and Raxxo have been extremely consistent in every game they have played so far, and with all the social media and national support flowing in towards K1ck, I can’t help but think this would fuel them even more as a team.

When comparing the two teams I would say that K1ck do have the edge in both top and mid. iBo and Matislaw have been better than Bando and Vetheo all tournament long. Jungle is the marquee meeting of the two best junglers in the tournament, and I think if LDLC want to win, TynX is really the main win condition. Bot lane is pretty even and it is hard to give an edge to either side. If Bando can control himself and not throw the game away by himself, LDLC have a very good shot. If I had to pick a side straight up I like K1ck very slightly more, but LDLC are perfectly viable as well and they are priced as underdogs on DK even though they are slight favourites. The pricing actually has me favouring LDLC for the flexibility they provide so if you cannot decide a side then maybe LDLC’s low price will help you.

Players to watch (LDLC): TynX, Hades, YellowStar
Players to watch (K1ck): Shlatan, Matislaw, Puki Style


I am not going to act like I have watched every single game of the BRCC, because that would be fake news. However, I have gone back and watched all 3 meetings between the two teams competing and looked through quite a few of their other games as well.

SAN (-375) vs FKL (+255)

Santos Esports was the #1 ranked team in the BRCC and had a record of 11-4 in the regular season. They enter the playoffs on a 4 game win streak and are large favourites in this matchup. Falklol were the 4th ranked team in the BRCC with a record of 8-7, and snuck into the playoffs with a one game lead over 5th place. SAN and FKL have played 3 games against each other this season, with the first 2 going FKL’s way while SAN won the last one. Prior to winning their last game to sneak into playoffs, FKL were on a 3 loss streak and did not look great.

Santos are led by the BRCC MVP Rainbow and MVP runner up Hyoga. Mid and jungle are two of the most important roles in the game right now, and SAN have the best combo in the BRCC. In the 3 games that these two teams played throughout the regular season, Rainbow was a consistent performer in all 3 games, despite losing 2 of them. This duo is very talented for the BRCC and will look to dominate FKL just as they had dominated every other team in the regular season. Jackpot (top laner) plays a lot of carry style champions, so the match up against Buggax can become very volatile depending on who gets ahead early.

FKL have a couple notable names that have been around the scene for a long time. Their best player and main carry is actually Buggax, their top laner. He deals over 30% of the teams damage in a game, which is very high for a top laner. He also gets the most gold income put towards him, so if using FKL make sure to have Buggax. Besides him FKL also have the veteran Tierwulf. He has been around a long time and has even played in Europe’s challenger scene before. These two are the focal points for FKL and they will need to have big games in order to upset Santos in this series. In their 2 wins against Santos, Buggax and Tierwulf were able to get extremely fed alongside Matsu their ADC, and this allowed them to overcome potential deficits in the mid lane.

Out of 4 losses during the entire season, FKL handed Santos 2 of them. I do not think this well repeat itself again in a playoff scenario, but since this is very low level professional LOL, anything can happen. I do like Santos to win this series off the back of Rainbow, but if Buggax can snowball top lane then FKL can win. The top lane will be a very important key to who wins this series.When FKL won their games Buggax got massively ahead. When SAN won their game, JackPot was massively ahead and Buggax went 0/7. Two carry top laners fighting it out often ends up with one being far ahead of the other, so keep an eye out for that one.

Players to watch (SAN): Rainbow, Hyoga, JackPoT
Players to watch (FKL): Buggax, Tierwulf, Matsu