DFS Army Strategy Series – NASCAR on SuperDraft

Welcome everyone to the latest edition of the DFS Army Strategy Series. For this article, we will be taking a look at NASCAR scoring on SuperDraft. We are going to break down how the NASCAR scoring system works and how to utilize their scoring to your advantage.

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Feb 17, 2020; Daytona Beach, Florida, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Denny Hamlin (11) leads Ryan Newman (6) during the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

NASCAR on SuperDraft

Starting with the Coke 600 SuperDraft will be offering NASCAR contest!! They have put together what looks to be a really solid scoring and contest package that I believe will be a huge success. For those unfamiliar with SuperDraft, the site uses multipliers for all competitors instead of the traditional salary based system. Every lineup has a Champion (Captain) spot that rewards that driver a 50% bump in scoring. Let’s take a deeper look into these things.

SuperDraft Scoring

The Multiplier

For SuperDraft we have two different multipliers at play. We have the Champion spot multiplier which gives you a 50% increase in a driver’s score. Next, there is the standard flex spot that uses the standard multiplier for a driver. Each driver will have their own multiplier. This system allows you to take any five drivers you wish with no worry about salary implications. The key here is to take a drivers projected score and use the multiplier to see what their score could possibly be. If you believe two drivers will score the same in standard scoring then you will always take the driver with the highest multiplier. Let us take a look at some scoring scenarios.

Example one

Driver A: Scores 50 standard points and has a 1.2x multiplier = 60 points

Driver B: Scores 50 standard points and has a 1.4x multiplier = 70

As you can see Driver B outscores Driver A by 10 points post multiplier.

Example Two

For this example, we are going to take a look flex spot vs Champion spot.

Driver A: Scores 50 points and has a 1.0x multiplier = 50 points

Driver A Champion spot: 50 points and has a 1.5x multiplier = 75

Fairly, straight forward there.

In my opinion the best part of the SuperDraft multiplier is that it makes every driver playable for every slate. While your top tier drivers will have a lower multiplier your low tier and punt plays will have a much bigger one. This higher multiplier is enough to bring a punt play into the fold if they can string the right amount of place differential and finish high enough.

Driver A 1.25x stud play: Starts 14th finishes 8th. 35 points for 8th + 4.5 for PD x 1.25 multiplier =49.38

Driver B 2.0x punt play: Starts 36th finishes 25th. 18 points for 25th + 8.25 for PD x 2.0 multiplier = 52.50

I absolutely love the fact that every driver is viable on SuperDraft. This is such a great example of what the multiplier can do!!!


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Dominator Points

For SuperDraft there is one major way to differentiate your lineups from everyone else. That is through dominator points. SD only offers one way to score dom points and that is laps led. They give .2 for every lap led by a driver. That means if a driver leads 100 laps that they will score an extra 20 points. If you end up with a race like the Coke 600 that has 400 laps and you have a driver lead 300 of them, they can add another 60 points to their total. Then you hit that number with the multipliers and it gets even bigger.

Finishing Position and Place Differential

The finishing position scoring is fairly straight forward. 45 points for 1st, 41 for 2nd, 40 for 3rd, 39 for 4th, etc. The difference between each position is 1 point outside of the gap from 2nd to 1st. The race winner gets a 3 point bonus. As for place differential, a driver will get + .75 for each position gained and – .75 for each position lost. If a driver gains 10 spots from their starting position they will score an extra 7.5 points. The combination of finishing position and place differential will be the most important thing for 90% of the field in each race. Matching the highest total with the right multiplier will be key.

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Laps Completed

Lastly, there is one final form of scoring utilized, Laps completed. This scoring is only used by Fanduel and overall is borderline pointless. Drivers get 0.1 of a point for each lap completed. At the end of the race if a driver is 3 laps down then he scores 0.3 of a point less than a lead lap car. .3 of a point is such a minor amount that it will have little to no effect on a slate. Occasionally, a play could finish one lap ahead of another with that .1 of a point being the difference but that is assuming all the other scoring in those lineups are equal. It is a very minor detail in the long run.

Lineup Construction

There are one Champion spot and four flex spots for each line up. For the Champion spot you will want to play whoever you believe will score the most points throughout the race. For most races this will be the main dominator. The driver who can score 20-80 extra points by leading laps. It is important to remember the Champion spot gives a 50% boost to those laps led. If you have an elite driver scored from the very back then that would be another option for Champion. The .75 for PD becomes 1.125 points per place gained. This will be even more prevalent in races with a small number of laps. The four flex spots will consist of who you believe can be the top four scorers remaining. Overall, the most important part of lineup construction will be hitting the highest scoring driver in the Champion spot. That driver can single handly get enough separation on the field for any lineup to cash. This can be anyone from the second dominator to a top tier place differential play or a punt with a killer multiplier who combines everything for a good score.


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