NASCAR Truck Series Setup for Draftkings DFS: Talladega

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Race Info

After a month off the truck series is back in action this week at Talladega Superspeedway. Talladega marks the start of round two of the playoffs for the truck series.  . For those unfamiliar with Superspeedway tracks the racing is done in tight packs with the majority of contenders running super close together. The cars have the ability to run wide open at a Superspeedway. Since there is no off throttle time needed the cars are relatively equal in terms of speed. This creates the ability for a draft to come into play. Drafting is a manipulation of the air in order to make the car go faster. The draft is what keeps all the cars in a tight pack. One huge consequence of the pack racing are large wrecks involving multiple cars. This means a much higher chance of a driver wrecking. It also means absolutely every driver in the field has a chance at a great finish.

Special Note: There will be no driver breakdown for the truck races at Talladega this week. Talladega is a wide open book where any and every driver has a chance to be in the optimal lineup. We will be there to go over top plays in the VIP NASCAR Slack channel after qualifying.

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Quick Facts

Date: October 12th

First Practice: Friday 12:35 am ET.

Second Practice: Friday 3:35 pm ET

Qualifying: Saturday 10:35 am ET

Race: Saturday 1:30 pm ET.

Laps: 94 Stages: 20/40/94

Drivers: 32

Defending Champion:  Timothy Peters

AVG. # of Cautions: 6 excluding stage cautions

AVG DNF’s: 10.5 per race

Lineup Building

Dominator/Top Plays

At most you will want one dominator for this race. We generally see one driver lead roughly 30-40 laps which sets them up with a decent amount of dom points. If they are also able to finish up front then they will most likely be needed in the optimal lineup. Fast laps will be earned throughout the field with all drivers able to collect fast laps. While Talladega can be a bit unpredictable it has been relatively straight forward when it comes to race winners. In 13 Truck races here we have seen four drivers win multiple races. This includes Timothy Peters who has won three of the last five Talladega Races. Elite trucks and top notch Superspeedway drivers win here and should be who are targeted for the win.

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Mid Tier/Low Tier/Punts

Every single driver in this group is in play this week. There haven’t been many start and parks in the past here at Talladega and there is no expectation of any this week. Avoiding the chaos and finishing the race will be key. 33% of the field has failed to finish this historically meaning a lot of drivers will be at risk. This high DNF rate means place differential is there for the taking from the punts. Last year had three drivers start 27th or worse and finish top 10. This was a bit of an extreme but we do tend to see 2-3 drivers who start 24th or worse finish inside the top 10. These drivers will be key. Place differential is the most important thing this week.

As with all DFS sports it is important to take a stand on driver who will posses low ownership but can deliver a massive win. Talladega opens this up even more than normal.

I will also answer any questions you may have in the VIP Slack!

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