NASCAR Cup Series Preview for DFS: Talladega 2

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Lineup Building

WELCOME TO TEAM WARFARE!!! The Superspeedway races have become dominated by teams who can work together the best and control the race. Last year in this very race Stewart Haas racing absolutely destroyed the field utilizing this strategy. Now it has evolved from standard teamwork within one organization to complete unity between all manufactures. This means all Ford teams will work together as will Chevy with Chevy and Toyotas with each other. Of course with all Superspeedway races the “BIG ONE” is a major threat. The big one is in reference to a big wreck in which multiple cars are involved. This can eliminate 5-10 or even 15 cars in a single accident. Avoiding these wrecks is crucial and because there is no way of predicting who will be involved it makes these races incredibly difficult to judge.

Quick Facts

Date: October 13th

Practice 1: Friday 12:35 pm ET.

Practice 2: Friday 3:35 pm ET.

Qualifying: Saturday 4:35 pm ET.

Race: Sunday 2:00 pm ET.

Laps: 188 Stages: 55/110/188

Drivers: 40

Defending Champion: Chase Elliott

AVG. # of Cautions: 6.4 excluding stage breaks

AVG DNF’s: 13 per race

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Dominator / Top Tier

We generally see multiple drivers lead between 25-40 laps here at Talladega. With fast laps spread all over the places this small amount of extra dom points means little in the grand scheme of things. Now of course if a driver leads 45 laps and wins like Chase Elliott did here in the Spring race they will be in the optimal. With that being said I would not recommend worried too much about doms this race. As for top tier teams they are all in play. Place differential is more important here with teams able to make up tons of places quickly but we always want to try and find the drivers who can win this race. Penske has had the most success here winning 6 of the last 10 here. Yes this race can be unpredictable but at the end of the day when they hand out the trophy it will most likely go to a top tier elite driver.

Mid to Low Tier

In this group we will look to attack drivers starting in the back the most. Drivers who offer the most place differential and also the safest floors. Nothing kills a lineup faster than drivers who start up front, wreck and score negative points. There are drivers like Ricky Stenhouse and Aric Almirola who are better at this type of racing who will offer higher upsides overall. Even though these races can be chaotic and offer lots of variance there is a reason why we see the same drivers compete for the wins here time after time.

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With the craziness that is Talladega Punts actually become some of the best plays. with a DNF rate average of 13 these teams that don’t run in the big pack and simply stay out of trouble end up scoring nicely for DFS purposes. You will want to play 3-4 from this group in almost every lineup. They come with safe floors that the rest don’t have and massive amounts of place differential points available.

I will be giving my Fanduel Top Plays in a VIP article prior to the race.

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