DFS CFB Resources for Winning College Football Lineups and Picks on Draftkings

This article will highlight DFS Army’s College Football (CFB) DFS resources and show a sample of what we have to offer.

One thing holding many people back from following CFB is not having an allegiance to a university or a team to follow. However, with CFB DFS, this is not a worry! CFB DFS players have the chance to root for many of the future stars of the NFL (or future bar trivia names!) without needing a team.

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Domination Station:

Last year, CFB DFS came as a surprise to the industry, but this year we have the luxury of preparing for the start of the season. I won’t beat around the bush here. MASSIVE NEWS: DFS Army will have CFB in our legendary Domination Station optimizer that our subscribers love for NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, NASCAR, MMA, and NHL. That’s right when you join DFS Army, you aren’t just buying the NFL package that the other guys have, you get access to experts and research tools in EVERY sport for one price! With few optimizers out there for college football and projections from top players, you are not going to want to miss this valuable tool. At DFS Army, we are constantly working to improve the Domination Station. As of early August, the slates have not been made available, but this is a sneak peek of what last year’s Conference Championship Saturday slate would have looked like.


I mentioned just above that we are constantly working to improve the Domination Station and this week, we added the capability to manipulate the position percentages for SuperFlex, in addition to Flex! This is absolutely vital, as it will allow you to get the highest upside players into your Mass Multi Entry (MME) files. As you can see below, we have a ton of rules you can put into the CFB DS including salary cap, randomization, players from a given team, and position/player stacking rules. This is highly important to have if you are serious about CFB DFS.



Coaches Notes:

Similar to our MLB notes, our CFB coaching team will be producing notes for every College Football Saturday, the short slates (Thursdays and Fridays), and even single game action.  Notes and Player Pools are easy to use and housed on the same link throughout the season so you will be able to bookmark the page and refresh accordingly.  Every Saturday, we will have four whole note sheets:

  • DraftKings Main Slate 
  • FanDuel Main Slate
  • DraftKings Night Slate
  • FanDuel Night Slate

This is an example of what our baseball notes look like, but we will have different tabs for CFB too. Coaches notes will be finalized on Thursday evenings to allow our VIP members to read the notes and help them guide their process. Our coaches are always in our college football coaching channels to keep the VIPs up-to-date with the latest and most important news. Wanna be a VIP Join us now to take full advantage of the football season. Use promo code AARON for a lifetime 20% off. 

Coaching Channels:

Once you are a VIP Member of DFS Army you get access to our CFB Coaching channels (as well as dozens of other channels) where you can interact with coaches and helpful VIP members. One special aspect about DFS Army is that our VIPs get complete access to experts in every sport, who are willing to dedicate the time to help you become a better player!

CFB DFS 101:

Once you are a VIP, you also get access to our premium articles. I have just written a CFB DFS 101 article with my biggest keys to success in DFS CFB. In this article, I break down the rules, lineup construction and strategy for cash games and GPP.

Ladder System:

For those new to DFS, I cannot recommend enough to read our DFS Ladder System article which provides overall strategy guidelines and detailed definitions of cash and GPP contests. When you are starting out as a player, it is important to follow the ladder system,  building a strong foundation of cash games (Head to Head, 50/50s, 3-20 man contests, and triple ups)–around 80% of your play, while reserving 20% for the GPPs. The 80/20 rule is your friend!

Thank you for reading and best of luck to you this football season!

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