DFS Army 2019 NFL Draft Kit with Rankings, Notes, Tiers, and Season Long Fantasy Football Winning Strategy

2019 is here!  It’s time to study up your season long game and ready yourself for another monster NFL DFS season on either Fanduel, Draftkings, or your favorite fantasy football site!  Ffootballgeek and SeasonLongSez (follow them on Twitter) have rolled through podcasts and combined their player lists into one easy-to-read cheatsheet.  And, only DFS Army members have access through this link and limited time coupon code.

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2019 NFL Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Let’s walk through a quick guide of the kit.

The columns under the red arrow show the player ranking at his position, in this case quarterbacks.  Obviously, there will be differences between two experts.  However, they come together in a consensus under “Army Rank.”

Yellow is going to show you a season long player’s favorite number, ADP (average draft position).  This number will change throughout the season-long drafting season.  Pay close attention to it before your particular draft, or as your Best Balls drive deeper and deeper into their draft seasons.  Value is simply the difference between where a player is ranked and where he is being drafted.  Ben Roethlisberger, for example, is being drafter later than Geek and Sez think he should be. You can jump on Big Ben a little before your competition and reap the reward.

The blue arrow shows current SOS (Strength of Schedule) for the player’s team.  The ranking can confuse people whether the number is high or low for the best or worst team.  So, they are color-coded.  Remember when in doubt, red is tough and green is easy.  But, you can use the SOS numbers at a glance to break ties over players you might be debating.

And, our green arrow:  Tier rankings.  Through any list of players, whether season long or DFS, you will find significant break points and dropoffs.  Our coaches have shown you these dropoffs numerically in our tier columns.

Do not forget the most important part of these pages……NOTES!  Both Geek and Sez have given their detailed thoughts on every viable player from quarterbacks to running backs to tight ends and defenses.  Learn what the experts key on and look for when organizing their thoughts.  Improve your skill through the sharing of theirs.

In fact, sharing is what the DFS Army is all about.  We have recruited some of the industry’s best talent that also has a passion for sharing and teaching.  Our coaches offer insights to their research processes, player selections, game theories, and exploitations to gain edges in their favorite sports from NFL to NBA to PGA and everything in between.   Our track record of teaching players just like you, through a coaching-first approach, speaks for itself…

Through our coaching forums, you gain access to small group (and even some one-on-one) discussions focused on making you a better player quickly.  We are not a content or tools site!  We are a teaching site first and foremost that shows you how to use content and tools. We have always led with teaching/coaching, and we always will.  See all our big wins on our Wall of Wins page.

Position Tabs and Even Rookie Rankings!

Do you want to get the jump on those late round sleepers and handcuffs?  Our Rookie Rankings dive into those most likely to make an impact this season.  Dive deeper than your fellow competitors and gain the edge!

See the 30 min tutorial of the NFL DraftKit below…

Even More NFL Research?

I mentioned Geek and Sez have been recording podcasts.  Have you heard them?  Position by position, deep diving football talk at your fingertips through these links.

2019 NFL Rookie Breakdown – 60 min discussion covering this year’s rookie class and how it pertains to big impacts.
Dissecting Quarterbacks – Just over 60 min of thorough QB strategy relating to fantasy football this year.
Running Backs Deep Dive – Perhaps the key to any winning roster.  Nearly 90 min of expert analysis to cut your research time.
WR Quick Slants and Fly Routes – Do you need steady performers or game-breakers?
No Gronk, No Problem – TE Breakdown Podcast
The Price is Guice – Flex Network Feature

If you prefer a YouTube version:  Season Long NFL Podcasts

The Best Keep Getting Better! – Domination Station Upgrades

We are also continually evolving our coaching and tools to keep you ahead of the industry curve.  See our recent upgrades to the most player-centric, user-controllable optimizer in the industry.  From MLB to MMA, we use technology to stay ahead of the recreational players and turn our everyday Joe’s into DFS Pro’s!

Domination Station Optimizer Updates (4 quick videos for Nascar, MMA, PGA, and MLB)

NFL is coming soon, and we are excited to announce “Hybrid Mode Scoring” for our VIPs.  By definition, a hybrid is a blend.  So, that’s what we’ve assembled….our own proprietary scoring system blending industry-accurate projections with weighted categories and rankings to give you the best of both worlds.  Hybrid Scoring gives you the fastest way to dodge all the duplicate lineups running rampant in contests.  No more splitting 1st prize!  It’s yours to keep with our upcoming Hybrid Scoring System.

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