MLB Top Stacks for Fanduel and Draftkings June 12th

Welcome back, everyone! This MLB Top Stacks article will be a daily Article here at DFS Army, where I will do my best to highlight my favorite stacks of each day for Fanduel and Draftkings. Below my favorite stacks I will also list my Top5 at each position on each site to give you more ideas of how to construct stacks today.

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⚾ MLB Top Stacks June 12th ⚾

(click pics for larger view)

I use these sheets daily to help me identify top stacks on each slate

The % at the top of the Columns represent the % of times that will score that fantasy point total. These numbers are for the whole team not simply 4 or 5 players from a stack so I use it to find overall upside for each team each day.

I value the 15%, 5%, and 1% scores heavily in my Final Ranking on the far right side.

On the Main Slate today the Top 3 teams are the Blue Jays, Twins and Orioles

The Blue Jays are the best value on both Fanduel and Draftkings today

Seattle is a lower owned stack that I like tonight in a tough matchup but with as much upside as any team in the league.

Blue Jays

Top Projected – Guerrero Jr, Biggio, Grichuk, Gurriel Jr, Smoak

Top Value – Biggio, Guerrero Jr, Tellez, Hernandez, Grichuk


Top Projected – Cruz, Polanco, Cron, Rosario, Garver

Top Value – Gonzalez, Cruz, Cron, Polanco, Rosario

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MLB Top Stacks DFS Fanduel Draftkings


Top Projected – Villar, Nunez, Mancini, Santander, Sisco

Top Value – Ruiz, Santander, Sisco, Villar, Nunez


Top Projected – Alvarez, Bregman, Fisher, Brantley, Gurriel

Top Value – Mayfield, Alvarez, Gurriel, Fisher, Brantley

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MLB Top Stacks DFS Fanduel Draftkings

Batter Rankings 06/11 Main Slate

These rankings are not site-specific and are intended to give you a solid pool of players to build your lineups from. I’m going to use the standard positions, Cather through Outfield in these rankings so be aware of that if you’re constructing teams on Draftkings where some players can play multiple positions.

Top 10 overall

Guerrero Jr – TOR
Biggio – TOR
Acuna – ATL
Cruz – MIN
Gurriel Jr – TOR
Grichuk – TOR
Yelich – MIL
Smoak – TOR
Bruce – PHI
Freeman – ATL


Garver – MIN
Realmuto – PHI
Sisco – BAL
Severino – BAL
Grandal – MIL


Smoak – TOR
Bruce – PHI
Freeman – ATL
Hoskins – PHI
Nunez – BAL


Biggio – TOR
Gurriel Jr – TOR
Marte – ARIZ
Villar – BAL
Moustakas – MIL


Guerrero Jr – TOR
Bregman – HOU
Escobar – ARIZ
Carpenter – STL
Sano – MIN


Polanco – MIN
Tatis Jr – SDP
Mondesi – KC
DeJong – STL
Seguar – PHI


Acuna – ATL
Cruz – MIN
Grichuk – TOR
Yelich – MIL
Alvarez – HOU
Riley – ATL
Hernandez – TOR
Peralta – ARIZ
Rosario – MIN
Fisher – HOU

Slate Overview
– use this as a guide to help you start your build stacks tonight
– these are stack examples using ONLY the guys in my Top5 above
– generally, if a team has multiple guys ranked at the Top5 in their position, it’s likely they are in a good spot overall

ARI – Marte, Escobar, Peralta
ATL – Freeman, Acuna, Riley
BAL – Sisco, Severino, Nunez, Villar
HOU – Bregman, Alvarez, Fisher
MIL – Grandal, Moustakas, Yelich
MIN – Garver, Sano, Polanco, Cruz, Rosario
PHI – Realmuto, Bruce, Hoskins, Segura
STL – Carpenter, DeJong
TOR – Smoak, Biggio, Gurriel Jr, Guerrero Jr, Grichuk, Hernandez

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