NASCAR Cup Series DFS Preview for the All Star Race

What’s up everyone?! Welcome to the Monster Energy Cup Series Preview. This week we will be looking ahead to the Cup Series All Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I’m RyanLarkin88 and you can follow me on twitter @Larkin8. If you are just finding the DFS Army and are not a  VIP member sign up and use code Xfinity to save 20%!! Our DFS Army VIP members get access to the Domination Station and Research Station post qualifying. Also, VIP members get access to our VIP Slack and direct contact to the NASCAR coaches. Come join the best team in NASCAR DFS!


The 2019 All Star Race has some aero changes for this weekend. The most noticeable will be the air duct in the center of the hood. The hope is this will allow air to flow through the car better keep engine temps down but also creating a bigger air pocket for the car behind to be able to draft up better. In practice cars were able to run wide open so this draft could be massive when it comes to drivers ability to make passes. There will be a total of 19 drivers who will compete in the race. 15 drivers qualified based on being either a race winner in 2018/2019, being a past Cup Series Champion or being a past All Star Race winner. The other 4 drivers will come from the All Star Open. This race will happen a couple hours before the All Star race with THREE drivers gaining eligibility by winning 1 of 3 stages and the fourth driver becoming eligible by winning a fan vote.  I would advise watching the All Star Open to get as much info on the four drivers who will qualify for the All Star Race.


The All Star race will have 85 laps spread out over 4 stages.

First Stage: 30 laps

Second Stage: 20 laps

Third Stage: 20 laps

Final Stage: 15 Laps

Quick Facts

Date: May 18th

Practice 1: Friday 11:35 pm ET.

Practice 2: Friday 2:05 am ET.

Qualifying: Friday 7:00 pm ET.

Race: Saturday 6:00 pm ET.

Drivers: 19

Defending Champion: Kevin Harvick

Lineup Building

I do not expect much need for a traditional dominator for this race. The stages are too short and I would expect there to be some strategy with pit stops that will change things upfront. Most fast laps should go to drivers in the middle of the field using the draft meaning even if a driver does lead a bunch of laps they will likely not get any fast laps limiting their dominator potential. The most important thing will be to select for position differential and finishing position. Focus a lot on the All Star Open drivers who will be the first to have race experience with their cars and who will start the furthest back for the All Star Race itself. They will offer the most upside.

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