MLB 4/17 Stolen Base Targets by @xBenJamminx

MLB 4/17 Top Stolen Base Targets by @xBenJamminx

Here I will breakdown some of the best pitchers to target steals against. This is one of the places I believe we can find an edge. I believe that in MLB every little bit counts and when you find guys with upside at low ownership, you set yourself up in a nice spot.

One of the things I like to do is target tall pitchers because they have slightly longer windups due to just being bigger. You learn who is good to attack by watching the games but, like always, I’m more of a numbers guy. The majority of the time you can avoid lefties for targeting stolen bases but if you see Jon Lester, assume everyone will steal a base.

Guys who walks batters are good targets for us here because the fast guys are usually not the big hitters. So it’s good to look for wOBA for both the batter and hitter and BB%. If you find a cheap low owned guy who gets a walk and a steal, that’s immediately hitting value.

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Top Stolen Base Targets

Here is my in depth Stolen Base Targets article for tonight! The way to use this is if you were already considering any of these guys, they have a good chance at a Stolen Base today. If you weren’t considering any of these guys but are planning on using a stack, maybe have one or 2 of the low owned guys in there, and if you weren’t considering any of these guys, this may be a good opportunity to look more into their matchup.

*Pitchers listed/sorted by 2018-19 Stolen Bases given up*

*Batters listed/sorted by 2018-19 StolenBaseAttempts/PlateAppearances*

Lucas Giolito

Cole Hamels

Jake Arrieta

Carlos Carrasco

Jeff Samardzija


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