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It’s finally here, Masters’ Week! We have you covered at DFS Army with everything you need to know for the best week of the year on the PGA tour! 

My name is Josh Thomas, and I am a PGA and NFL Coach here at DFS Army! Welcome to the 2019 PGA Season! We here at DFS Army have got you covered this year for DFS golf with my weekly preview out on Sunday Nights, Chalk Donkey article breaking down the ownership projections, where to pivot, and GPP strategy out Tuesday Nights, and our Research Station that is full of more information than you could ever need!

It’s Masters’ Week! I feel like a little kid on Christmas. Amen Corner, Magnolia Lane, Hogan’s Bridge, Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, Rae’s Creek, does it really get any better than Augusta National? Not for me. This is without a doubt my favorite event on the PGA Tour every year. We have you covered this year with everything you need to know about Augusta National, the Field, the Weather, and anything else you can possibly want! We also have a VIP Swag contest with added prizes for our VIPs, but you need to subscribe to get into that!

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Like I said before, I love this tournament, and it’s typically one of my most profitable (unless Sergio takes a 13 on 15 again…) ! So let’s get to the course breakdown, outright bets, and the field for this event!

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Course Breakdown:

Located in Augusta, Georgia the Masters’ is played at the pristine Augusta National Golf Course. Designed by the legendary Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie it opened in 1933 and has hosted the Masters’ every year since 1934. The course plays at 7435 yards and is a par 72 with ten par 4’s, four par 5’s, and four par 3s.

As usual the players will be putting on Bent Grass with Bermuda Fairways that are overseeded with Oregon rye. The rough will be short and the fairways fairly easy to hit. The real test at Augusta is the undulating greens and avoiding the trouble in the forms of creeks, ponds, woods, and sand traps. Along with the undulating greens, you also have some massive undulations in the fairways which make an already long course at 7435 yards even longer.

Another thing that will make this course play longer is the weather that is expected to come in this week. We’re looking at pretty significant weather over the next two days, including up to 2 inches of rain, making this course SIGNIFICANTLY LONGER.

One thing that can put us over the edge here at DFS Army is that we have our very own weatherman. Mark worked for years for Accuweather and is a meteorologist who analyzes weather in every situation and provides us with helpful insight on how that can affect players. It’s a big edge for DFS Army VIPs.

With all that rain coming in it’s likely to do two things:

  1. Make the course exponentially longer.  Players won’t get near the run they are used to.
  2. Make the greens softer. This will make it easier to fire at pins as they will hold the ball better, but it also will slow them down significantly. It’s possible we won’t see the typical 13-14 on the stimp meter until the weekend, if at all this week.

This makes me more likely to play guys who can bomb it off the tee, and are excellent iron players. If the course isn’t as hard and firm we can weigh short game a little less than we normally would. Typically we see guys hitting greens and the balls rolling off into the collection area and having to chip it back on the green and hopefully make par. That may not be the case this year if we get a soft course.

The one defense the course can hope for is the wind to pick up and dry the course out which looks like it might. We have some pretty hard gusts all day Thursday about 17-18 miles an hour, with the normal wind steadily picking up as the day goes on.

If we look here, it really seems like the guys who are teeing off on Thursday AM/Friday PM will have a pretty decent advantage this week. I hate targeting draws, as it always changes and by only targeting one draw you eliminate half the field from your player pool. But this looks like one that could be real this week.

The other big thing to note here is that regardless of when you play, you need to be able to play in the wind. This gives a little bump for me to the Euro’s, Aussies, and South Africans. Not that the Americans can’t play in the wind, it’s just that typically these players are better players. One site I use for stats like this is Josh Culp’s Fantasy Golfanac. This is a great resource to find Wind Specialists .

While the wind and weather will likely play a large role, at the end of the day this is Augusta, and a course we know well. Drive the ball a long ways, be sharp with your irons and have a pulse on the green and you are in good shape. Make hay on the Par 5’s and just hang on on the rest of the holes, and come Sunday you’ll be sniffing the top of the leaderboard. There are a million ways to get it done around this course and we see it every year. Patrick Reed was unreal with the driver and had a fantastic short game last year en route to a win. Tony Finau had an unreal putting performance and was just kind of mediocre everywhere else as he finished T10. Bubba Watson finished 5th with arguably the best driving performance in the history of the tournament.

It’s a course you need to think your way around. See the shots and hit them. You need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable here. With the undulations all over the course, you likely won’t have a flat lie anywhere. Players who can handle that and put themselves in the best position will obviously do well here. It’s also a course where experience matters. Very rarely do first timers do well here, but often we see guys who have a ton of experience here continue to compete long past their prime (Bernhard Langer, Fred Couples).

If you want a hole by hole breakdown (and even if you don’t read it!) the PGA Tour put this out today and the pros breakdown all 18 holes at Augusta better than I ever could hope to! Check it out here Pros Breakdown Augusta.  The one big takeaway I have from that read is how important experience is here and knowing how to play certain holes depending on certain pins.

Augusta is the crown jewel of golf courses in my opinion, and this week will prove that again. Regardless of the weather or field, it always provides a supreme test and identifies the golfer who is playing the best at that moment in time. That golfer gets to don the green jacket and be a legend forever. Talk about a fun week!

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Key Stats this Week:

In this section, I’ll cover what I feel are some of the key stats this week. We get lots of questions in slack about what to look for in the RS and here are some of the things that I’ll be focusing on this week for the Valspar Championship.

Before we get into the stats this week, I wanted to provide you guys with a link to some info about Strokes Gained Data. Strokes Gained is a confusing topic and DFS Army member (And Milly Maker winner) @redkacheek has put out a great article explaining how they work better than I ever could over at his site Fantasy Golf Bag. I normally don’t link other sites but this is just too good not to share. Give it a look here! How Do Strokes Gained Stats Work?

Value Tab: 

The first thing I look at every week when I open up the  RS is the Value tab. Who is popping as a value this week? This is pretty easy to find as the better the value, the darker the green box. The value tab is basically a formula that takes our projection for points this week x 1000/their salary. So essentially its points per 1k.

Not surprisingly given his current form, course fit, and course history, Matt Kuchar pops here as the top value on the board, followed by a similar situation with Kevin Kisner. What we typically see quite a bit of is that the top players in this ‘Value’ projection are often going to be the chalkiest plays of the week. In today’s world of everyone having access to the same data, it’s pretty common to see the guys who project out well be highly owned.

So I do two things with this tab, typically this is where I start my cash build (if I play cash). I find the guys who are projecting as the best values and just plug them in. Ownership matters very little in cash games (and likely less in GPP than one would think) so I’m just finding the best play possible. That means that most of my cash lineups this week would start with Kuchar, Kisner, and Hideki Matsuyama and fill in the rest from there.

The other thing I tend to look for here is guys who are projecting well but will likely be lower owned. In this case, I think we might be a bit rosey with our projection of Jason Day at 15% and think he’s likely going to end up closer to 10%. At that price and ownership, he makes a very intriguing GPP play given his sterling history (though he hasn’t truly contended in a few years) and his excellent recent form. I have no concerns about him WD’n here like I would at a normal event as this is the Masters’ you aren’t withdrawing for a sore back here.

I also am intrigued by a lower owned Tony Finau here. While just a first timer here last year, he really figured it out on the greens, particularly in the final round where he just went nuts and birdied 6 of the last 7 holes. I don’t see him putting as ridiculously as he did last year where he was 5th in putts/green in regulation, but I do think he’s a great fit here. He’s a guy who many are getting off because of a poor showing at the Valero last week and no top tens this year, but makes an excellent GPP play, especially if he comes in under 15% which he is trending towards.

Projected DK Score:

Projected DK Score (formerly Projected Course Score)is one of our best stats. This takes the current course into account. The FP/H averages by each hole type on the course are added up to create a raw per round FP scoring projection. It’s a good way to find out who is a course fit here and statistically should have success.


Stat Cruncher:

With the stat cruncher in the research station and a Major Championship on deck, this is a fantastic tool to use to help you build your player pool or lineup this week.  I want to break down how I’m personally going to be using it this week to develop my lineups.

What the stat cruncher allows you to do is build your own model based on the statistics we have available. Currently, you can change the weighting and use any of the following statistics:

Odds to win

Field Rank: Last 15, Last 25, Last 50

Projected Round Score

Projected DraftKings Fantasy Points/Round

Projected Fanduel Fantasy Points/Round

Made Cut %

Driving Distance

Driving Accuracy

Greens in Regulation %

Birdies Gained

Fantasy Points Gained

Double Bogey or Worse Avoidance

Strokes Gained: Off The Tee (L15, L25, L50)

Strokes Gained: Approach (L15, L25, L50)

Strokes Gained: Around the Green (L15, L25, L50)

Strokes Gained: Putting (L15, L25, L50)

You can use all of them or just pick and choose which ones you want. The weights should equal 100 to get an accurate assessment.

Here’s how I broke down my current model for the week:

I wanted to give heavy consideration to the projected round score and projected DK points per round this week. We don’t know a ton about what you need to do here in terms of strokes gained, but we do know what types of holes we have here and I want players who can score on those types of holes. I gave driving distance a little bit more of a bump than driving accuracy due to the wide fairways. Again, want birdies and fantasy points here so gave a bump there and I think it’s vitally important to avoid double bogeys here and wanted to focus on that.

SG: Off the tee doesn’t typically change so I think that the Last 25 rounds is a good one to look at. As usually I’m giving heavy consideration to SG: Approach as regardless, we know that is going to be important. If the wind picks up like we are expecting I think SG: Around the green will be more important than ever as greens will be difficult to hit and players will have to rely on getting up and down from just off of them. I don’t like to target putting ever, but am giving a bit of a bump to guys who are good bent grass putters.

And here is how it played out:

Wow…DJ by a mile! This actually doesn’t surprise me and isn’t something that should surprise you if you are familiar with stat models. He’s typically always going to pop because he crushes EVERY stat category. Here’s my one concern with DJ this week, he’s had some rounds recently where he REALLY struggled with the putter. Last round at the Players being the one that comes to mind. That putter can get a little wonky from time to time for him (as it can with anyone) and that’s really my only concern.

Note: I’m hearing rumors that DJ was working with Butch Harmon on the practice green Monday with two different putters. This is somewhat concerning. You hate to play a guy that’s questioning his putter heading into a major, but you do run the possibility that he finds something with a new putter and goes nuts. The opposite is also true. 

Rory, JT, Rose are all studs who you need to play if you are making more than one lineup. If I had to pick one of the four, I’m probably rolling with Rose as he seems to just have a knack for getting around here, but Justin Thomas at half the ownership of all these guys is really intriguing.

After that, it’s encouraging to see Henrik Stenson popping as he’s a guy I’m going to be heavily invested in. Maybe more important is who is missing from this list. Sergio Garcia doesn’t show up until all the way down at #40, right behind Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed. 

This is a great tool to mess around with and see what comes up. I know my weights will probably change here over the next 24 hours, but this is a good starting point for anyone looking to use the Stat Cruncher for the first time.

Par 5 Scoring:

We have four par 5’s here at Augusta National, two that we would consider ‘short’ and two that we would consider ‘long’ . We know that you absolutely have to play these holes under par if you want to contend this week so let’s see who pops here in terms of fantasy scoring on those types of holes.

Tommy Fleetwood leads the way here on short par 5’s, and he has been atop this list for the last year or two. He just crushes these short par 5’s. He’s an excellent long iron player and that benefited him last year in his 17th place finish.

Henrik Stenson and Webb Simpson who aren’t the longest hitters on tour, sneak in here as well and both are intriguing plays at low ownership this week.

The rest is a pretty standard who’s who of the bombers on tour. Rory, Bubba, JT, Bryson, Woodland, Brooks.

The Long Par 5 list is a little different in that we get a few different faces. The players that show up on both lists are Brooks Koepka, Gary Woodland, Justin Thomas, and Bryson Dechambeau. All excellent plays this week.

Killa Keith Mitchell makes an appearance here and in his first appearance at Augusta, my expectations are a bit tempered but I do expect him to do well here.

Jordan Spieth sneaks his way onto this list as well. He’s maybe the biggest enigma for me this week, but more on him later.

One thing, that puts us at a huge advantage is the Domination Station. If you aren’t using it to build lineups you’re crazy! Check out how it works here! Domination Station PGA Tutorial

What is a Chalk Donkey?

First, let’s break down what I consider to be ‘chalk’.  Let’s look at each price range and what is considered chalk there. (DK pricing is used for a guide)

Over 10K: >25% Anything over 25% in this range is considered chalk, and could even go down to 20%. Some weeks ownership is pretty evenly spread in this range, and some weeks one player gathers all the ownership and becomes a Chalk Donkey.

9K: >20% Again, any time over 20% of the field is on a player in this price range we would consider them a chalk donkey.

8K to 7.5K: 15%-20% This is a little trickier in this range, but I consider anyone over 15% chalk. DK has been jamming a bunch of guys in around 7.5k lately and we’ve seen guys get up there in ownership.

Below 7.5K: >10%  Players are priced here for a reason, and oftentimes one or two become what I call DFS Darlings and garner a ton of ownership While you usually have to eat this chalk in cash, you want to swerve it any chance you can in GPP’s.

One thing to remember as you construct lineups, players are ‘Chalk Donkeys’ for a reason, they are perceived to be good plays. Don’t fade the ‘Chalk Donkeys’ just because they are going to be highly owned. Very rarely does no chalk hit, and often times you find some of these ‘Chalk Donkeys’ in GPP winning lineups. Fading the chalk is strictly a leverage play, in that if that player plays poorly you are in much better shape not playing them. 

Who are this week’s DFS Chalk Donkeys?

In this section, each price range’s (Above 9K, 7.5k-9K, and Below 7.5K) Chalk Donkey will be identified, and a few pivots will be offered. I use DraftKings pricing since that is where I usually play, but their pricing is usually similar to FanDuel and when a player pops as a value on one site but not another I’ll make sure to mention it.

It’s important to remember that just because someone is going to be highly owned, doesn’t mean that they are a bad play, but if we can gain an advantage on the field by fading a player owned by 25% or more, typically that’s the right move. There are typically 156 golfers in an event (though only 86 this week, making it more important to get 6/6) and only top 50 and those within 10 shots of the lead make the cut. Essentially you have to look at the ownership of a player and decide if the odds of him missing the cut are equal to or greater than the ownership. If that’s the case then a fade is typically the right play.

In a no-cut event (or even an event like this where a pretty large number of players make the cut), it takes on a little bit of a different spin. A chalky player at the top of the salary scale you have to ask yourself a few questions. Say he’s going to be 25% owned. “Is he going to win?” and “are the odds of him winning better than 1 in 4, equal to, or less?” If it’s less then I think a fade is in order. The same conversation can be had with chalk at the lower salary range. Will he be in the top half of the field? Will he be in the top 20? Etc.

And now, here my friends, are this weeks’ Chalk Donkeys:

Above 9K Chalk

This is a really tough range this week, and it typically is with any major unless someone comes in with just smoking hot form (Justin Rose at last years’ Masters). The reality is that pretty much everyone in this range is playing great golf. There are 12 golfers in this range, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all but maybe one (Brooks Koepka) came in between 15% and 20% owned. I don’t really see anyone smashing ownership here. That being said, let’s take a look at a guy that I think will end up towards the top of the ownership and I think is fade worthy.

Rickie Fowler:  DK $9,700/FD $11,700

Projected GPP ownership: 18%-22%

Rickie has seen some pretty serious money come in on him in Vegas over the last two days with his number dropping from 20-1 all the way down to 16-1. That makes me think we likely see him get a bump in ownership and maybe come in as the highest owned in this range. He’s also at a nice discount to the top tier guys meaning its much easier to build a lineup with him as your ‘stud’.

Rickie’s recent form has been just OK lately and he really struggled last week when his putter cooled off. He relies on that putter to be hot and save him when his irons aren’t great. He leaves himself a ton of 5-6 footers when he misses the green because his Around the Green game isn’t elite. If he starts misses those, he’s in trouble.

I have no concern about Rickie’s ability to make the cut and contend for a top 25 here, but I do think he will struggle to top ten if his putter is wonky as the rest of his game just isn’t that good right now, a win at Waste Management (where he almost blew it) notwithstanding. He also isn’t afraid of a big number, which you can find here if you aren’t careful.

Look, I’d love to see Rickie win a major soon, and I think Augusta is a great place for that as he has shown he can be in the hunt here, but given the recent form coming in this doesn’t look to be his week. He can no doubt contend, it just seems watching him last week there are some kinks in his game that need to be worked out. Augusta typically isn’t kind to those who are working on their game during the tournament.

Above 9K Pivot: 

Jason Day: DK $9,100/FD $11,300

Projected GPP Ownership: 9%-11%

Anytime you can get a world class player like Jason Day at low ownership I really think you need to consider making that sort of leverage play in large GPP’s. Besides the low ownership, Day is just an excellent play in his own right.

While he wasn’t great at the Match Play and missed the cut at the Valspar, Day has shown some excellent form this year, including a 12th place finish at the Players (where he struggled on Sunday in the final group), and had back to back top 5 finishes at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and Farmers Insurance Open.

Day has 7 straight top 30’s here including a 2nd and a 3rd. He hasn’t seen the top of the leaderboard in a while here, but he can definitely contend. Day’s short game is so good long term and his issue recently has been his around the green game has been a bit poor, which is uncharacteristic. If his putter heats up as it’s been known to do though, he can run away with this tournament as he just makes EVERYTHING.

I think Day is a great leverage play off of all the chalk in this range and makes a great differentiator in lineups as well. He’ll be a core play for me this week.

Other highly owned players (over 15%): Everyone? Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, Paul Casey 

Note: Justin Thomas looks like he is going to come in underowned (10%-12%) and I love him this week. Sounds like he took last week off to relax, got here on the weekend, practiced and is just in a really good place right now. His track record here isn’t great, but if he can find the form he had earlier in the year, he has the ability to run away with this thing.

7.5K – 9K Chalk

Matt Kuchar: DK $7900/FD $9700

Projected GPP Ownership: 25%-30% 

This is just an embarrassing price for Kuchar on Draftkings. They are essentially saying here, play this guy who has been CRUSHING for free. I’m not telling you anything new by saying Kuch is a great play this week. I bet him to win. I think he not only has winning upside but SHOULD make the cut no problem.

There is no statistical reason to fade Kuchar here. The guy just crushes. I will say his putter has been a little bit off lately and he’s been losing strokes there which could be an issue this week. He’s a great play, but the question is, do you eat the chalk?

I think you absolutely eat the chalk in cash games (50/50’s, Double Ups, Triple Ups, H2H) but in GPP a fade (or being underweight) is absolutely the right play in my opinion. Maybe I’m overthinking this, but you can leverage a huge part of the field by not playing Kuch if has an off week. My concern with Kuch is how much golf he has been playing. Not only has he played the last two weeks, he has played a ton of golf in pressure packed situations. He played seven rounds at the WGC Dell Match Play en route to a second place finish and then found his way towards the top of the leaderboard at the Valero where maybe he didn’t have his best stuff.

He’s also found himself in the mix of a ton of drama this year. From the caddie incident at the Mayakoba to not giving Sergio that putt at the Match Play. Kuch has a long year and its only April. At some point that’s going to catch up with him right?

For me, it’s more of a principal play in not rostering some mega chalk in GPP, and maybe I’m just overthinking it, but I’ll be underweight on Kuchar this week, especially in single entry and 3 max.

7.5K – 9K Pivot:

Henrik Stenson: DK $7600/FD $9600

Projected GPP Ownership: 7%-10%

With everyone flocking to Matt Kuchar, Sergio Garcia, and Ian Poulter in this range, we likely get Henrik Stenson at depressed ownership. Stenson has continued to improve in his trips to Augusta, culminating with a 5th place finish here last year.

This will be Stenson’s 13th trip to Augusta and he clearly knows his way around the course. He is able to use that 3 wood of his to get himself in the right positions in the fairway and then uses his world-class iron game to fire at these pins and put himself in position to score.

If there’s some concern with his game, it’s his around the green game being a bit of a struggle, but he doesn’t have to rely on it much as he is arguably the best iron player in the field.

Stenson’s a fantastic long par 4 and short par 5 scorer and will likely have to ride that if he wants to finish near the top again. He’s also an excellent wind player and won’t be afraid to play in the crap if it gets nasty out there.

Current form is a bit up and down, which makes me consider him more of a GPP play than cash (which is weird to say considering he has been a long time cash staple at majors).

I think Stenson is an excellent play this week and a great leverage/pivot play for GPP’s off the chalk in his range. He’ll be a core play for me and a guy I’m firing up in my higher dollar single entry.

Other highly owned players (over 12%): Hideki Matsuyama, Jordan Spieth, Hideki Matsuyama, Tony Finau, Sergio Garcia, Patrick Cantlay, Ian Poulter. 

Check out my Preview Article for my full betting card!

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Below 7.5K Chalk:

As usual at any major, how you play this range will determine how you end up doing in GPP. There are two key players here that are going to be “The Chalk” down here and I’ll break them both down here.

Charley Hoffman: DK $6800/FD $8500

Projected Ownership: 17%-20%

People love Charley Hoffman at the Masters. And for good reason, he’s been in the Draftkings Milly Maker lineup twice in the last four years. His round one scoring average here is absolutely insane. He’s an autobet for First Round Leader. His record in rounds 2-4 though? Worst place. Seriously. Like dead last. He’s awful. Essentially just banks on that first round the rest of the tournament.

Last week’s solid performance at the Valero essentially doubled Hoffmans typical 7%-10% ownership at this event to where I won’t be surprised if he hits 20% in some contests.

He played great at the Valero, and he has crushed here in the past, but in five trips he’s never been able to put together four rounds, let alone two. I think Hoffman is a hard fade for me in GPP. He’s likely going to push 30% in cash which means that you can make the argument to play him there as more of a block, but I just don’t trust him at all here. He’s also been terrible this year outside of last week.

Kevin Kisner: DK $6700/FD $8700

Projected Ownership: 15%-18% 

Had this event been held the week after the WGC-Dell Match Play we would have seen Kisner at 25%-30% ownership, but alas there was another event for us DFS Golf squirrel brains to take in and we see Kisner’s ownership a little depressed as recency bias kicks in and everyone wants to play Charley Hoffman and Si Woo Kim. 

Kiz had a fantastic performance here last year with his 28th place finish. We don’t have strokes gained data for Augusta as they hold this information close to their heart, but Joe Peta in his book Joe Peta’s Tour Guide: A 2019 Masters’ Preview (buy this book if you haven’t read it yet its a great read!) he actually went through and using the app, painstakingly created strokes gained data for last year’s Masters’. Here’s what he had to say about Kiz from last year:

Yikes! That’s some terrible iron play and some unsustainable putting. Not a great combo if you ask me. I also have concerns about Kisner’s ability to keep up with the big dogs because he is SO short off the tee. The undulation here doesn’t allow him to get as much roll as he would at other courses and that means he’s hitting a lot of long irons and hybrids into hard bent grass greens. These greens aren’t receptive to wedges usually, so a hybrid coming in isn’t going to hold. Now, the rain may actually soften this course up enough to bring those shorter hitters into play. The sub air systems are going to suck the water out of these greens/fairways real quick though.

I like Kiz, I think he’s a fine play, but in GPP I’ll be looking elsewhere, especially at this crazy ownership.

Below 7.5K Pivots:

I actually have written an entire article with FIVE seperate pivots for this range that can put you over the top in GPP, check it out!

DFS Golf: Masters Five Finger Discount

GPP Core:

Want to know who is my GPP Core? How bout Taco or Brody’s? Check it out here on our brand new Coaches Notes page. We break down our entire pools with confidence ratings and notes!

Final Thoughts: 

It’s here, the Masters!! I always caution to be smart about your bankroll, but with a Major, especially the Masters, let it slide a little bit and let’s have some fun! There are tons of great contests with really solid payout structures. You don’t have to play the Milly Maker! The only lineups I’ll have in there are from contest tickets I won. There are MUCH better contests elsewhere if you want to have a positive ROI.

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