DFS Army – NHL Breakaway Advice and Strategy for FanDuel and DraftKings – April 5th

Welcome to the DFS Army NHL Game Break!!  You have to start your research somewhere, and often times going game by game thinking about matchups and key players is the first step in our process.  I’m your buddy @LowOwnedWR and you can find me out on Twitter talking hockey and football, even a little WNBA.  But, you’ll really find me in our VIP coaching forums inside coaching and detailing plays and strategic hockey maneuvers in an attempt to make our members better, more fundamentally sound players.  If you are looking for it, we cover it as a team!  Follow me, follow us, interact with me, interact with us, we welcome it all.

NHL DFS At A Glance

The first thing I do when starting my research is look for strong teams facing weak defenses.  I want the best odds I can find to tally goals.  I like the old Corsi number, as it denotes any shot attempt directed towards the net.  It doesn’t matter if this shot attempt goes wide, gets blocked, or finds the back of the twine.  You can’t score if you don’t shoot.  I also love the “High Danger” metrics.  These shots come from the slot (between the dots) and off quick passes or rebounds.  They are what they say they are, and teams allowing a lot of high danger chances also tend to give up goals in bunches….perfect for the DFS player to attack.

If you have questions regarding these numbers, or this chart, don’t hesitate to ask me on our coaching forums.  Simply tag me (same name as my twitter name) and let’s get on the same page.  First and foremost, I’m here to teach people wanting to learn the DFS side of this glorious frozen sport.




Columbus Blue Jackets @ New York Rangers

Odds:  CBJ -210, 6.0 o/u

Columbus Blue Jackets:  This is where the ownership is going tonight and for a fair reason, the Rangers have been awful and the Jackets are looking to lock up a playoff spot. CBJ1 is the obvious go to play but they will receive most of the ownership, I like a pivot down to CBJ2 with Dzingel-Dubois-Anderson to try and leverage the field.  

5 star plays –  Dubois, Dzingel

4 star plays – Anderson, Panarin, Duchene, Jones. Atkinson, Werenski

Cash viable – Panarin, Duchene, Atkinson, Anderson

GPP Sleeper – Jenner, Bjorkstrand

New York Rangers: The Rangers need to lose to maintain hopes at good top 5 odds for their first round pick but if they win they can maybe keep a divisional opponent out of the playoffs, I would like to think the boys in New York have their mind set on the latter. Regardless, I like the other 5 teams on this slate more than the Rangers, I am cutting them out of my player pool tonight.

5 star plays – none

4 star plays – none

Cash viable – none

GPP Sleeper – none



Dallas Stars @ Chicago Blackhawks

Odds:  DAL -105, 6.5 o/u

Dallas Stars:  Seguin and Radulov are in another great spot tonight and are still playing for playoff positioning. They should be tied with CBJ1 for the chalkiest line on the slate. Faksa has quietly ranked top 25 in iHDCF over the last 10 games making him a good pivot.  

5 star plays –  Seguin, Radulov

4 star plays – Faksa, Klingberg, Heiskanen

Cash viable – Seguin, Radulov, Dickinson (Value Play)

GPP Sleeper – Faksa, Heiskanen

Chicago Blackhawks: Toews and Kane remain on the same line and that’s where I am looking to use my extra salary from my pivots away from the chalk. If you are looking to load up on the Blackhawks partner those 2 with Strome and Gustafsson.

5 star plays – Toews, Kane

4 star plays – Strome, Gustafsson

Cash viable – Toews, Kane, Caggiula (Value Play)

GPP Sleeper – Saad, Anisimov



Los Angeles Kings @ Anaheim Ducks

Odds:  ANA -155, 5.5 o/u

Los Angeles Kings:  I would rather pivot lines from the teams with better matchups than pivot to the Kings, I cannot justify rostering players from a squad when their most vocal player has basically said he cannot wait for this season to end.

5 star plays –  none

4 star plays – none

Cash viable – none

GPP Sleeper – none

Anaheim Ducks: My exposure here is all dependent on if Quick is in net, if he indeed does start I am locking in ANA1 with Rakell-Steel-Silfverberg into my line up, Steel has 5 points in his last 3 and he is in another strong spot to keep up that pace tonight while facing the Kings.

5 star plays – Rakell, Steel, Silfverberg (QUICK IN)

4 star plays – Rakell, Steel, Silfverberg (QUICK OUT)

Cash viable – Steel (Value Play)

GPP Sleeper – Rakell, Steel, Silfverberg

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DFS NHL Goalies for Today:


Sergei Bobrovsky (BOTH): Colombus has allowed 1.4 goals a game over their last 10 and with them NEEDING this W tonight, I expect them to come out strong and on top.


Anton Khudobin (GPP): Dallas has won 3 of his last 4 starts with an OTL, he has posted over .930 save percentage in each of those games, with the ownership mostly going to Bob tonight he makes for a great leverage play.