The Sway Bar: NASCAR DFS DraftKings Fades and Values for Las Vegas

Alright everyone – take a deep breath, things are about to get weird. This week we had to Las Vegas for the true debut of the new racing package we have all heard so much about. Practice was weird, Qualifying was weird – I can only imagine the race is gonna be weird. Keep in mind – this race is near impossible to handicap. No one has the SLIGHTEST idea how this race is going to look. So we will talk about ideas, and why I think certain drivers may be relevant. As always, the research is just getting started, so think about getting signed up and get exclusive access to our projection model, the domination station lineup optimizer, and most importantly, direct chat room access to some of the sharpest NASCAR minds in the industry. I will be on there all weekend updating everyone on my research.

Top Plays

Kevin Harvick – In the midst of all the chaos, we can’t ignore the 1.5 mile king – especially if he is starting on the pole. Earlier in the weekend, Kyle Busch said he expected it would very easy to lead this race, but very hard to get the lead. I expect Harvick will lead a good part of the race and be there at the end. Harv is my favorite play of the week.

Brad Keselowski – Who knows if it means anything, but Keselowski had undeniably a top two car in practice. Luckily for us, that speed didn’t translate to a good qualifying run. He starts 19th and in a week of unknowns, we have to take any advantage we can get.

Martin Truex Jr – Truex has been slow all week – and as I said earlier, who knows if it means anything. If I had to guess, I would say probably not. Here is what we know – Truex Jr is in an A+ car, he is an A+ driver, and he is taking on a track he has a tremendous history with. He starts 23rd, and I anticipate his veteran saavy will serve him well amongst the chaos.

Kurt Busch – We learned last week that Kurt Busch’s move to CGR is nothing to worry about. This week he take on his hometown track from a pitiful 28th place starting spot. However, he is very very fast on the short and long run. He is the most experience driver in the field, something I value so highly this weekend. This might be my 2nd favorite pick of the week.


The RCR cars are all lightning bolts, but it’s hard to tell if that will translate to a race environment. I think A Dillon will go over-owned, and I think if there is any truths in the world of NASCAR its “the cream always rises to the top”. I fear A. Dillon does not qualify as “the cream” in this scenario.


Ryan Newman – Newman will take his newly minted #6 Ford to one of his best tracks this weekend. He starts 29th, but pretty obviously had good speed. Newman is another guy that is very experienced and represents a beacon of reliability in a week where there is very little.

Ryan Preece – Preece may be a rookie, but he certainly hasn’t raced like one thus far in 2019. Despite not getting the result, he drove phenomenal last week at Atalanta, and I expect more of the same this week. He starts 24th, but has top 20 speed. While he may not have the Cup-level experience I value so highly this weekend, he does have motorsports experience coming out of his ears. He should have little problem “figuring out” the new package.

Chris Buescher – Buescher is one of the best pure talent drivers in the field. If this new package is all about the drivers talent, there is few with more talent the Buescher. He starts 27th and really should only move forward as he attacks one of his best tracks.

Ross Chastain – Chastain represents the best driver among the “punt” type plays. I 38th starting spot makes him the safest too. Oh sweet safety, how I take you for granted.

So there it is folks. Keep an eye on the DFS Army Slack Room right up until lock. Get signed up and get exclusive access to our projection model, the domination station lineup optimizer, and most importantly, direct chat room access to some of the sharpest NASCAR minds in the industry. As always, use my research as a launching point for yours. Trust your process, good luck this week, and let’s make some cash.