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DFS College Basketball March Madness Notes For Draftkings and Fanduel 3/24/2019

Good morning/afternoon to you beautiful people out there in DFS land!  You have managed to find yourself in a great spot here at DFS Army.  I look forward to providing you with analysis and picks throughout this 2019 Tournament Season!  Remember, if I mention a player as a cash game play they most likely are OK for GPP play.  Let’s take a look at what games are on the slate for DraftKings.  The KenPom score projections are in parenthesis.


Iowa (76) vs Tennessee (83)
Washington (68) vs UNC (78)
UCF (66) vs Duke (77)
Buffalo (70) vs Texas Tech (74)
Liberty (60) vs Virginia Tech (68)
Oklahoma (59) vs Virginia (70)
Ohio St (63) vs Houston (68)
UC-Irvine (60) vs Oregon (64)


College basketball hasn’t been back that long, and we have the coaches teaching!  Save yourself time and energy by letting us do the work.  And, if you want to see a real track record of success, stop by our Wall of Wins page to see what we’ve done in NFL, NBA, and MLB recently.  We aren’t one-trick-ponies at DFS Army, and we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge with you to help you improve your game.



This game should garner a ton of ownership and there are going to be a number of stacks in GPPs.  I normally prefer to take guys like Cook and Garza for Iowa but I worry about foul issues in this spot.  Guys like Bohannon, Moss, and Wieskamp are the ones that stand out for me as guys who are able to shoot it from the outside.  Garza has been playing well recently and has managed to avoid foul trouble so I will have some exposure.

Tennessee has the highest projected team total on this slate and they get a prime match-up to attack the paint in.  This makes Williams one of my favorite plays on the slate.  I believe that Schofield and Bone are GPP options but I am going to look to go with Turner and Bowden with how they have been playing.  Fairly certain that I will have multiple Volunteers on most lineups.

Preferred Plays:  Bohannon, Wieskamp, Williams, Turner



Washington is getting a nice pace bump in this one so we have to consider utilizing them at this point.  My preference is to just Nowell, Thybulle, and/or Crisp.  I want to use 3-point shooting against UNC (as we saw from Iona on Friday).  Thybulle offers us an extreme upside in a fast-paced match-up because of his ability to rack up blocks and steals.

UNC is not going to be as popular on this slate but they still offer us tremendous upside.  Maye is my favorite option as Washington is not a very good rebounding team.  Washington runs a version of the Syracuse zone that Coby White absolutely dismantled this season so he is somebody I have my eyes on for GPP purposes.  Cameron Johnson is a pretty safe play while guys like Brooks and Little offer us some nice GPP upside in this match-up.

Preferred Plays:  Nowell, Thybulle, Maye, White



This game is extremely difficult to read.  That is not because I think UCF beats Duke or anything.  UCF gets a pace bump but that most likely limits Fall as I do not think he can stay on the floor, whether it be pace related or fouls related.  I want to get exposure to some of the shooters from UCF but they don’t really have elite shooters.  Taylor is somebody that can get really hot and Dawkins does a lot of things for the offense.  It looks like Bertz has picked up bigger minutes and might be an interesting value play.

I actually am not excited to roster anybody from Duke.  We know that Williamson and Barrett can be rostered in any game and they make sense for GPPs because of their upside.  I think I would prefer to look at guys like Jones, Reddish, and DeLaurier as a way to get exposure to a team that is projected to score 77 points.

Preferred Plays:  Taylor, Bertz



Buffalo has 6 guys that we can consider in this game, even with Texas Tech being such an elite defensive team.  The best way to attack TT is from the perimeter and the FT line.  Perimeter shooting very much is a strength of Buffalo.  I have reservations about using Harris as he should draw Culver defense so he sits as a GPP play for me.  Massinburg could be a lower owned, GPP winning option at his price point.  Perkins is the guy I think is the safest play.  Graves is probably safe enough for cash, while Jordan and Caruthers are GPP options.

Texas Tech gets an excellent pace bump in this game so I am going to have a ton of interest in them.  Buffalo is beaten from 2 and at the FT line.  Culver and Owens are my preferred options from TT and guys like Moretti and Mooney are interesting GPP options.  I might not end up with Culver in cash but Owens seems like somebody I am going to end up with at his price point.

Preferred Plays:  Perkins, Culver, Owens





Liberty has the team profile to give VT a ton of trouble in this game.  For Liberty, it is all about Homesley, James, and Cabbil Jr.  I love each of them in this spot with Homesely being my preferred.  We can look at Pacheco-Ortiz as a GPP dart play thanks to his 3-point shooting against a team that gives up a TON of shots from deep.

This game is going to be played at a pretty slow pace and that worries me due to the fact that VT guys are priced up.  Robinson‘s return took some upside away from guys like Outlaw, Hill, and Bede.  I think that Robinson is just too expensive to use him in his second game back.  Alexander-Walker and Blackshear Jr intrigue me the most in this spot.  I think one of them has a pretty strong game.

Preferred Plays:  Homesley, Cabbil Jr, Alexander-Walker



Oklahoma is extremely easy for me to dissect.  I want exposure to Doolittle.  He has been on a tear for months now and we do know that the best way to get fantasy points against Virginia is via the interior.  I am considering a few shares of Manek as he seems to be pretty safe and is another way to attack with bigs.

Once again, for me, Virginia is all about Jerome, Hunter, and Guy.  Oklahoma can be attacked via the 3 and those three guys are capable of carrying the team from beyond the arc.  I think that Jerome is the safest, Hunter is excellent in all formats, and Guy fits what we look for in GPPs thanks to his ability to make a ton of 3s in a hurry.  Diakite looked really good on Friday so we have to consider him, especially at that price.

Preferred Plays:  Doolittle, Hunter, Guy, Diakite


Even with Houston having a strong defense, I want to get as much K.Wesson as I can get on this slate.  He could have a huge game on the interior.  The bigs for Houston commit a ton of fouls and that plays into Wesson.  I do want some exposure to Woods as he has been playing extremely well and offers us a pretty solid floor for our cash games.

For Houston, it is really all about Davis Jr.  He has elite shooting ability and is not afraid to fire away from the perimeter.  Jarreau can definitely be used while guys like Brooks, Hinton, and White Jr are GPP plays with some upside but lower floors in this game.  I don’t think we need a ton of exposure to this game but there are guys that are pretty clear cut for me.

Preferred Plays:  K.Wesson, Woods, Davis Jr



Even in an extremely slow game, we can target UCI here as they are all priced under $6K on DK.  I have a lot of interest in Hazzard, Leonard, Welp, and Cartwright.  They all seem to offer pretty solid floors at their price points and that is going to come in handy on a slate with so many high priced guys to choose from.  The Anteaters offensive strength is their 2-point shooting and that happens to be the biggest weakness of Oregon.

Oregon is playing as well as anybody in the country right now and that is a scary thing.  They get their third straight match-up with a top level, grind it out, defensive team.  Pritchard has to be on everybody’s radar with the way he is playing right now.  King intrigues me for GPPs as he could be a match-up problem for UCI.  The other guys, White, Wooten, and Okoro are all GPP options that do not necessarily excite me.

Preferred Plays:  Hazzard, Leonard, Pritchard



Make sure you tune in to the slack channel to get my updates as news comes out!  We will be discussing CBB all afternoon and evening long.  I will be updating my Coaches-Notes throughout the day.  We will discuss what injuries we need to monitor and what they mean to our construction.  I will also be posting my cores for each site in slack!