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Flynnie’s Forecheck for 2/13/19

We’re back!! After a long off-season of watching the greatest love story since Romeo and Juliet – obviously, I’m talking about Alex Ovechkin’s love affair with the Stanley Cup – it’s time to play some hockey. For those of you that are new to the DFS Army, my name is Rob Flynn. I’m an NHL DFS writer and coach inside the DFS Army. We have the best articles, coaching and tools in the industry. But let me tell you, the real money is made in the Slack chat that only our  VIP’s have access to. That’s where we talk through a member’s lineup construction, thought process or just answer any DFS questions they may have. Every coach is very accessible and willing to share our own processes to help every member grow as a player.

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NHL DFS is very similar to DFS MLB. The volatility can be maddening, the floor of every player is ZERO and you need stacking in all contests. In cash games you need at least two players that correlate on either the scoring line or power play, to hopefully grab the goal and an assist. In GPP’s you need to stack up the entire line and hope that line goes off for multiple goals.

Without any further ado let’s dig into today’s 2-game slate. **This is a strange 2- game slate. Remember to play less than you normally would or fade the slate completely**

I am primarily a cash/hybrid player but even that requires some stacking. So, I list my favorite and then I take the pieces from those stacks that fit my lineup construction. Unlike last season, I will put my stacks, D-men and goalies in order of my preference.


ANA 3 – Henrique, Sprong, Ritchie: Very quietly this group has been the best ANA line. This team is terrible so it really isn’t saying much but there is a decent floor here and a good matchup against the Pettersson line. The high scoring Canucks line has given up three goals in the last three games and if they happen to match up against VAN 3 at different points during the game that line has given up two goals in the last three. Keep in mind this is a two game slate, so you will need to get a little crazy to win.

VAN 1 – Horvat, Roussel, Macewen: This line is purely off of match up. Horvat has been solid lately but his linemates are suspect at best. I think this will be Macewen’s second or third career game and I don’t know much about him as a prospect. HOWEVER, I took a look at their last match up with ANA back in November, coincidentally also in ANA and this line matched up with Rakell and Getzlaf (Perry was still injured then). That line has been a dumpster fire in both ends for quite awhile including giving up five goals in the last three games. I think the herd will flock to the Pettersson, Boeser, Leivo line and I think this is the right pivot. Boeser’s line is clearly more talented, but I expect ANA to hide their defensive weakness as best they can.

PIT 1 – Guentzel, Crosby, Rust: They will be the chalkiest line on the night for good reason. Crosby and Guentzel have been on the ice for eight goals over the last 10 games, but they have split that time with Rust and Simon. I expect the Penguins to take advantage of the last change advantage and target McJesus defense. This absolutely won’t sneak up on anyone but if you use these guys then get off chalk in other places, you will be fine.

Honorable Mention: EDM 1, VAN 2, PIT 3, EDM 2, ANA 2


We crush all sports, pro or college


Letang: Will be the highest owned defenseman and probably the highest scoring. Eat the chalk unless you are MMEing, but I’d still keep him over 50%

Nurse: Will likely be the next highest owned. I don’t expect much from EDM tonight, but Nurse will be involved if any scoring does happen. He also has a decent floor too. If making less than 5 lineups, I think he is fadeable.

Stecher: Quietly stepping into the Edler role. He has played well recently and is running point on the power play. He will get plenty of ice time with the top 2 lines to facilitate the scoring.

Honorable Mentions: Hutton (very similar to Stecher, just no PP1 time), Montour, Fowler, Pettersson

Our long-time VIP Joker Wins took down a GPP and had two other top-10 finishes 


Honestly, all four goalies have been bad lately in order of preference and probably chalk:

  1. Murray
  2. Markstrom
  3. Koskinen
  4. Johnson

Honorable Mention:


Remember guys, always confirm the starters after morning skate.

I generally have this article out in the morning. If you guys have any questions reach out to me on Twitter or in Slack. Join the DFS Army today by using Promo Code PUCK to save 10% off your membership for life.