NFL Divisional Playoffs Saturday 2 game slate Draftkings and Fanduel

As we are coming to the end of the NFL season, it is time to step it up to the next level and crush the playoff slates just like we did the regular season slates this season. We had a lot of huge winners this NFL season and to each an every one of them, I congratulate you on a job well done. Even though we are nearing the seasons’ end, there is still much to look forward to, especially when you are a member of the DFS Army. The playoffs are a great time for DFS, but it is also time to begin exploring much of our other content if you have not done so already. NBA and NHL are in full swing as members have had great success in these sports already this season. PGA is starting back up as we speak and before you know it NASCAR will be making left turns once again and MLB will follow that up soon after. These are all big sports in the DFS industry that we have had tons of success in. If you are more of a niche sports DFS player, we also cover tennis, soccer, college basketball, WNBA and MMA. We certainly do have the best coaches in the industry and we are here to guide you in making DFS not just a football season tradition, but a full 365-day experience.

I will be ranking each player by our special Domination Station emojis. Remember the ratings go Adore, Love and Like

Saturday Breakdown By Position


Patrick Mahomes-  Let’s not get crazy here, Mahomes is a stud and should be firing on all cylinders in this game. He is the top play on both sites. Usually, on DK, I prefer to pay down at QB, but no other QB on this slate has as much upside as Mahomes does. I also believe there is a higher chance that Mack gets a rushing TD than either Ware or Williams. Looking at it that way, Mahomes, in my opinion, has the best and easiest path to being the highest scoring player at this position. Adore

Andrew Luck- Is another great option on this slate. I like him a lot more on Draftkings where the 300-yard bonus comes into play. With that being said, there should be a lot of opportunities to put points up in this game. The pace of this game is going to be fast, and that makes for a lot of scoring possibilities on both sides of the ball. Luck has been great this season and this Chiefs defense will have their hands full this weekend. Love

Dak Prescott-  I have to have my cheap QB play in here for DK. Dak is much more viable on DK where we can look to fit more studs in our lineups. However, with that being said, if the Colts/Chiefs game decides to not live up to the hype, Dak, and even Goff will come into the mix as perfect gpp plays. This game is going to play slower as both teams have amazing backs to shoulder the load. That does not go well for fantasy purposes, but Dak being dual-threat helps his case and raises his potential ceiling. Like

Running Back

Marlon Mack– Is my top play due to price and matchup. Overall, I believe Zeke will score more points at the end of the day, but Mack is the best points per dollar play. Mack played great last week and has an easier matchup this week. Hopefully, the Colts can duplicate what they did against the Texans and this will be another great game for Mack. Adore

Ezekiel Elliot- Click and move on. Elliot should be in the majority of lineups this week as he is the focal point of this offense. The Rams are 23rd in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game. Elliot should have minimal problems in this game and should be the highest scoring player on this slate overall. Adore

Todd Gurley- The fact that Gurley may be underowned is something that I want to take advantage of. Elliot and Mack should be the highest owned RB’s on this slate and for a great reason, as they will be mine as well. At one point this season we were rostering Gurley when he was over 10k on both FD and DK. He was a must play each week for some time during the regular season. I definitely want my share of Gurley and I am hoping at the end of the day that I am going to be overweight on him compared to the field. Which I do not think it will take too much because of the reports coming out that he is still not fully healthy and should be sharing reps with Anderson. It is a struggle because we know the player he was earlier in the season, but the injury is a big concern. Like

Ware/Williams-  What hurts these guys is that they should be in a timeshare in this game. They are most likely going to split the reps 50/50 which hurts both of their fantasy potentials. I will have exposure to both of these players, but nothing more than 10-20% with Ware being the guy I want more of. Williams = Like 

Ware = Like/Love

Wide Receiver

Amari Cooper- Is my favorite gpp play on this slate. Since joining the Cowboys he has been on fire for most of the season. He and Dak have great chemistry and is priced too low across the industry. I prefer him slightly more on sites that give a full point per reception as I do see Elliot doing the majority of the scoring. But that does not mean I do not think Cooper can find his way into the end zone. Adore

T.Y Hilton- Has a fantastic matchup this weekend and there is simply no one that can keep up with him on the Chiefs defense. He was pretty mediocre last week, he did not help our lineups, but he also did not kill them. With the rise in pace in this game, there should be a lot of opportunities to put up big numbers. Like/Love Borderline.

Tyreek Hill- Basically the same thing can be said about Hill as Hilton. Both have great matchups and both are great gpp plays. I do give a slight edge to Hill because he is faster, with a better matchup and the fact that the crowd will not be working against him in this game. Love/Like Borderline.

Dontrelle Inman- Just keeps on finding his way into the end zone. The fact he only had 4 targets last week is a bit scary. Luckily the pace in this game will be much faster which will create more chances for him to get the ball. Going up against a weak defense that has had problems all season against the pass. This game should be no different and hopefully, he should touch the ball a couple more times this week. Love

Josh Reynolds- A low owned value play to fit in more studs. He is trying to fill in for Kupp as a red zone target and that is something that gets my interest. I would not have too much exposure to him, but this is the type of decision that could potentially skyrocket your lineups up the leaderboard. Like

Brandin Cooks- Boom or bust kind of player. I like him for gpps this weekend and has been up and down all season. I believe his ownership will be pretty low. I am not a huge fan of this game outside of the running backs, but I will try to get some exposure to the Rams Wr’s this weekend as one of them will be likely to go off. Like

Robert Woods- Woods is underrated. He is my favorite Rams receiver and will be my highest owned out of the three. He also has the best matchup among the 3. I prefer any Rams receiver on DK, but I like Woods a decent amount on FD as well. His floor is much higher than Cooks or Reynolds and his ceiling games come and go. Double Like

Sammy Watkins- If he is a full go this weekend I will be taking a huge advantage of that. I do not think many people will be on Watkins, but the matchup and pace of this game are perfect. Do not get crazy with ownership here, but if we here that he is not being limited at all this week, I will try to have him around 20-25 % of my lineups. Watkins would be the best value receiver on the slate IMO for gpps this weekend if he is a full go. Love/Like

Chester Rodgers- A gpp pivot off of Inman. The only thing that really separated these two players last week was that Inman got in the end zone and Rogers did not. Otherwise, the pivot would have worked last week in a great leverage spot. I will be back at it again this week to see if Rogers can get in the end zone this week instead of Inman. Like

Tight End

Travis Kelce- Is my favorite TE on the slate as he should have no problem finding open spaces to catch the ball. What the Texans lacked last week was an elite TE and that is exactly who Kelce is. I have a huge feeling that this is going to be a Kelce game. He will be involved early and often, especially when Hill is running his deep routes taking the safety with him so that Kelce will have more space to work within the middle of the field. Adore

Eric Ebron- On this two-game slate there is a viable reason to go double TE in some of your lineups. The lower priced WR’s are better in the Sunday games, which is why going double TE could be a difference maker in your lineups. Ebron should have more room to work with this weekend as the Chiefs defense are not as good of a defense as the Texans. Most people will not go with 2 TE in their lineups, so that is one way you can get a unique lineup without having to sacrifice too much. I would suggest going around 15-25% double TE. Love

Blake Jarwin- He is a game-time decision as of right now, so if you are going to roster him, make sure that he is active in this game. He is dealing with a high ankle sprain and did not practice all week. The Rams have been weak against TE’s all year and that should not stop in this game. Maybe Jarwin can strike again and have another great performance as he did a few weeks ago. Borderline Like


All of these defenses will do just fine in your rosters. On two-game slates, it does not matter if your QB is going up against your defense, at the end of the day whichever defense scores a TD or gets the most sacks and turnovers will be the highest scoring defense. With that being said I do have them ranked for you. The Chiefs defense are my top defense on this slate for gpp purposes. It is going to be cold, with a chance of snow throughout the game. Plus Arrowhead gets loud and is one of the hardest places to play in the NFL. We are looking for sacks and turnovers and this game should come with its fair share on both sides. This leads right into the Colts defense being my second favorite on the slate. They did a great job last week against the Texans and will be looking to get in Mahomes head in his first playoff start. I am not a fan of either the Rams or Cowboys defense on this slate and I am preferring to pay down here to be different in my lineups and to save some salary.

Final Words of Wisdom

First of all, if you have not looked at Geeks sheet, you should do that now. He has been on fire all season per usual and is the driving force of the success that many of us have seen this season. Next, I would check out Pugs Draws, because his insight in matchups has been spot on the entire season and has led us on to low owned money makers on several occasions this season. Last, but certainly not least make sure you check out dfsupnorth’s showdown pieces as he has killed it all season long. Last notes for this slate, is to try and get a tight core of players to make your lineups and hopefully the hard work pays off. There are a lot of ways that I can see both of these games ending up and there is no clear path for how either game will go. Good Luck to everyone playing NFL this weekend and if you have not done so already, start plugging yourself into our other chats for great content is all of the other sports that we cover.