NBA DFS “Inside the Paint” Daily Lineup Picks and Strategy for Draftkings or Fanduel – January 11th

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If you guys don’t know me – I am a diehard when it comes to Sports and DFS. I have the luxury of not only watching every game but also using Data as well to break things down to construct proper lineups. My articles will feature a CORE for your NBA lineups.  These are guys I consider Cash Safe.  I will also dive into some GPP pivots that I believe will be lesser owned and can leverage you against the field. Draftkings has incorporated a late swap now for NBA.  Fanduel is removing the lowest score in your lineups so there is some strategy there to take more risks with punts and sleepers. Pricing will be listed as Fanduel first then Draftkings after.  I will also be giving away 1 or 2 Daily NBA picks extracted from our NBA Model that I also use to help me build lineups EXCEPT for today.  We have a few DFSArmy Members plus FFantasyGeek going to the DraftKings SportsBetting Championship tonight.  I am superstitious and won’t be giving any picks out to the public tonight.  You can find our Sports Betting Models at Beat The Bookie.

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Editor’s Note: These Plays are Designed for Cash Games where the payout is 50% and Small Field Tournaments (100-300 people)

PG – Eric Bledsoe (6700/6100) – With Giannis out – Bledsoe becomes a top-notch play.  His usage skyrockets.  However, he is in questionable!  Good news though – We will knock before lock as this game starts at lock.  If Bledsoe does indeed sit – I like pivots of either Lowry or Simmons.

SG – Donovan Mitchell (8100/7900) – Donovan Mitchell is going to be the only true ball handler on the Jazz tonight.  Everything is going to flow through Mitchell.  He will touch the ball on every possession.  He legitimately should be 9k + tonight but is only 8k.  His usage is through the roof.

Khris Middleton is also a favorite here.  James Harden as well.

SF – Royce O’ Neale (3500/3300) – I’m not a huge fan of Royce tonight but I can’t ignore him for my cash games.  He is going to see 25+ minutes and is min price on FD and near min price on DK.  He should hit value but I don’t see him having GPP winning upside so I will find different option in my large field tournaments.

PF – Dario Saric (3900/4500) – New Coach, New Dario.  He will continue to see 25+ minutes and is the guy they go to when closing out games.  Until his price hits 5k I plan on plugging him into cash lineups.

Domantas Sabonis is your pay-up Chalk PF.

C – Joel Embiid (11100/11000) – Top Center on the board.  Embiid is dominating as of late and the Hawks are oddly staying in games as of late.  The only way Embiid doesn’t crush tonight is if this game blows out and he goes and sits in the stands with all his frenz (He did that at home against Washington in the 4th, it was funny).


Editor’s Note: These plays are Designed for Large Field Tournaments where you are trying to take a shot to win it all.

PG – Kemba Walker (8500/8300) – I usually hate playing Kemba but he just has such great upside.  Kemba is one of those matchup guys for me.  If he has shown success against a team, I want to look into it.  Well, Against Portland he has dropped 1 55 and hasn’t scored under 30. So the range definitely for him to dud is there but the upside for him to win you a tournament is also there.  I want some exposure to Kemba in Large Field Tournaments but I won’t rely on him in my smaller tournaments/cash games.

SG – Bradley Beal (9500/8600) – Ever since Wall has been out, Beal has been killing it.  With all the chalk at SG tonight – Beal is going to be forgotten about.  People will scurry to roster Harder/Mitchell/Middleton while Beal has legit 60 point upside against the Bucks tonight who will be without Giannis.

SF – Otto Porter (6100/5800) – Otto Porter has finally gotten his legs back underneath him and is seeing 30+ minutes again.  However, he isn’t priced like he’s back to 30+ minutes.  He normally is a 7k player.  We will take advantage of this mis pricing and play him in GPP tonight.

PF – Maxi Kleber (4000/3600) – I can’t believe I am writing up MAXI PADS KLEBER.  But I am a Belieber.  Maxi is going to be a part of the Mavericks Rotation tonight against the big frontcourt of the Twolves.  He should see anywhere from 20-30 minutes and at this price, I want a piece of the action as he truly does have 10x upside.

C – Tristan Thompson (6200/5800) – Hey, if TT is going to continually be underpriced I am going to keep taking shots with him.  He continues to show 40 point upside whenever he gets full minutes.

Editor’s Note: Clint Capela is way too cheap on DK.  Play him there.

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