DFS n’ Donuts Shop – How to Make 20 Lineups in 5 Minutes Using the Optimizer for FanDuel and DraftKings

How to Quickly Create Lineups

Whether it’s #DadLife that is forcing you to keep things simple or you’re looking to refine your process and take some of your personal bias out of your NBA DraftKing and FanDuel lineups, this process takes five minutes to complete. In fact, when I did this manual for someone in Slack, it took me exactly four minutes to do the four screenshots and uploads in addition to creating the 20 actual lineups. However, I figured a title saying you can make daily fantasy NBA lineups in 4 minutes sounded weird and lame, so here we are.

Get to work!

Step 1

  1. Set it for the number of lineups you need the optimizer to run
  2. Set it on optimal mode
  3. Set it on 3 unique players
  4. Set the exposure max (orange arrow) to whatever you want each player to be limited at in your lineups.
  5. Un-check the player all box (yellow arrow)

Step 2

  1. Begin the click the box (black arrow) on the guys you want included in your lineups when you run the optimizer
  2. Leave all players you don’t want in your player pool un-checked (orange arrow)

Step 3

  1. Once you have your player pool set, go to where it says “My Players” and click that box (black arrow)
  2. Run the optimizer by clicking the big blue button that says “OPTIMIZE”

Step 4

  1. This is your CSV file. These are the optimized lineups.
  2. Click the big green box that says “DOWNLOAD” and save the CSV file to your desktop.

Step 5

  1. Follow these instructions (click that blue link) if you need help getting your lineups onto FanDuel or DraftKings
  2. The written outline in that instruction manual was done by me. The video was done by fellow staff member ram8727.
  3. Enjoy the thrill of MME!

Closing Remarks

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