Forslund’s Full Mount – UFC Fight Night 130 – DFS MMA Breakdown

Welcome back to another weekend of MMA.  This week we have a Sunday morning card for you.  Nothing better than having some eggs and bacon and watching some MMA on this 3 day weekend.  We have 11 fights on this card so, overall a decent amount of fights.  This isn’t a great card but, it’s not the worst card either.  As always be sure to take advantage of our Research Station and Domination Station when you are building your lineups.  Also be sure to join us in Slack Chat where we discuss and dissect the fights even more. 

Before we get started I wanted to congratulate a couple DFS Army Members on a couple more huge wins in May!  DFS Army Staff Member Fighton took down part of 1st place for $11,750 in the MMA $150k Uppercut on Draftkings and VIP Member nfhs04 took down 3rd for $10,000 in the MLB $175k Home Run on DraftKings! Congratulations to both of you!

Let’s get on with the breakdowns.

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Mazany (-135) 7.7k vs Lansberg (+115) 8.5k

 Mazany is a decent grappler and an ok wrestler.  Lansberg is decent in a clinch.  She does tend to take quite a bit of damage in her fights.  Right off the bat, Mazany is a great value play in cash.  She is priced as a dog but, is now the favorite.  I will most likely just plug her in cash and move on.  In tournaments this isn’t a fight I will have heavy exposure to.  I tend to use the strategy of not being overly aggressive in the 1st fight.  Nothing worse than having your day be over on DraftKings with something crazy happening in the 1st fight.  My preferred play in GPP’s is Mazany and will have very little if any exposure to Lansberg.

Theodorou (-420) 9.4k vs Smith (+335) 6.8k

 Theodorou has ok kicks and solid cardio.  Smith is an ok wrestler and not very good anywhere else.  This is not a fight I will be heavily targeting.  Theodorou typically wins his fights in low scoring decision wins.  I will have some very small exposure to him in GPP’s (only in contests I am building more than 10-12 lineups).  Overall I am fading this fight for the most part.

McCann (-170) 8.9k vs Robertson (+150) 7.3k

  McCann is an ok striker.  She predominantly likes to brawl.  From what I can see she is prone to get taken down.  Robertson has decent submissions and ok takedowns (TD’s).  I thinking Robertson is in playable in all formats.  McCann is in that price range where I like more fighters above and below her.  I just think she lacks upside.  My preferred play is Robertson and fading McCann.

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Pedersoli (-160) 8.6k vs Scott (+140) 7.6k

 Pedersoli is an ok striker and has solid kicks.  He is a decent wrestler and has solid submissions.  Scott is a tough fighter that is ok overall.  I really like Pedersoli in tournaments.  He has multiple ways he can win this fight and has solid upside.  Scott is a very low punt option for me.  Overall Pedersoli is my play in tournaments.

Breese (-365) 9k vs Kelly (+305) 7.2k

  Breese is a solid striker and has decent power.  Kelly is a tough fighter and has solid Judo.  I like Breese in all formats.  I will want some exposure to Kelly in GPP’s.  He has shown us in the past that he likes to win in these spots.  I don’t think it’s super likely but, I will have a few lineups with him in it just to cover my ass in case.  Overall Breese is my play in all formats.

Taleb (-360) 9.1k vs Silva (+300) 7.1k

 Taleb is a good striker and has solid power.  He is a solid fighter overall and has good cardio.  Silva has solid Jiu-Jitsu.  He is coming off a 4-year layoff.  I like Taleb in tournaments.  He has multiple ways to win this fight.  Silva, there is just too many questions about him coming in on such a long layoff.  I will have quite a bit of exposure to Taleb in GPP’s and Silva isn’t worth anything unless you want to use him as a dart play in 1-2 lineups tops.

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Spicely (-165) 8.7k vs Stewart (+145) 7.5k

 Spicely is an ok wrestler.  He has ok TDs and decent submissions.  Stewart is an ok striker.  He has shown in the past he can be taken down.  This is a GPP only fight for me.  I think both fighters are in play.  Stewart as punt and Spicely as a high upside fav.  In a win, Spicely will most likely do it through the TD’s.  That makes me want to have exposure to him.  Stewart is in play as a GPP punt just because Spicely isn’t very good in general.  Not a fight to target in cash at all.

Knight (-160) 8.3k vs Amirkhani (+140) 7.9k

 Knight is a solid striker.  He has a good ground game and solid submissions.  Amirkhani is a good wrestler and has ok TDs.  This is our lone fight in the midrange.  So it’s probably a fight you will need some decent exposure to round out your lineups in tournaments.  Both are in play for that reason.  My preferred play is Knight.  Either are viable options.  I will have exposure to both personally.

Allen (-225) 9.2k vs Burnell (+185) 7k

 Allen is a solid striker.  He is athletic and has solid TD defense.  Burnell is an ok grappler.  He is an ok wrestler and has decent submissions.  I think both fighters are in play in GPP’s.  Allen being my preferred if you can afford him.  He isn’t my favorite fighter to target in this 9k range but, he isn’t my least favorite either.  Burnell is in play as a punt (mainly because I don’t love a lot of the dogs on this card).  

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Magny (-650) 9.5k vs White (+475) 6.7k

  Magny has a solid jab and good TD’s.  White is an ok striker and has decent power.  Magny is the most expensive fighter and the highest favorite.  Which puts him firmly in play in cash.  There is merit to having less ownership of him in GPP’s and targeting less chalky fighters around him.  White is in play as a punt just on his price tag alone.  Overall Magny is my preferred play.

Thompson (-115) 8.4k vs Till (-105) 7.8k

  I have some strong takes on this fight.  I will be sharing those thoughts for our VIP’s in Slack.  If you aren’t a VIP what are you waiting for?  Get on board with us and have a blast while you build your bankroll.

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