Draft Daily: Main Slate notes for MLB Friday May 25

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This article focuses primarily on 3-Man snake draft strategy. Reason being is that you can easily apply this information to H2H as well as widen up to 4-Man contests, which is the average size of the daily GPPs. I’m going to break down what I saw in 20-30 drafts today and how we can exploit our opponents using our tools over on DFS Army.

Quick Trends (20 game sample)

  • Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Sherzer. Should you draft him first? Well, out of the 20 draft sample, he went first 19 times. So if you want Scherzer, hope you’re picking first otherwise too bad! How bad will you be off if you don’t land him you ask? Let’s take a look with the basic projection model in my Draft strategy guide

  • Using our conservative basic model, you can see based on pitching props, assuming 6 innings pitched and a win, he’s the best choice. Your other choices however or going to get you in the ballpark of points. If he’s throwing well though, he’s probably going more than 6 innings and looking at the bating order he’s facing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see in him go 7 at least. It’s probably a good idea to eat the chalk and grab him if you can
  • Your usual suspects make the top of the draft order: Betts, Blackmon in Coors, and Judge. Paxton also found his way into a top 3 pick ~ 35% of the time
  • 100% drafted list: Betts, Stanton, Judge, Paxton, Scherzer, Votto, Story, Harper, Benintendi, and Martinez. That means out of the 20 3man drafts this is based on, 67% of the player pool was exactly the same.

Draft Projections & Rankings

Here’s the default draft rankings by position in Draft for their top positions. While most of these would be solid plays, they are vastly different than our projections and grades we developed in house at DFS Army where take into account many different metrics that these do not. Combining our brand new Starting Lineups Page, Domination Station, Articles, and research station, you can quickly see where some players in absolute smash spots should be drafted higher than what’s on this list.

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  • Lean into the pitching chalk tonight and if you have the first pick, grab Scherzer. Yes it’s outside my normal strategy of waiting on pitchers, but the bats are juiced tonight and pitching is flat at the top outside of Mad Max.
  • Speaking of bats, there are plenty of ways to differentiate tonight. However, I would recommend leaning into most of the chalk and hedging yourself with a single out of the box pick
  • Infield and Outfield both have more options than you’ll know what to do with today. Scarcity isn’t a concern tonight with hitters in great spots everywhere.
  • 0% draft notables: Granderson, Hoskins, Smoak, Sanchez, Abreu, Winkler, Pham, and Freeman.

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