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Another Member Won $250,000 in Week 17 NFL DFS!

It happened again. I cannot make this stuff up if I wanted to. This past weekend on FanDuel and DraftKings, we had a member win $250,000! This is our 8th member  in the last 60-days to win between $50,000-$250,000! The DFS Army helmets are up and down the standings across all DFS platforms and our membership is closing in on 2,000 because of it. We have enormous momentum, no doubt about it.


On Sunday, in the $250 Sun NFL Do You Want More large field GPP, member “dbarlow87”, who also has a live final seat and had a $40,000 winning night a few weeks ago, took down first place and walked away with a life-changing $250,000!

Most of our members start their research and lineup building with the weekly articles and public podcast. However, the real GPP building and approach begins when the DFS Army General, “Geek” drops his VIP (member only) NFL Podcast. On Saturday, that podcast dropped and the real discussion began with around 1,500 members that are constantly firing questions and information all around the most popular Slack channel, “Geek-Speak”.

In addition to his VIP Podcast, Geek dropped multiple Sunday morning notes, basically a 2,500 word article in Slack for members to read, digest, and update their player pool and GPP approach based on our ownership projections and pulse on the NFL news feed.

This is where “dbarlow87” began his journey. He started with Geek’s player picks and analysis sheet, VIP podcast, and then hit Slack for player pool updates. Geek was heavy on the Rivers to Allen combo and touted Kamara as a great price point pivot, paying up away from the salary-saving options that were sure to be chalky. The one budget saver he touted was Dion Lewis, who out of necessity was going to be a three-down running back and likely would receive a heavy work load.

After the first games were nearing completion, “dbarlow87” went into our members only Slack chat and sought out Geek’s personal opinion on a few late swaps he had considered. Geek gave him his blessing and it basically resulted in money to pay for his wife’s marvelous shoe collection and provide him with the opportunity to pay off loans, travel the world, live free and DFS hard! (HOLY MOLY I AM GOING TO START USING THAT PHRASE EVERYWHERE).

The Goodwin and Godwin swap in place of Thomas and Sanu was a $250,000 winning decision and discussion that could only be had as a member using Slack to its fullest potential.

This isn’t the first time that ”dbarlow87” has had a massive night while a part of the DFS Army. A few weeks ago he won a live final seat for NBA and cashed in around $40,000 on a single slate. He attributed his success to his three NBA coaches in Slack – dfsndonuts, adotwalsh, and boomersdaddy. WE collectively contribute the winning night to his hard work and ability to come into the slate with an open mind.

Barlow can routinely be found discussing articles and podcasts, Domination Station Optimizer builds, and coaches “Slack Notes” with other members and staff. He routinely asks questions, not just “how’s this lineup look?”, but thought provoking inquiries about how to leverage a situation if player X were to dud. That is how to fully take advantage of a membership when you have a half-dozen full-time DFS players on staff and a dozen more that research and write content every single day, 365-day per year.

A humongous congratulations to “dbarlow87” for HIS hard work and wonderful job putting together the lineup all on his own by using our information. He did it, he earned it, now he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor. KUDOS!

These are the other seven wins of $50,000-plus! You can also read about these big wins and hundreds of other enormous prize pool victories HERE!

Below you’ll find the four other $50,000 – $150,000 winning images. If you join the DFS Army you’ll find yourself immersed in multiple daily articles for every DFS sport, daily podcasts for NBA, NFL, and MLB, 45,000 WEEKLY messages on Slack, and the best optimizer in the industry that has two years of research and development behind it. If you are playing DFS alone you’re doing it wrong. If not us, which I hope you choose to join, I implore you to find a community somewhere. I can promise you for the price and staff and member support (2,000’sh members and 19 staff) you won’t find a better foundation to build your bankroll upon. Click HERE if you are interested.



I am so excited to be providing content for the NBA season and I will see you all in Slack chat #dailydonuts #nfl-talk and #nba-talk. You can find me on Twitter @DFSnDONUTS where I post my daily articles and love to interact with my followers.

Not sold? Well, then that’s on you because we have two years of proven track record and the best dang community in DFS with 2,000 + members and 19 staff members. Sneak peak HERE! If you want to read about dozens and dozens of five and six-figure wins, this link is for you!

***Along with dozens of articles across every DFS sport offered, we have an optimizer that we poured two years of funds into in order to bring you the best platform possible, multiple podcasts – including daily NBA and MLB and twice weekly for NFL, we also have a beautiful analytics corner filled with research that you’d have to pay more money for just to be able to research on other sites – and we just lay it out for you all on one page, and last but not least – our Slack chat service for members only (55,000 + messages are sent weekly between our 2,000’sh members and 19-staff)

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