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Breaking Down A DFS Army Member’s $53,333 FanDuel NBA Win

Having a five or six-figure winner isn’t a new thing or the DFS Army. As a matter of fact, we have had about a dozen over the past two years. Our largest ever was a  $380,000 winner in NFL last season. More recently we had a $50,000 winner in Nascar, $120,000 in the NBA season, a dozen of five-digit wins during the summer for MLB, a $150,000 in the FanDuel Sunday Million contest in Week 5 of this NFL season, three King of the Beach Qualifiers in Weeks 6-8, and a beautiful $53,333 win in NBA on Thursday that I will be breaking down in this article.

Can you imagine going to bed not realizing what you’d be waking up to in your DFS bankroll? Our member “ccanelho” did just that. He went to bed with late NBA games still going and woke up to $53,333.33 in his bankroll.

I spoke with ccanelho and asked him how he ended up with the $53,333.33 lineup (not going to shortchange him a single penny when I reference this win!). This was his response:

This was a pretty fantastic response and a great job done by him on getting the most out of his membership. Aside from the daily NBA podcast, he made sure he read one of the two daily NBA articles that we pump out and then gave the DS (Domination Station Optimizer) a preliminary run.

In the thirty minutes prior to lock, we have four NBA coaches (out of 19 total staff) on Slack giving updated news and answering questions from hundreds of members at the same time. It can get pretty hectic which is why we have created different coaching channels for members to ask one on one questions. This type of interaction on a daily and nightly basis is something incredibly unique and I highly doubt you’ll find it anywhere else.

ccanelho did an amazing job using Slack updates with the optimizer. He locked in Boogie Cousins, Jrue Holiday and Denzel Valentine, due to injuries on the roster that opened up minutes and usage, and tweaked the DS Optimizer settings and ran the system. He created just one lineup and it was a life-changing one.


Over the last four weeks, our members and coaches have put together a string of phenomenal wins. We are really on a hot streak as a company. Our DFS Army helmets are up and down the standings and it’s hard to not see us all over every tournament.

In Week 5 of the NFL season, DFS Army VIP member, “jhawkfan25” fired eight bullets into the Fanduel Sunday Million. This was his second place lineup:


It was a fantastic lineup with the perfect blend of leveraging the field, using our content, and applying the strategies and coaching that we give all of our members as part our VIP membership package.

Two members and a DFS Army coach have won tournaments to the DraftKings Live Final: King of the Beach.


We’ve had countless members use the Domination Station Optimizer to perfection to bank  wins in NBA over the last several weeks (click this link to watch a tutorial on how it works for NFL):

The Domination Station is the most amazing tool that I have ever witnessed. The CEO, ffootballgeek, has poured two years of research and development into the optimizer, making it one of the most customizable and accurate optimizers on the market. Members ask about updates so frequently in our Slack chat that we’ve created a separate channel with Domination Station update messages for our 1,500 members and growing to be able to track it throughout the day. Our model is so accurate it’s been a blast to see the hundreds of winning lineup photos in our “#Winning-Lineups” channel daily.  If you think I am overblowing the impact slack makes for our members just take a look at this DFS Army Slack report for the past week of use:


Our members and coaches create a type of bond that goes beyond fantasy sports discussion and DFS coaching. Often you’ll find members and staff sharing conversations about life in general, sports, family, work, stressors, and testimonies. It’s a really unique community and one that drove me to leave every other company I was working for at the time to focus on this one.

If you’re playing as a hobby there is a place for you here. If you’re playing as a means to a secondary income, join the club, as hundreds of members are (including the 19 staff members). Lastly, if you’re trying to make this a career, then we implore you to join our community, use our services, tools, articles, podcasts, research station, domination station optimizer, and last but not least – our members only Slack for over 1,500-plus members.

You can join via this link or take a sneak peek at our available options with this one. No matter what you choose, we cannot wait to hear from you and work with you in Slack. In addition to our website and content, being able to talk with you in a group setting or one on one is what really makes this company, and its members, so special.

You can find me on Twitter @DFSnDONUTS where I post my daily articles and love to interact with my followers.