Intro to the 2017 Daily Fantasy Football Season

Welcome back to another season of Daily Fantasy Football action! I’m incredibly excited The DFS Army is constantly evolving and this post is all about letting you know what we have in store for our readers this season. We have quite a few changes in store for the 2017 season including a plethora of regular columns focusing on both weekly player picks as well as more advanced strategies. There is a reason our group has more 5 and 6 figure winners than the others and it’s because we are laser focused on long term strategies that lead to success.

Before I get into all of that I’d like to take a moment to discuss the Daily Fantasy Sports advice market as a whole. Back in 2015 when I decided to take this concept from a basic blog to a full blown content provider, the catalyst for me was having seen scammers on social media sites like Twitter out there ripping people off by selling them shitty lineups. At the time, I couldn’t understand why people would actually send money to these clowns. The vast majority have literally no credentials whatsoever. There I was, ranked in the top 100 (66th overall) for NFL on Rotogrinders, having been writing my “Geek’s Vegas Lines” breakdowns column with for years. That article was garnering 20,000 page views a week at the time with literally no advertising or marketing whatsoever. I figured if people were throwing money at scammers on twitter for lineups, I could counter that by actually teaching the strategies I employ to be successful in DFS. In particular, I didn’t want to share my weekly player picks and strategies publicly because that in essence was like educating my competition. That being a combination of lineup construction methodology, bankroll management, and game theory. When we launched the DFS Army I pioneered the concept of a slack forum where members could interact with one another and myself, ask questions and share research. Within the team we were free to fully share research, strategies and player picks for each slate without worrying about educating our competitors. It was an incredible success in the first season highlighted by 4 separate members taking down 6 figure cashes that season.

At this point, most everyone knows not to buy lineups from anyone, but a new scheme has popped up that is also concerning.   One of the problems with web based advice is that anyone can start up a website and call themselves an expert. Over the past couple of years I’ve had at least three or four people join our site, attempt to copy the format and concept, then create a copycat version.  I’m sure this goes on elsewhere as well. With all of that going on it makes things difficult for new DFS players to know where to go for the best advice. As an example, I was reading an NFL “First Look Lineup” write up on some other site the other day. The author recommended using Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree in the same week one lineup. That would be ok except for the fact that the author chose Kirk Cousins as their QB. The most basic rule of lineup construction is never to use two pass catchers from the same team unless you use their QB as well. Reading that column was a reminder that the vast majority of people claiming to be experts at DFS are completely full of shit. I’ve always tried to be an open book. I share my ROTOGRINDERS RANKINGS for all to see. In addition, I’ve brought on a team of sharp DFS minds to cover virtually every Daily Fantasy Football related angle on a week to week basis including Keith “Boomers Daddy” Hall, a full time DFS pro who is attending his second live Fanduel final this August, Mitch “DFSnDonuts” a top 100 ranked Welterweight across multiple sports on Rotogrinders, Chip “Choppodong” the cash game and bankroll management specialist, Alvares with his “Free Squares”. We even have separate Kicker and  weather specialists. What other site has a full time writer dedicated to analyzing the Kicker spot on a week to week basis? None. We have you covered. I appreciate the faith you put in me and our team as a reader and VIP member of our site and my promise is to continue to deliver the best tools and content in the DFS industry.

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Whats New for 2017 ?

At the DFS Army everything begins with the Domination Station Optimization tool. The Domination Station Optimizer is a tool that allows users to generate up to 200 optimized lineups for Fanduel or Draftkings that can be uploaded to either site in seconds. DFS pros use algorithm based optimization tools to dominate the landscape and now our VIP member have those same capabilities. It’s not enough, however, to simply optimize lineups based on projections alone. One of the things we teach in the DFS Army is proper lineup construction methodologies. Pros win GPP’s by building lineups around correlated players. In the example I mentioned earlier, some writer recommended pairing up two Raiders WR’s with the QB from Washington. That type of strategy will never be successful. That said, a linear optimization tool might build lineups that way because that’s what the projections tell it to do. We’ve eliminated that issue by building in a complex (but easy to use) set of stacking features and limitations to force our Domination Station Optimizer to build the most correlated lineups possible. Users can chose different stack methodologies with the click of a button. There are other optimization tools on the market today. The three most popular ones charge as much as $60 a month for access and that generally doesn’t include projections… or good projections anyway, advice, insider articles, pro player picks etc etc. Rather then try to explain everything, here is a tutorial video I put together on how the Domination Station Optimizer works for Daily Fantasy Football:

Big DFS Army Wins

This NFL Offseason our DFS Army VIP members have been using our tools and Domination Station Optimizer to crush GPP’s in just about all the DFS Sports:

In NBA (Below) Sempernaut and Ouijacom both tied for $11,000+ cashes in the same contest:




Not to be outdone – DFS Army VIP csmoove1 tied for 1st place and a $7250 cash in another NBA GPP:

DFS Army contributors got in on the action as well. David Alavarez of “Free Squares” fame (The Free Squares Column is a highlight of this seasons new NFL Coverage) took 1st place in a big PGA contest, and below that our own all purpose DFS guru and in house quantitative analyst, Keith “BoomersDaddy” Hall won an entry into this years Fanduel Live Fantasy Baseball Finals.

More big MLB cashes for DFS Army VIP’s with wildcatwr and christhib1980 each taking down seperate $10,000 cashes:

The topper happened just a few weeks back when hall-d took down 1st place and a $50,000 win during the NASCAR Daytona 400:

These were just a sampling of big DFS Army VIP member wins from the past few months. I’m sharing these as proof that you don’t need to be a shark to win big in Daily Fantasy Sports. Our members are regular players with families and full-time jobs. Our entire premise in the DFS Army is to provide hobby level players with access to the tools and strategies the pros use to dominate the industry. It’s working out pretty well so far.

Free and Premium Articles

A major change for the 2017 NFL Season is a focus on more targeted columns by our in house team of DFS experts. I’ll admit that in the past I had considered Daily Fantasy Football advice my baby and was reluctant to give up the reigns at all. That all changes this season. I’ve often opined about how I basically judge all DFS content, here on our site and on outside sites, by a single criterion. Am I, as a high volume DFS whale, interested in reading this. We are taking that to the next level this season. I’ve come up with a number of concepts that I wanted to read and assigned them to our team of NFL experts. Our NFL content is going to be a team effort with a focus on both weekly picks and advice as well as overall Daily Fantasy Football strategies.  Here is a look at just some of the columns we will covering Daily Fantasy Football this season:


Geek’s Vegas Lines Based Game Breakdowns – My signature column will be a combination of data and podcast this season.  – Public Content

NFL First Look  – This column that looks back on some lessons from the previous week of daily fantasy football action and then gives a brief overview of what to look for this week – Public Content

The Edge Play – In DFS, finding the edge often means going against the grain somewhere – that can be accomplished any number of ways. Whether it’s fading a chalk play or getting heavy exposure to a low owned play. Our goal in this article is to take a risk to get an edge on the comp. VIP Exclusive Column

Mass Multi Entry Shark Autopsy  – Our VIP members have access to the Domination Station Optimizer and a level playing field with DFS Pros in mass-multi entry GPP’s. You wouldn’t give someone a gun without training them in how to use it. Similarly the Domination Station can be deadly if you know what you are doing. This column will break down and explore the strategies being employed by the industries most notorious sharks. This column is quantitative in nature. The goal is to look at 3-5 sharks per week and try to dissect their mass multi entry strategy so we can derive and potentially emulate the strategies being employed. How do they approach chalk players? What types of stacks to they employ? How much diversification to they force in their lineups? etc etc – VIP Exclusive Column

I’m personally most excited about the Shark Autopsy column. This is an exclusive DFS Army VIP member concept that no one else is doing (until they read this), but I believe it will be far and away the most actionable column we do.

Some additional columns we are planning for this upcoming NFL season include:

GPP Pivots – A look at some ways to pivot off the chalk to get the edge in GPP tournaments

Cashing In – This column is about identifying the top cash safe plays for the week

Line Movement Analysis – I’m a big believer in trying to understand the story the Vegas sharks are telling us and translate that for DFS purposes. Late line movement is generally an indication that the sharks are taking a position on a game. This column will analyze those movements for DFS purposes.

Free Squares – One of our signature columns pointing out the most standout value plays on the slate 

Stacks on Stacks – A GPP focused column that looks at different stacking concepts for the particular slate 

I wasn’t kidding when I said that we are going all out for the NFL season this year. In addition , will be bringing back “Geek’s Picks” my flagship weekly player pick breakdown. Geek’s Picks is a comprehensive look at the slate including the players I’m using in the various contest types including GPP stacks and cash games. On top of comprehensive player picks and notes, our VIP members will get access to an exclusive “Geek’s Picks VIP Podcast” where I will cover strategies for the week in greater detail.

Cheat Sheets, Projections, and Slack Chat

One of the great things we do for our VIP members is compiled all the data they need in one place. Our Daily Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets include DvP data, player statistics, and both ownership and scoring projections for all of the week’s players for both Fanduel and Draftkings. Our goal is to be the one stop shop for everything DFS related. Players that want to dive deep into the numbers can do that easily. If you don’t have time for that but just want to briefly read some columns and optimize some lineups, we have you covered as well.

In an interesting twist, when we survey our VIP team members they often say their favorite thing about our team is our team forums. That’s where we interact with one another, sweat up games together and post the latest news and updates. One of the things we do in the DFS Army is encourage our members to post any relevant tidbits of news that might effect the games. From injury to weather updates, they are posted in real time. Faster then any service out there. In DFS, a few minutes advance notice can make all the difference. We’ve all been on the losing end of a late injury update and the inevitable zero that follows. We do our best to ensure that never happens.

What to Expect

It takes hard work and dedication to be a profitable Daily Fantasy Sports player. The reality is that your competition is working their asses off trying to beat you. If your goal is to buy some lineups, toss them in some contests and make millions, you should look elsewhere. That’s not going to happen. If you are willing to put in the work and you are looking for a place that will provide all of the tools the pros use and provide you with a level playing field, give us a try. We treat our VIP members as part of our team. We share advice and news updates. We encourage our VIP members to participate in the conversation and add their unique perspectives on things. Our VIP members get our Cheat Sheets and projections for virtually every DFS sport. The Domination Station Optimizer covers NFL, NBA, MLB (Coming Soon), GOLF and NASCAR. We have team leaders for every sport that answer questions and head up our discussions. There is no better place to learn to build the best lineups!


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That’s it for now. Check in to our NFL Articles section for 2017 Fantasy Football Draft advice and info. I’ll be dropping my comprehensive draft guide and notes over the next few days. That should be all you need to dominate your season long drafts. Then look out for our full suite of Daily Fantasy Football content as the season approaches.