DFS MLB Weather Monday 7/3

Trouble Spots


With a cold front stretched nearby, widely scattered tstorms will be found across the Northeast. Not a PPD concern but the radar will have to be watched for a possible delay that could impact the SP:


Will have to watch everyone’s favorite offensive park as a few tstorms could fire around Coors this evening:

Should not be a PPD threat but as I always write, Coors is THE hardest park to forecast for in all of MLB and every year, 1 or 2 games completely shocks me in Coors. Will have to watch closely.

Parks that Favor the Batters


Parks that Favor the Pitchers


Weather Factors

-Roof likely open in MIL, wind blows from left to right at 10 mph, temps in the low to mid 70s, dewpoints in the 50s.

-Wind blows out to left-center at 10 mph, temps in the low 90s falling into the 80s, dewpoints low 60s in WSH.

-Slight chance of a tstorm in NYY, temps in the low 80s falling into the upper 70s, dewpoints in the low 60s, nearly calm wind.

-Wind blows out to right at 5 mph in PHI, slight chance of a tstorm, temps in the mid 80s falling into the upper 70s, dewpoints in the mid 60s.

-Wind right to left at 5-10 mph in STL, temps in the mid to upper 80s falling into the low 80s, dewpoints in the mid 60s.

-Wind blows in from right at 10 mph in TEX, temps in the mid 90s falling into the upper 80s, dewpoints in the upper 60s.

-Wind blows in from center at 5-10 mph, temps near 80 falling through the 70s, dewpoints in the 50s in MIN.

-Wind blows right to left at 10 mph in COL, temps in the mid 80s falling to near 70, dewpoints in the 30s/40s.

-Wind blows out to right at 10 mph in OAK, temps in the 60s, dewpoints in the 50s.

-Roof likely open in SEA, temps in the low 70s, dewpoints in the 50s, wind blows left to right at 5-10 mph.

******Note: I use dewpoints as they are a much more precise way than using % relatively humidity to measure the amount of moisture in the air and affect air density. Simply put, the higher up you are in the atmosphere (COL), the warmer it is and/or the higher the dewpoint, the less dense air is. The less dense air is, the further a batted or throw ball can travel, the less a breaking ball will break and the faster a fastball can travel. Generally, dewpoints above 65 are considered humid and help the ball carry well. *******



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