FanDuel Winning Strategy

Ok for a bit of background, I am a weekly fantasy football enthusiast. Having tried a number of different websited I eventually settled on Fanduel. Their site is the most user friendly and IMO the easiest to use and succeed with. I started on Fanduel back in 2011 with an initial $200 deposit. I took advantage of a deposit match promotion (see below) to double that initial deposit. I figured that was around what I spent on each of my season long leagues anyway and if I could make the funds last an entire NFL season I’d count it as a win. As my initial season progressed I began to formulate a strategy based around what in essence was trial and error. My goal was to maximize the number of lineups I created and entered in large scale tournaments with top heavy prize structures. Statistically the more lineups entered in those contests, the higher the likely hood of winning life changing prizes. At the same time I’m not really in to feeding money in to my bankroll. Therefore I needed a system that allowed for the maximum number of GPP Tournament entries while maintaining a steady bankroll.

Fast forward to the 2014 season. Using my bankroll allocation strategy as well as lineup construction methodologies which I cover here in the blog as well as in the books we carry in our Daily Fantasy Football Strategies eBook Promotion (see below) I was able to bank over $40,000 in profits for the 2014 season. Most of the profits came off of one particularly excellent lineup which you can check out in the photo below. If it wasn’t for LeVeon Bell running wild on the Monday Night game this lineup would have been worth over $150,000! I believe that with some basic lineup construction methodology alongside solid bankroll management, anyone can nail at least one stellar lineup over the course of an NFL season and get a shot at a big cash with potentially life changing money on the line.

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The Strategy

How did I do it? There isn’t any magic sauce recipe for weekly fantasy betting success. The key for me was to come up with a strategy and implement it as best I could. My theory is that most people that play weekly Fantasy contests are by default knowledgeable. In my strategy I assume that 20-30% of people on the site are novices, 50-60% or so are average skill and 10-20% are above average skill bettors. I put myself in the slightly above average category.

You may be thinking: Wait a second, if this guy considers himself just slightly above average among Fanduelers why should I be listening to him??? Here is why: This average Fandueler has been able to consistently make money week in and week out betting on Fantasy Football because I employ a strategy that gives me an advantage.

I came up with this strategy midway through my first season. The way Fanduel works there are a number of ways to bet. You have your 50/50 odds matchups including the Head to Head matchups as well as the 50/50 leagues.  The difference between these two types is that in 50/50 league an above average points talley always wins. In H2H matches there is a chance your opponent has a great week and beats your above average score. The flipside is true as well. in the H2H’s there is a chance you can win with a below average score if your opponent has a below average score as well.

Next we have the tournaments. Tourneys on FD range from 100 entrants to 3000 entrants. These are where the real winnings are. In most tournaments the top 10% of entrants win prizes. The closer to the top you place the higher the prize. The key to winning at FanDuel is to mix up lineups and play in lots of tournaments. The problem is that playing in tournaments exclusively will wipe out your seed money very quickly.

Here is where the basic strategy comes in. In my first season of Dueling I would basically make a bunch of different lineups and randomly enter them in mostly HTH’s/50/50’s and then on occasion when I felt great about a lineup I may add it into one of the bigger tourneys. The problem with that strategy was when you end up with a monster (tournament winning) score in a 50/50 league you still just double your bet. There are no bonuses there. The first time it happened to me I decided that I will never create a lineup for a 50/50 without entering that same group into a Tournament just in case.

The Plan of Action

Now that we have gone through the basics here is how to impliment this winning strategy for yourself. Each week of the Football season I will over the course of the week come up with between 25-50 different lineups which I like for that particular week. For each lineup I come up with I enter two matches, one being a tournament with long odds and high payouts and another being one of the 50/50 odds matches. I try to keep it so that the 50/50 odds matches are for greater dollar amounts then the tourneys. For example I may enter a $5 tournament with 2700 participants and then use the same lineup for a $10 head to head.

I try to make sure that every lineup is different but at the same time each week when I identify a great value player I will try and fit that player into as many lineups as possible. I call it going all in. For me all in means that I used that particular player in more then 50% of my lineups. On an average week I will go “all in” on between 2-4 players. In one of my best weeks of the 2012 season for example I had identified that Seattle Defense at home versus Arizona was being under-priced at $5000 which is the lowest possible price for a Defense on FD. I went all in on Seattle D that week and they put up an historic 49 fantasy points. Every single tournament winner across all of Fanduel had Seattle D that week. Personally I didn’t place 1st in any tournays that week but i did have a number of top 5 finishes and ended up tripling my bank for the week. Of course all in sometimes comes back to burn you. In week 2 of the 2012 Playoffs I went all in on Gronkowski. The guy breaks his arm on the first play of the game and ended up with 0 points. That was a disaster of sorts but because I had entered those lineups in enough 50/50 tourneys I wound up mitigating my losses and down just 20% for the week. Not bad all things considered.


This is obviously a basic strategy guide. The key takeaways are to employ sound and disciplined bankroll management and lineup construction methodologies. Over time that should lead to profitable results. We want to help you succeed. Im our DFS eBook promotion we provide books that go in depth on each of these topics. Over 400 pages of stats. charts and step by step instructions as well as interviews with current Daily Fantasy Sports Professionals that share their strategies and techniques they use to dominate the competition.  We don’t sell the books. They are FREE for anyone that registers for Fanduel or Draftkings via the links in the promotion. On top of that, each week throughout the NFL season we post complete player picks and strategy guides for both Fanduel and Draftkings based on their salary structures and points systems. Stick with us and lets make some money together!