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A Little About Me

Some of you know me as “The Fantasy Football Geek” or by my DFS handle, ChiefST. Outside of this blog my work background includes a B.S. in Finance as well as 8 years working as a  successful proprietary high frequency day trader. Being a successful day trader requires a similar skill set to becoming a successful DFS’er. As a trader I watched plenty of people fail because they lacked a system and more importantly the discipline to stick with a system. When I started this blog back in 2012 DFS was a fairly new thing. I’ve always been an early adapter and I had actually started on Fanduel back in 2011. During the early days of DFS. I quickly developed a bankroll allocation strategy that allowed me to maintain my roll while taking shots at the GPP contests that make DFS so exciting. I cover that in our Fanduel Winning Strategies article. The point being that I’ve been successful at DFS because I use a system that works for me and adhere to strict discipline.

The best way to really know if the DFS writer you are taking advice from is legit is to check their profile on Rotogrinders. Here is the link to my profile on RotoGrinders

I finished the 2014 NFL Season ranked 69th overall for NFL DFS players. If you browse my profile you can actually check out some of my biggest wins. I’m sharing this because there are plenty of writers out there dispensing advice that have no clue what they are doing. I don’t just talk the talk here. I walk the walk.

Here is a look at my complete Fanduel DFS History via the RotoGrinders Tracker:

Why Am I Telling You This?

When I scan Twitter and the Web I’ve noticed that the DFS advice world is full of pretenders trying to sucker players in to paying them for lineups or advice. They claim to be experts but don’t show their history or rankings. Buying lineups is a suckers game anyway and taking advice from someone that does not have a proven record of success is also not a great idea,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” – Chinese Proverb  

I’ve always been a big fan of that proverb whether it is applied to politics, life or daily fantasy sports it rings true for me. I don’t like to rely on the generosity or competency of others. More so I prefer to educate myself and rely on #1. That’s one of the reasons that on this blog I’ve always tried to focus on teaching the strategies and techniques it takes to become a profitable DFS’er rather then focusing exclusively on weekly player picks or selling lame lineups. I’ve also strived as much as possible to keep this blog and the advice I provide here FREE. My goal here is to teach an army of referrals the fundamentals of  lineup construction and provide the tools for long term profitability. For the past two seasons I’ve offered an eBook Promotion here on the blog. The idea was to give my readers and more specifically my referrals the best tools for success.

This season we are taking it up a notch with VIP Memberships to “The Geek’s DFS Army”. The details of the new program are listed below but the highlights include:

  • Membership is FREE for Players That Register For a New Draftkings, Fanduel or Draftpot Account Via our Referral Links and Promo Codes Below – Always use Promo Code: CHIEFST
  • Players that have existing accounts can join “The Geek’s DFS Army” and get full VIP Membership for $39 for the entire 2015 Football Season and through August of next year.
  • You get two Daily Fantasy Football eBooks with over 400 pages of advanced lineup construction and bankroll management strategy backed by charts and stats. You will never be a serious DFS contender until you read these books!
  • The Geek’s weekly Fanduel and Draftkings Player Picks! This is a complete list of players The Geek will be using in his Fanduel and Draftkings lineups on a given week broken down by Chalk – Cash – GPP Only – Neutral and All In Plays. The player lists allow you to create your own unique lineups with a player list compiled by a DFS pro with a 62% winning percentage over 10,000+ cash game entries!
  • Access to our private forums where you can interact with other DFS Army Members and our in house DFS Pros. The Fantasy Football Geek aka CHIEFST is a fixture in the forums answering questions and putting out his best plays each week. We also have experts in MMA and PGA. Our Forums cover every DFS Sport are are active all year round. We sweat out lineups together and foster a team atmosphere where everyone helps one another out.
  • Sample Cash or Head To Head lineups each week that I will actually be using. I say sample lineups because I don’t believe in selling lineups. These samples are some of the many lineups I will use in 50/50 and HtH match ups  for that given week.  Players are expected to modify these and make them their own. Let’s face it you are probably getting in to Daily Fantasy Football because you like it and have some fantasy football knowledge. We are here to help you take your knowledge and apply it to daily fantasy football to help make it more fun and hopefully help you win some money.

Still interested? Get all of the details below:

VIP Memberships – Join The Geek’s DFS Army – New For 2015 

Do you want to learn the techniques I used to earn over $40,000 playing Daily Fantasy Football back in 2014? Would it be cool to get one on one advice from a seasoned DFS Vet? What about a private forum where you can bounce ideas off other players of a similar mindset?  What about getting optimized cash lineups direct to your inbox?

For the 2015 Football Season I am adding a Premium Membership option with the following benefits:

  • Weekly Email With 3 Cash Optimized Lineups For each of Fanduel and Draftkings For use in HtH and 50/50 contests
  • A private Slack Chat room exclusively for our VIP Members where readers can exchange ideas with each other and with myself. 
  • ChiefST’s Weekly List of Fanduel Player Picks – (In previous seasons we included our specific player picks as part of the weekly strategy article. This season it will be for premium members only
  • Invites To Exclusive Semi-Private FREEROLLS Throughout the season on Fanduel and Draftkings! – This alone is worth the price of the membership! We get exclusive FREEROLLS from Draftkings and Fanduel as well as some other smaller DFS sites throughout the year. They are often Semi-Private and very easy to cash in. These will be sent to our Premium Members exclusively!

How To Become a VIP Member?

Membership for the 2015 Fantasy Football Season is a one time fee of $39.95 or FREE if you register for Fanduel or Draftkings via the links in the Promotion below! If you already have paid accounts on Fanduel and Draftkings you can still get our eBook Promotion, Slack Chat invitation, Freeroll Access, Fanduel Player Picks, and weekly optimized Fanduel and Draftkings Cash Lineups by becoming a VIP Member.

FREE eBook offer and VIP Membership 

Have you ever wondered what strategies the Pro’s use to dominate the Daily Fantasy Sports space? Well the time for wondering is over! By now you should have looked over “The Geek’s” DFS strategy guide. In it we cover some basic concepts like Fading, Stacking, Matchup Evaluation and Bankroll Management. Going through our strategy guide is a solid start. We cover all the basics.
For those of you that are ready to take this DFS thing to the next level we have a special offer. A 200 page book on DFS strategies the pros use. The book focuses on Fantasy Football strategy but includes some Fantasy Baseball strategies as well.

How do you get the book and The Geek’s DFS Army VIP Membership FREE?

One cool thing about running a decent sized group of hardcore DFS players is that I can ask for and actually get cool incentives from the big DFS sites for our new members. I’m also doing my best to get you our VIP DFS Army membership for free! Here is what we have going for week 6:

Draftkings – Register for a new Draftkings Account via this link and get:
  1. A full DFS Army VIP Membership (eBooks, Slack Chat, Lineups and the Geeks Player Picks) For The Balance of the 2015 Season (Or 1/2 off Next Season For Current Army Members) – a $40 Value
  2. A 100% Deposit Match Up to $600

Fanduel – Register For Fanduel Via This Link – YOU MUST USE PROMO CODE: CHIEFST
  1. A full DFS Army VIP Membership (eBooks, Slack Chat, Lineups and the Geeks Player Picks) For The Balance of the 2015 Season (Or 1/2 off Next Season For Current Army Members) – a $40 Value
  2. A Deposit Match of up to $200
  1. A full DFS Army VIP Membership (eBooks, Slack Chat, Lineups and the Geeks Player Picks) For The Balance of the 2015 Season (Or 1/2 off Next Season For Current Army Members) – a $40 Value
  2. A Free Entry in a $10,000 NFL Contest
  3. Deposit Match of up to $1,000 with an industry leading 8% rake back
  4. A chance to play on a site with lots of funding and a ton of overlay!
For current premium members I added Fanduel and Draftkings to the mix as far as the ½ off next season promotion. If you did the Draftpot promo for ½ off and then chose to take advantage of one of the other offers then your membership for 2016 will be free! 

I’ve registered a new account with an initial deposit VIA THE ABOVE LINKS – now what?

Once you’ve registered a new account for one of the three DFS sites above and made your initial deposit you need to email me at [email protected] and let me know the following:
  1. The site you registered for and your screen name for that site
  2. Which offer you are taking advantage of – VIP Membership for the rest of 2015 or ½ off your 2016 membership

** Please don’t email me asking for a book if you did not register and make an initial deposit via the links above. Referrals are what supports this site. If you aren’t one of our referrals don’t ask for more free shit.  Click on the VIP Membership Icon on the top left corner of this page and register for a VIP Membership to get our package of freebies!