Tennis Staff

EricF, aka Eric Forslund, DFS Army MMA & Tennis coach, MMA Cash Game Specialist, Finished 4th overall in Season 1 of the MMA Championship Season Long League.  Known for my “Forslund’s Full Mount” Article, MMA Research Station, Domination Station for MMA number cruncher, and Tennis Cheat Sheet.  You will find me everywhere in Slack Chat as I play multiple DFS sports.  To join me and other MMA enthusiasts you can find us in #mma-talk. Follow me on Twitter at MMA_Nerd77


kekambasdfs, real name Jeffery, is a Tennis and CFB coach for the DFS Army. I started playing DFS in the summer of 2018 and was moderately successful but watched my bankroll slowly diminish. I knew that I didn’t want to play and lose money so I began looking for a site to join. DFS Army was the first and only community I joined and right away I became a better player. I’ll never forget the joy of using the notes to win a WNBA contest on FD the first night. Through the Army, I have slowly become a better and better player. Now 18 months later I have found an edge in tennis that I love to exploit. It’s a privilege for me to get to write content for the Army especially for my passion sport of CFB. I’m an avid Arkansas Razorbacks fan so prayers and condolences are appreciated. DFS is a ton of fun and I love helping others become better. Hit me up in slack if I can help you or you just want to talk shop.