PGA Staff

Taco – Head PGA/Nascar analyst. Taco has been following both sports since he was a wee lad and has been breaking them down statistically ever since DraftKings started covering them. Formerly in charge of the weekly analysis threads for both sports on Reddit, Taco was recruited by the DFS Army in early 2016 and never looked back. He’s in charge of the Research Station and Domination Station for both sports (and MMA) and hosts two weekly podcasts- The Taco Tuesday PGA DFS Podcast and Taco’s Fast 40 Nascar Podcast. You can find him on Twitter at @TacoDFS



BrodySchnarr – PGA writer and contributor for the DFS Army.  A long-time golf bettor who started playing PGA DFS years ago.  Focusing primarily on cash games and head to head contests, Brody can be found writing his “Schnarr’s Super Picks PGA Preview” article and in the PGA Slack Chat Channel. Follow Brody on Twitter at @_bschnarr.



dfsupnorth –  Joshua Thomasis PGA DFS writer and contributor for DFS Army. Longtime PGA DFS player focusing on GPP strategy and game theory. Writes the Chalk Donkey article for VIPs weekly breaking down who the chalk is and who the best pivots are. Loves hanging out in slack and sweating the cut. Teacher and Coach in real life. Single Digit Handicap hoping to one day be able to beat his wife on the golf course. ( She’s a 5, he’s a 9)