NHL Staff

Choppodong is an “original 6” inside DFS Army.  He followed Kevin’s blog for a couple years and tested the Army VIP program for Kevin’s “all in” NFL calls.  Once in slack, he opened his mouth and hasn’t shut up since.  Known for his long-winded, but incredibly thorough answers, he spends his time in NFL, MLB, and NHL but might be more infamous for his #LadderUp strategy of contest allocation and anal retentive focus on bankroll management. You can find Chop in the Slack Chat in the #choptalk-nhl-brmgmt channel and on Twitter at @ChoppoDong


RFlynn710 – Rob Flynn or “@rflynndfs” on Twitter. I started out in the DFS Army looking to improve my game and found a niche with NHL DFS when volunteers were needed to write a DraftKings Pick ‘Em article. After doing that for several months, I was offered a more permanent position and decided to change my article format to a full slate breakdown. My article is now “Flynnie’s Forecheck” and it is posted on Twitter. I am very active in Slack Chat and I love to help people improve their games. I consider myself very approachable and I will be very honest with my success and lack thereof on some nights. I was a VIP not that long ago and I still think with that being in my background it makes the other VIP’s feel at ease when asking me for advice.


Rk101785 AKA RKEightball AKA Jim Keenan, I’m not from Philly, I’m from DelCo, and currently stuck in the hell known as South N.J. Lifelong Hockey and NASCAR Fan, Video Gamer, Poker Player, and all around Degenerate Gambler. Creator of the DFS Army NHL Research Station (Patent Pending) and self anointed NHL Pick’Em Guru. Also, The Eagles are Superbowl Champions. “Mic Drop”. You can find RK in the NHL Talk Channel in Slack Chat and on Twitter at @rk101785.