NFL Staff

Ffootballgeek, aka Kevin Alan – Founder and CEO of the DFS Army Team. An original DFS Shark from the early days of the sport.  Currently (as of this writing) a top 200 overall and top 30 ranked middleweight player via Rotogrinders Rankings. Leader of the DFS Army NFL team. Creator of the 80/20 bankroll management system, Breaker of Chains.  Protector of the Realm, and Mass Multi Entry DFS Specialist. Known for his Geek’s Picks NFL player breakdowns and “The Geek’s Vegas Lines Daily Fantasy Football Podcast”, you can find him in Slack Chat talking NFL, MMA or the sports of the day in the #geek-speak-nfl-dfs channel and on Twitter at @ffootballgeek.

BigMarley3 – Kyle Marley- 7x Qualifier, 2x Live Finalist, specializing in NFL and MMA DFS.  Been playing DFS as a source of income since mid 2016 and started working with DFS Army at the end of the 2017 NFL season.  I competed in the first ever NFL Pickem’ Live Final for DraftKings in Miami as well as the first ever UFC Live Final in New York City.  I won the first ever “ToutMaster” UFC competition and you can hear me every UFC week on Half The Battle’s “Big Marley Minute”.  DFS Army members can find me in the Slack Chat in the NFL or MMA channels or reach out to me directly in the #big-marley-nfl channel. Follow me on Twitter at @BigMarley3.

Burns273 – Adam Burns, aka AdrocksBucksWinItAll on DraftKings, got his start in DFS during the 2011-2012 NFL season.  He was an avid follower of FFootballgeek’s NFL blog post and has been a part of DFS Army since its creation.  He has been a DFS Army staff member since the end of the 2015 NFL season where he originated the site’s Research Station for MLB and NFL, and the WR vs. CB chart which he continues to evolve and implement each NFL season for members of the site.  He is the author of the site’s prized Shark Autopsy Report (re-titled Shark Chronicles for future articles and books), and recently released the Shark Chronicles – How to Win the DraftKings Milly Maker Volume 2, over 50 pages of research encompassing the last 3 NFL seasons.  He has been featured on DFS Army’s Off the Chalk and Wolfpack podcasts.

Burns has taken the DraftKings Milly Maker contest by storm, placing in the top 10 of the Milly Maker contest three times since week 17 of the 2018 NFL season.  He has numerous top 20 finishes in the Milly Maker contest.  He is a 2-time DraftKings King of the Beach qualifier and FanDuel’s NBA Championships Live Qualifier and has numerous large and small field GPP wins and top 10 winnings in Esports, MLB, MMA, NASCAR, NBA, and NFL.  Currently (as of this writing), Burns ranks as a top 900 overall DFS player, ranks as a top 600 TPOY, top 170 heavyweight ranking, and is a top 300 ranked NFL DFS player in 2019.  Follow me on Twitter @Burns273DFS and #burns273 in Slack.

Choppodong is an “original 6” inside DFS Army.  He followed Kevin’s blog for a couple years and tested the Army VIP program for Kevin’s “all in” NFL calls.  Once in slack, he opened his mouth and hasn’t shut up since.  Known for his long-winded, but incredibly thorough answers, he spends his time in NFL, MLB, and NHL but might be more infamous for his #LadderUp strategy of contest allocation and anal retentive focus on bankroll management. You can find Chop in the Slack Chat in the #choptalk-nhl-brmgmt channel and on Twitter at @ChoppoDong

dfsupnorth –  Joshua Thomasis PGA DFS writer and contributor for DFS Army. Longtime PGA DFS player focusing on GPP strategy and game theory. Writes the Chalk Donkey article for VIPs weekly breaking down who the chalk is and who the best pivots are. Loves hanging out in slack and sweating the cut. Teacher and Coach in real life. Single Digit Handicap hoping to one day be able to beat his wife on the golf course. ( She’s a 5, he’s a 9)