DFS Army NBA Basic Training


o   Pro Tip: LISTEN TO THIS ASAP! The first thing you should do, especially if you are new to DFS, but even if you’re not, this is good to hammer into your head!

o   A core foundation for your DFS success.

  • Other strategy articles and videos that explain how to use the DS and other tools the army provides, as well as how to create a daily process or how to attack GPP contests are located here and tool tutorials here.
  • Domination Station Instructions
  • LU = Line Up or Team
  • DK = DraftKings
  • FD = FanDuel
  • FD2 = FantasyDraft (another popular DFS site)
  • DS = Domination Station, the DFS Army optimizer

o   DS up-date schedule is as follows: *NBA:* Initial: daily by 1 pm CT – Final: 60 Min before lock. The drop down will state whether it’s final or initial. – *NFL:* Wednesday – initial – Thursday Final for Thursday games Sunday final by 4 am CST

  • DS optimal, or DS OP = This is our projections based top optimized lineup – ideally for cash games and ladders, members should use their research to lock in on a player or two and then run with these settings to build a unique lineup

o   You get this by removing all players that are projected under 20 mins/20 fantasy points and running. (unique players do not matter, it’s just the top projected LU)

o    On DK you need to “like”, “love”, “dislike”, or “hate” at least 2 players using the quick emoji tools. You can also adjust minutes or Points per minute on 2 players, but those are more advanced methods and should be done only when you’re sure of what you’re doing.

  • GPP = Guaranteed Prize Pool, or the big contests with top-heavy payout structures were 25 or fewer % win, and the real money is at the top 5 spots. (Pro Tip: These are like playing lottery tickets. Even with 150 LUs entered your odds of winning a top 5 spot in a 15,000+ entrant contest are miniscule.
  • CASH = any contest that pays 40% or better of the entrants.
  • If your DS is not working correctly, you usually fix it by clearing your browser Cache. To clear your browser cache, go to google and type in “how to clear cache on [enter browser name]”

o   How to Create Multiple DFS Lineups in Just 15-Minutes

o   Helpful hint, most browsers allow you to clear with an option to NOT clear your history/passwords, make sure to check for that.

  • When choosing players for GPPs (and cash too I suppose) keep these multipliers in mind when considering “value” – there is no set value across the board, it’s a sliding scale: