MMA Staff

Ffootballgeek, aka Kevin Alan – Founder and CEO of the DFS Army Team. An original DFS Shark from the early days of the sport.  Currently (as of this writing) a top 200 overall and top 14 ranked middleweight player, #6 overall MMA via Rotogrinders Rankings. Leader of the DFS Army NFL team. Creator of the 80/20 bankroll management system, Breaker of Chains.  Protector of the Realm, and Mass Multi Entry DFS Specialist. Known for his Geek’s Picks NFL player breakdowns and “The Geek’s Vegas Lines Daily Fantasy Football Podcast”, you can find him in Slack Chat talking NFL, MMA or the sports of the day in the #geek-speak-nfl-dfs channel and on Twitter at @ffootballgeek.

BigMarley3 – Kyle Marley- 7x Qualifier, 2x Live Finalist, specializing in NFL and MMA DFS. Currently ranked #12 overall for MMA. Been playing DFS as a source of income since mid 2016 and started working with DFS Army at the end of the 2017 NFL season.  I competed in the first ever NFL Pickem’ Live Final for DraftKings in Miami as well as the first ever UFC Live Final in New York City.  I won the first ever “ToutMaster” UFC competition and you can hear me every UFC week on Half The Battle’s “Big Marley Minute”.  DFS Army members can find me in the Slack Chat in the NFL or MMA channels or reach out to me directly in the #big-marley-nfl channel. Follow me on Twitter at @BigMarley3.

EricF, aka Eric Forslund, DFS Army MMA coach, MMA Cash Game Specialist, Finished 4th overall in Season 1 of the MMA Championship Season Long League.  Known for my “Forslund’s Full Mount” Article, MMA Research Station, Domination Station for MMA number cruncher, Co-Host of the DFS Army Knockout Podcast.  You will find me everywhere in Slack Chat as I play multiple DFS sports.  To join me and other MMA enthusiasts you can find us in #mma-talk. Follow me on Twitter at MMA_Nerd77.