MLB Staff

Craig Bennett, better known as CashKeg is an NFL, NBA, MLB, and CFB coach and the Director of DFS Operations for the DFS Army. I have been playing fantasy sports for as long as I can remember and stumbled across FanDuel in December 2014. I slowly started to learn the ends and outs of the industry and how to make this a 2nd income over time. I am a heavy cash game player, but have won numerous five-figure contests in multiple sports, with NFL / NBA my most profitable. I am raking in the top 100 overall in the industry and you will find me grinding out about any sport that is out there. CFB was my first big win back in 2015 and I am happy to have it back in play this year. I have joined the DFS Army team this year to help you become a better DFS player and will take the time to answer any question about anything related to DFS and sports. You can find me on twitter @keg4540.

Choppodong is an “original 6” inside DFS Army.  He followed Kevin’s blog for a couple years and tested the Army VIP program for Kevin’s “all in” NFL calls.  Once in slack, he opened his mouth and hasn’t shut up since.  Known for his long-winded, but incredibly thorough answers, he spends his time in NFL, MLB, and NHL but might be more infamous for his #LadderUp strategy of contest allocation and anal retentive focus on bankroll management. You can find Chop in the Slack Chat in the #choptalk-nhl-brmgmt channel and on Twitter at @ChoppoDong

Dfsweather is actually Mark Paquette. A lifelong New England sports fan, one of my fondest childhood memories is running to my friend’s house (we were co-commissioners in our fantasy baseball league) to hand compile statistics and figure out fantasy transactions with the help of the once a week USA Today MLB statistic special. I pursued my love of the weather and became a meteorologist. Can be found in my channel #dfs-weather and on DK with the username mark_wx

MadnessDFS aka Michael has been an avid DFS player since the very start. A recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with an Economics degree. Founder of the “Core 4” article as well as being a coach/content contributor for both NBA and MLB. Living in Green Bay, WI brings out his true Wisconsin colors, living and breathing everything Packers, Badgers, Brewers, and Bucks. Similar to a few members of the staff, Madness is a hybrid cash/GPP player you can find him in the Slack Chat and on twitter at @MadnessDFS

Mdellagnese14 aka Matthew Dell’Agnese. Mattd142 on Fanduel, mattyd142 on Draftkings. Current Springfield College student studying sports management, business, and sports analytics. Aspiring to be an MLB Agent. Specialize in Pitching Picks here for the DFS Army. You can find Matthew in the Slack Chat in the #mlb-talk channel and on Twitter at @mdellagnese14

Mutt18, aka Steve is a full-time firefighter that found DFS in college. He quickly learned a successful leverage lineup building strategy and learned how to begin pivoting off “the chalk” and quickly became successful. Starting with a minimum bankroll, he ended used his winnings to pay his way through college. Mutt specializes in NBA and MLB respectfully, but also has great knowledge in NFL and plays DFS year-round. He has been on staff since December of 2018.

Razzle11, aka Eric Rasmussen – Followed the natural progression of online poker into DFS many years ago and have been providing content since 2014 ish. Personal background comes in baseball, having played until I was 32 years old. Extremely passionate about baseball, college sports, and poker. Looks at the psychological side of DFS and playing for a hobby, for a career etc. You can find me in my Slack channel (#razzle-dazzle-mlb-cbb-poker) and the channels for MLB, CBB, NFL, and CFB. Follow me on twitter @Razzle11Grinds