MLB Staff

BoomersDaddy aka Keith, Second in Command of the DFS Army Team. Co-Host of the DFS Army Daily Dispatch.  Leader of the DFS Army NBA and MLB teams. A two-time FanDuel live finalist in MLB/NBA with a unique mind for GPPs. Takes pride in roster construction and focuses on game theory, analytics, and knowledge of the sports at hand.  Creator of projections for NFL, MLB and NBA for the DFS Army Domination Station.  Mind behind the design for the Domination Station and DFSA Grades for MLB.  He can be found discussing tournament game theory in the #boomersdaddy-nba-mlb in Slack Chat and on Twitter at @BoomersDFSDaddy


Al Walsh – AdotWalsh – MLB/NBA Writer & Podcast Co-Host – Began this journey working for a sports-betting information service in New Jersey, learning the ins-and-outs of the industry. Graduated from New Jersey City University with a Journalism degree and held jobs as a writer for the NY Knicks and RotoWire, as well as the Statistician/PA announcer for the Newark Bears baseball team. Mostly a GPP-player in the single/limited-entry field but does dabble in H2Hs to manage the bankroll. You can find Walsh’s Wingmen and DFS Army podcasts on the website most days of the week. Join the #adotwalsh-mlb-nba channel in the Slack Chat. You can find Al on Twitter at @14AdotWalshd


xBenJamminx aka Ben Jammin aka Ben Joselson – Co-Founder and Former President of DailyRotoSharks. Currently, Ben is a staff member of the Army and focuses primarily on NBA, MLB and NFL. He is known as the Small Slate Assassin for specializing in smaller slates. He is hybrid player who focuses partially on both cash and GPP by following the adage “safety with upside”. He has won multiple large field GPPs and is an unearther of value who focuses on finding balance among lineups. You can find him in the Slack Chat in his private channel #benjammin-nba-mlb or on Twitter at @xBenJamminx


Burns273 aka Adam B. Is the Mastermind and Creator of the NFL Research Station.  He has several top 10 GPP finishes including 2016 NFL DraftKings KOTB Qualifier.  Burns is a GPP specialist and you can find him in Slack Chat talking MLB and NFL plus answering Chop’s Math questions and on Twitter at @Burns273DFS


CeeGee has been an avid Season long Fantasy Player since the days of steno notebooks and weekly calls to the league commissioner to make lineup adjustments. Currently a Top 2% Bantamweight DFS Grinder (according to rankings) and top 5% Overall. He has been grinding Daily Fantasy Sports since 2013. While a cash game player at heart, there have been Several Top 1% Tournament finishes in NBA, MLB, NFL and CFB (rip), since 2013.


Choppodong is an “original 6” inside DFS Army.  He followed Kevin’s blog for a couple years and tested the Army VIP program for Kevin’s “all in” NFL calls.  Once in slack, he opened his mouth and hasn’t shut up since.  Known for his long-winded, but incredibly thorough answers, he spends his time in NFL, MLB, and NHL but might be more infamous for his #LadderUp strategy of contest allocation and anal retentive focus on bankroll management. You can find Chop in the Slack Chat in the #choptalk-nhl-brmgmt channel and on Twitter at @ChoppoDong


Da6292 aka David Alvarez MLB/NBA Writer has been playing daily fantasy sports for over six years. He has been with the DFS Army for over a year now. He writes the daily “Free Square” article where he breaks down some of the top value plays of the day with using a quantitative and qualitative approach. Follow David on Twitter at dfsarmyda.



DFSnDONUTS researches, writes, and coaches for NFL, NBA, and MLB DFS. A heavily analytical player that puts a lot of weight behind numbers, trends, and statistics to light his path to lineup creation, is known as a cash game specialist because of his ability to highlight the value on any given slate. That being said, he was a top-50 ranked GPP player on Rotogrinders for the lightweight division and recently scaled up to bantamweight where he is nearing top-100 status where he then plans on scaling up to middleweight to compete. He can be found in the Slack Chat in the #donuts-nba-nfl-mlb channel where he enjoys talking investment strategy, game theory, and turning plain questions from members into grandeur conversations. You can find him on Twitter at @DFSnDONUTS


Jaguarlou – Louis Cangiano has been an avid DFS player since his freshman year of college where he attended the University of Rhode Island. Louie’s major wins include 6th place at the Draft Kings 2016 WFBBC in Toronto and 34th place at the 2017 Fan Duel WFBC in Miami. Now a three-time live finalist, Louis is a full-time DFS professional residing in New York City, specializing in MLB, NBA and NFL GPP plays.


Loosmeister writes NBA and MLB content for the DFS Army. He is a rare breed who has the luxury of time to watch and dissect every game. His first fantasy football draft was when he was 8 years old on his grandpa’s houseboat. He has been hooked ever since. Two-time poker tournament winner totaling 40k worth of winnings introduced him to the wonderful world of analytics. He has been SportsBetting since 2006 continually showing profits. He uses all of these tools and applies it to the DFS world. His primary focus is GPP and playing h2hs to keep your bankroll afloat. You can find him in Slack at #Loose-Goose-Nba-Mlb. Give him a follow via twitter at @DFSLoosmeister.


Mdellagnese14 aka Matthew Dell’Agnese. Mattd142 on Fanduel, mattyd142 on Draftkings. Current Springfield College student studying sports management, business, and sports analytics. Aspiring to be an MLB Agent. Specialize in Pitching Picks here for the DFS Army. You can find Matthew in the Slack Chat in the #mdell-mlb-pitching channel and on Twitter at @mdellagnese14


Scotti B – MLB Contributor for DFS Army Team.  Creator and Author of the MLB Dong Detector. Lover of MLB STATCAST. Contributor in Slack Chat in #MLB-Talk. Grew up in NE Ohio.  Currently serving on Active Duty in the U.S. Navy. Iraq and Afghanistan Combat Veteran. Navy retirement date set for 01SEP18. Father of three wonderful children. You can find Scotti on Twitter at @TheBondarBrand


Thunder Dan – Dan Palyo is a 35-year-old high school history teacher from Pennsylvania. He’s been playing fantasy sports since he was a pimpled-face teenager. He grew up idolizing Jim Thome and Andy Van Slyke. As a relatively nonathletic youngster, he managed to letter in Varsity baseball, football and basketball and went to major in partying at Penn State. He’s been teaching for 13 years, is married to woman 5 years his junior who is totally out of his league and has a 5-year-old daughter named Charlotte. He loves playing DFS and his favorite sports are MLB, NBA, NFL and PGA. He pecializes in GPP and game theory angles for all sports and is very proud to be cheap, playing mostly .25 – 5 dollar entry contests.